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Meet the Mothering Bloggers!

Mothering Has a New Look

Mothering was founded in 1976 as a quarterly magazine. The first issue was put together in Ridgway, Colorado by pregnant moms who were part of the same childbirth education class. The audience for the magazine was the nascent community of natural living pioneers.   One of our early articles talked about how nice it would be if a new mom could call a friend when she was awake at night with the baby. We didn’t even imagine the Internet then.   In 1995, an old friend told me to get a URL. My friend worked in Sausalito with several web pioneers so I trusted his judgment... read more

Contact Us

Community Manager Cynthia Mosher cynthiam@mothering.com   Assistant Community Manager Adina North adinan@mothering.com   Content Manager Melanie Mayo-Laakso melaniem@mothering.com     Advertising Information     read more

Mothering Forum Basics

We are so glad you have chosen to become a member here at Mothering and we hope you find the helpful information and interesting discussions you are looking for.   This is a basic walk-through of the board features and where things are located to help you get acclimated, start reading and participating in discussions, and find a home here at Mothering.     COMMUNITY HOME ACTIVITY FEED MOTHERING STATS FEATURED SPONSORS FORUM HOME NAVIGATING THE FORUMS FORUM TOOLS SUBFORUMS STARTING A NEW... read more

The MDC Trading Post

  Did you know you can buy and sell your baby and kids gear right here on MDC? It's true!!   We have several forums devoted to selling outgrown items and finding new things for your family. First is The Trading Post, located here: http://www.mothering.com/community/f/16878/the-trading-post There are subforums for the different types of items: Babywearing, Birth and Baby Supplies, Children's Clothing, Clothing for Adults and Maternity, Crafts, Diapers & Diapering Supplies, Homeschooling, Natural Home & Body Care, Household Goods and Electronics, Toys, Games,... read more

Subscriptions, and how to get them

  There are a lot of ways to stay connected here at Mothering, and keep up on your favorite topics, or with your favorite people.   You can Subscribe to Threads, Categories, Products, Articles (Wikis), Users, Brands and Tags.  You can see all of your subscription options by clicking on the Subscriptions link near your User Name in the upper left hand corner:   Once there you will see a list of all your subscriptions, as well as your options for them. You may change the frequency of each individual subscription, or remove a subscription:   Under this... read more

How to Start a Social Group

Each group has its own forum and group page which will list the members of the group as well as a "Join" button to allow members to join. All content in all Social Groups is publicly visible, but only group members may contribute content and participate. For example, only members of the "Minnesota Natural Birthers" group can post in the "Minnesota Natural Birthers" group forum or upload photos to its gallery. How to Use Groups After you've started or joined one or more Groups, they'll show up in a box on your profile page. When you tag Groups, they can be... read more

Groups Guidelines

Social Groups Social groups are a new feature that allows forum members to create "clubs" to discuss topics of shared interest. This feature will allow forum members with similar interests to have a place to gather and share information, banter away, or to find other forum members in the same geographical area. Starting a New Groups   Groups are moderated by a Group Leader. A new Group request should be made by the person who wishes to serve the position of Group Leader. Group Leaders are responsible for upholding the integrity of a group to make... read more

Sex Talk Forum

  Welcome to the new Sex Talk forum! This forum was born out of the need to have a place where topics of an adult nature could be discussed. While the forums as a whole are meant to be safe for work and family friendly, we realize that many of the hardest aspects of "life as a parent" for many couples are of a sexual nature. So, as a warning, this forum may not be safe for work. What does this mean? It means that there will be discussions of a sexual nature which might get some in trouble if their workplace prohibits visits to those kind of websites. The forum... read more

Common Abbreviations for Charting To Avoid Fertility Awareness

  • by JMJ

Have you come across abbreviations in the community forums that you don't understand? Well, this list should help explain a few things!   AF: Aunt Flo, menses, your period BBT: basal body temperature BOM: Billings Ovulation Method (see resources) BOMA: Billings Ovulation Method Association (see resources) BC: birth control BIP: basic infertile pattern BFP: Bold Face Positive/Big Fat Positive (pregnancy test) BFN: Bold Face Negative/Big Fat Negative (pregnancy test) CBFM: Cearblue Fertility Monitor CCL: Couple to Couple League (NFP teaching... read more

Mothering › Site Tutorials