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Pregnancy Forum Guidelines

Welcome to MDC's I'm Pregnant forum! This forum is for discussion and respectful requests for information, personal experiences and evidence-based research to help mothers learn about natural pregnancy, minimizing intervention and navigating the prenatal experience.   Quote: From Peggy O'Mara, owner and publisher of Mothering/MDC: Natural family living views pregnancy and birth as normal bodily processes, not disease states. Therefore, interventions are avoided during pregnancy in favor of human interaction. A person interested in... read more

Surviving Abuse Forum Guidelines

Surviving Abuse - Rules and Guidelines of the Forum   Quote: Abuse in all forms impacts us profoundly. It affects our emotions, our fears, our relationships, as well as when, if, and how we mother. In order to process some of how abuse impacts and affects our mothering, MDC has decided to create a private Surviving Abuse forum for its members. The Surviving Abuse Forum is a private forum for those members who have experienced or are experiencing abuse in any of form. We are limiting access to the forum to members who have over 500... read more

Wahm Well Forum Guidelines

Welcome to the MDC WAHM forum! This forum is a place for WAHMs and anyone interested in WorkingAtHome to discuss all things related to running a business from the home. Please feel free to ask questions, share tips, seek guidance and learn from other WAHMs. We appreciate your contributions and appreciate the wonderful and knowledgeable WAHMs in our community. Please take a moment to read our User Agreement. You will note that advertising is not allowed in posts: Advertising in discussion threads is strictly prohibited. Do not post to advertise your product,... read more

Web Statement Of Purpose

Mothering Web Statement of Purpose   The Mothering website is the gathering place for the reading and discussion of issues of interest to our reading audience and online community members. Our community is made up of many nationalities, religions, ages, colors, ethnicities, philosophies, affectional orientations, economic groups, lifestyles, and family structures. Mothering celebrates the experience of parenthood as worthy of one's best efforts and fosters awareness of the immense importance and value of family life in the development of the full human potential of... read more

Family Bed And Nighttime Parenting Forum Guidelines

Welcome to The Family Bed and Nighttime Parenting forum. Mothering is an active advocate of co-sleeping and the family bed. This forum is intended to serve this advocacy and support and encourage parents in co-sleeping, even through the difficulties that arise. When a parent posts here to discuss struggles with co-sleeping and asks for advice members should post with suggestions to ease problems and encouragement to support co-sleeping, not to advise against it. Posts of that nature are not appropriate. If parents come to a decision that their child sleeps better... read more

Trading Post Forum Guidelines

Needs to be Deleted read more

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What is your family situation? We are a blended family of 10, with 8 children ranging from 2 months to 13 years old. I had a full-time job as a caregiver before I went on maternity leave in July. I had planned on returning to work after DD#3 was born, but my patient passed away on September 11th, just 2 weeks before I had planned to return. I am currently looking for another patient to care for, but haven't had any luck so far. My DP and I own a business together, but work is sporadic. We are trying to save money to afford advertising in hopes that we might get more... read more

Families In Need Resource List

Resources Home Expense and Utility Assistance Weatherization Assistance – Helps families make their homes more energy efficient to reduce energy bills. LIHEAP – Low income energy assistance program WARM program – Helps low income families with utility bills, contact your local utility for more information. Tax Credit and Exemption Programs – This is a link for MD, may be available elsewhere Homeownership Preservation Foundation (888-995-HOPE) – Provides counseling and a plan of action for families experiencing threatened foreclosure, can also refer you to... read more

Understanding Circumcision Guidelines

Mothering questions routine medical circumcision and advocates for informed consent. Understanding Circumcision hosts discussion of the reasons to avoid circumcision, the history of the procedure, medical issues and studies, complications, the needs and rights of the child, care of the intact child's penis and other educational topics. We are not interested in hosting discussion on merits of routine infant medical circumcision. Advocacy threads requesting members take action should be submitted to the Activism forum for approval. It is our wish that Understanding... read more

Adoptive Foster Parenting Forum Guidelines

PLEASE read if you are new to the forum! Welcome to the Adoption forum. This forum was set up to meet the needs of and provide support to adoptive (and foster) parents who wish to practice NFL parenting. Parenting an adopted/foster child comes with many rewards and challenges that are unique to your family. This forum is a place to discuss these issues with like minded members. The forum is open to all members and we encourage everyone to share and join in the discussions. Though in doing so, please be respectful of the forums purpose and the feelings of all our... read more

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