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What is a Spirited Child?

(sorry my typing I'm not first english languaged) I read you talking about special childs, spirit childs and other temparaments. What is a spirit child? What are the other temparaments? And were can I find complete informations about this? Thank you so much your work is marvelous! From happy both at home mom and dad of 4 100% raw foodists, unschooled, co-sleaped, naturally home birth and extended breat-fed, radical attachment parented, no tv, linving in traveling and nature wonderfull natural kids!

Dear Parent:

A spirited child refers to temperament – the “how much” of personality traits.  About 15% of all babies are born spirited temperament and this trait stays with them all their lives.  Spirited children present high on a scale of 8 characteristics.

Mood, Activity Level, Persistence, Long Term Adaptation, Short Term Reaction, Intensity, Regularity, and Sensitivity comprise the eight characteristics.  Spirited children tend to be on the high end of the continuum, exhibiting erratic mood changes, high activity levels, extremely persistent behaviour, low adaptation to new situations, high frustration reaction, high intensity, unregular body schedules and extreme sensitivity to environmental effects.

All of these characteristics have both pros and cons for every age group, but the one consensus that parents of spirited children have, is that they require intensive, hands-on, and patient parenting.  Parents need to take good care of themselves so they can take good care of their spirited children. 


Judy Arnall  (Mom of 3 spirited, and 2 easygoing children)

Parenting speaker, educator and Founder Attachment Parenting Canada Association


Author of the Canadian Bestseller, "Discipline Without Distress: 135 Tools for Raising Caring, Responsible Children Without Time-Out, Spanking, Punishment or Bribery" 


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Mothering › Child Articles › What is a Spirited Child?