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Parenting Forum Guidelines

Welcome to MDC's Parenting forum. The Parenting forum was designed to host general parenting-related discussion not covered by the other forums. In an effort to better maintain a supportive, helpful community, we have composed some posting guidelines and reminders of how the MDC Rules/User Agreement is applied: A variety of parenting perspectives is presented in this forum. Our membership is diverse, but we share a basic foundation of respect for the needs and rights of the child. Our forum serves an online community of parents considering, learning and... read more

Dads Rules And Guidelines

The Dads forum is a place for MDC dads, and dads-to-be, to discuss issues that are particular to them as fathers. As such, posts to this forum should be focused on parenting topics specific to men. Other topics that concern men, such as prostate health, partner relationships, and other less parenting specific discussions, are welcome in the forums that are placed for those topics and intended to host them. We certainly welcome our male community and are delighted to find an increase in fathers registering and posting here. But we do want keep posting on topic for... read more

Messaging Tutorial

Important Notice: If you receive a private message or public message notification in your email, do not reply to the email.  Click the 'Reply' button to reply via your message center. Learn: Send Private Messages Access And Manage Your Message Center Write Public Messages Delete Public Messages From Your Profile Change Your Messaging Notification Preferences   Send Private Messages Occasionally you may want to converse with another user privately. We require members to be registered for 7 days and have at least 10 posts made to... read more

Review Tutorial

Learn: How To Write A Review Add a Product for Review How To Edit A Review What Makes A Great Review? Can I Review My Own Products or Business I Am Connected To?       How To Write A Review Navigate to the page of the item you would like to review. There are a few different "Write A Review" buttons on the page.  Click one of them to open up the review creator. The review creator has a few different fields.  In order to submit your review, you MUST fill in a Review Title, an Overall star rating, and a Full Review.  You are... read more

Family Safety Forum Guidelines

Welcome to Family Safety! The Family Safety forum was established to provide an area to discuss a myriad of safety-related topics such as child passenger safety, home childproofing, water safety, fire safety, internet safety and recall information. MDC welcomes you to share your ideas, experiences and information as it relates to the actual safety of a product or practice. Discussion of parenting philosophies should be posted in the age-appropriate or general Parenting forum. If in doubt, please PM a moderator. In this forum, you will see discussions about... read more

Paid Subscriptions

Mothering Magazine ceased both print and digital publication in February 2011. Our community has moved to the web and we'd love your support for Mothering.com.    By becoming a Mothering Supporting Member, you help us share information and inspiration with a whole new generation of parents. Many of the ideas that Mothering pioneered in 1976--natural birth, breastfeeding, cloth diapers, baby carriers, healthy food--are now standard procedure for young parents. Help us keep passing it on.   To purchase a subscription, please click here.   Supporter Package... read more

Copyright Concerns

Copyright Responsibility: Please respect copyright law. If you quote something, limit yourself to only that which will make your point and then link to the rest.  Please refrain from posting: Private emails and Private Messages (PMs) Articles not written by you without written permission to reproduce.     Content that does not adhere to these guidelines may be removed by a moderator or administrator. If you see content that you believe to be in violation of these guidelines, please email the board administrator or click the post, wiki or review's  icon to alert... read more

Statement Of Purpose

The Mothering website is the gathering place for the reading and discussion of issues of interest to our magazine readers and online community members. We have been in print since 1974, and on the web since 1998. The magazine is read in over 70 countries. Our community is made up of many nationalities, religions, ages, colors, ethnicities, philosophies, affectional orientations, economic groups, lifestyles, and family structures. This is reflected in our magazine readership and in the online community of the MotheringDotCommunity. Mothering celebrates the experience... read more

Gentle Discipline Forum Guidelines

Welcome to Gentle Discipline. This forum has a specific aim: to help parents learn and apply gentle discipline methods in raising their children. Quote: Effective discipline is based on loving guidance. It is based on the belief that children are born innately good and that our role as parents is to nurture their spirits as they learn about limits and boundaries, rather than to curb their tendencies toward wrongdoing. Effective discipline presumes that children have reasons for their behavior and that cooperation can be engaged to solve shared... read more

Terms Of Service

Web Statement of Purpose  Mothering User Agreement   Mothering.com is the website of natural family living and advocates natural solutions to parenting challenges. We host discussion of nighttime parenting, loving discipline, gentle weaning, natural birth, questioning vaccinations, homebirth, successful breastfeeding, alternative and complementary home remedies, informed consent and many other topics from a natural point of view. We are not interested, however, in hosting discussions that advocate crying it out, harsh sleep training, physical punishment, formula... read more

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