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Top 10 Safe Websites for Kids

Many of us limit screen time for our children, but when we do want to allow them to experience a website we want it to be safe. Mothering has compiled a list of sites that are perfect for kids of many ages, educational, free to use, and completely without ads.




This delightful website is perfect for kids who are learning to read, or getting ready to read. With simple and fun books, games and activities that inspire the imagination, Starfall has earned its place as a top destination for discerning families. 


NGA Kids

A wonderful site from the National Gallery of Arts that has many unique ways for kids to dive into art appreciation through interactive games and activities. 


Progressive Phonics

This site is perfect for kids who are learning to read or who are expanding their reading skills. The free digital books are fun and entertaining and include everything from alphabet basics to advanced comprehension skills.  



This is by far one of the coolest ideas on the web. MIT has created a special programming language for young people interested in creating their own games, interactive stories, animations and more. Using the language kids will learn the fundamentals of programming to give them invaluable skills for the future and teach them a sense of accomplishment. 


PBS Kids

The child focused website from PBS has top quality games and activities for kids of many ages. In addition to the sections that relate to their most popular shows--such as the math and engineering show Cyber Chase and the animal adventure series Wild Kratts-- they have a special channel for science called Drangonfly TV and one for environmental learning, Eeko World.



StoryNory has been publishing a free audio book on its website for more than seven years, creating one of the largest and most diverse story collections found anywhere. They have tales for the whole family and streaming them is very intuitive. 



This website from the US government acts as a portal to other government run sites for kids--showcasing an endless array of great educational activities, coloring pages, posters, videos and project ideas. If you're looking for high quality educational and ad-free pages for your kids, or for supplementing school or homeschool topics, you'll adore this site.  



This is one of the more unique sites we found. Created as a partnership between several institutions, including the USDA Forest Service, kids enter a magical world that will teach them about the importance of the natural environment. 


Web Rangers

Web Rangers is a site brought to you by the National Park Service that endeavors to help children create appreciation for national parks, museums and historic sites across the US. Customizing your own ranger station is just one of the many activities this site has in store for curious kids. 



NASA has put together some stellar resources and interactive demonstrations for kids and their families. Check out Window to Earth for a one of a kind demonstration of our world. 



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Mothering › Child Articles › Top 10 Safe Websites for Kids