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Community Profile Tutorial

Learn: Edit Your Community Profile Edit Your List Change Your Avatar Access the MotheringDotCommunity Standard Avatars Edit Your Account Change Your Password     Edit Your Community Profile Your Community Profile is the place for you to tell other members of the community a little bit about yourself. Navigate to your user page by clicking on the "My Profile" tab. Toward the top right hand side of your user page, you will see the "Edit Community Profile" button. Click the "Edit Community Profile" button to answer the Profile Questions.  Feel free to... read more

User Agreement

Mothering’s Mission   Mothering is a community for exploring and celebrating the philosophy of natural family living. This philosophy includes the ideas of instinctual and responsive parenting, sustainable living, and parental autonomy. Mothering was founded by mothers on the premise that parents are experts in regards to their own families. In the spirit of informed consent, we examine unexplored sides of an issue, including controversial subjects, in an effort to give mothers all the possible information available. Ultimately, natural family living is about finding... read more

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Abbreviations And Acronyms

The Mothering community uses a number of abbreviations and acronyms that may be new to some, especially those new to discussion forums and/or attachment parenting and natural family living. We hope this list will help you decipher things as you read and participate in discussions. 1HT: One handed typing 2WW: 2 Week Wait, time between O and AF or pregnancy ABC: Artificial Birth Control ABF: Adoptive Breastfeeding ABM: Artificial Baby Milk (Formula) AF: Aunt Flow (Period Started) AIO: All In One (diaper and cover together) AP: Attachment Parenting API:... read more


Registration Issues Why do I need to validate my email? I never got my email validation email! I forgot my password. What should I do? How do I change my user name, email address, and password? Why does registration require my Zip Code and Birthday for registration?   Using The Site Why can't I access certain forums like Co-ops, Parents as Partners or Talk Amongst Ourselves? Is there a way to see the site without ads? How do I report inappropriate ads? Who can I contact if I'm having a problem or need help? Can I Advertise in the forums? How do I close... read more

Stay At Home Parenting Forum Guidelines

Welcome to The Stay At Home Parenting Forum! This forum is a place for stay at home parents to discuss issues that are unique to being a SAHP. All threads in this forum should be specific to being a SAHP. There are many threads that SAHPs may wish to post that may apply to the community in general. If this is the case, please place the thread in the appropriate forum outside of SAHPing. Here is a small list of examples of what does and does not belong n SAHPing. If you have any questions about whether a thread belongs here or not, you can PM a moderator or ask in... read more

Daily Diaper Guidelines

Welcome to the Daily Diaper Forum! The Daily Diaper has been created to meet the needs of both WAHM and non-WAHM members to provide information about WAHM member stores, blogs, products and services. Non-WAHM members can read The Daily Diaper threads for the latest specials and to locate specific products sold by MDC WAHMs. Who Can Post to The Daily Diaper? Those WAHM members that have chosen to invest in an Advertiser Package can post a thread of their own. In this forum, Advertisers are free to post regarding their products and services and are allotted the... read more

News And Current Events

  News And Current Events Forum Guidelines     By participating in this forum, you agree to abide by the forum's guidelines. This forum is intended to be an informative gathering place to discuss issues in a respectful manner, regardless of our personal differences. The MDC User Agreement is in effect in the forum. Please adhere to our copyright guidelines. A link to an original article is helpful to direct readers to the original content and will enable members to read an article its entirety rather than posting copyrighted content at MDC. Per the MDC User... read more

Frugality And Finances Forum Guidelines

Welcome to Frugality & Finances! We want to begin by saying that we truly understand that this is a very stressful time, with many of us very concerned and impassioned about financial issues in this unstable economy. In an effort to better clarify MDC's Purpose in hosting this forum, we have composed some posting guidelines and reminders of the MDC Rules/User Agreement.    1. Frugality & Finances is not a support-only forum. Varying perspectives on financial issues are allowed. However, posts must remain respectful. The basic rule of internet discussions is "Debate... read more

Holiday Helper 2010 Faq

What is the 2010 Holiday Helper? As some of you may know, every year around the holidays we have had a little something here at MDC known as the Holiday Helper thread. It started six years ago with a simple post by Tracy and grew quickly into something quite magical - MDC moms helping MDC moms. We really appreciate the huge efforts of Tracy, Gemini, SpatulaGirl, JustVanessa, DreamsInDigital and Maluhia and many others to make things work in past years. Last year's stats: USA: 73 Canada: 2 This year, the need throughout the community here on MDC is greater... read more

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