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Why Do I Feel Guilty About My Naps?

By Tamara Reese for Brain, Child: The Magazine for Thinking Mothers


I went back to work when my firstborn was six weeks old and I felt like my heart was being ripped out of my body every minute of the day until I could race home to him.


Deciding to stay home was scary and I feel blessed our family was able to make financial sacrifices enabling me to make this choice. But once the band-aid was pulled, I found myself in a day-to-day rhythm that was completely foreign to me. In addition, I felt like I was a one-woman-show with a social stigma to refute. If I was “giving up” my career to stay at home, it needed to be productive. I needed to cook and clean and craft and be the best damn homemaker I could be because the degrees I’m still paying off are wasting away on a shelf until I get back to the workforce.



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No guilt, no guilt, no guilt! We have to take care of ourselves. Sleep is one of the most important things that allows us to function as people and especially as mothers.
Mothering › Baby Articles › Why Do I Feel Guilty About My Naps