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Surveys Studies And Interviews

We often get requests from students, researchers, and others who would like Mothering community members to participate in a research, questionnaire, study or interview they are conducting. We are glad to put people in touch with our community members; however, the topic should be of a Mothering interest and focus and not for a for-profit purpose. Persons interested on posting for this purpose may  post their request to up to five forums.   We do not host posts that are for a business or planned business interest. That type of posting can be acceptable in some cases... read more

Forum Memberships

  Here's an explanation of our eight types of forum memberships:    New Member. When you first become a member of the site you will be given the "New Member" badge. You will have posting privileges but will not be given a signature privilege until you have been registered more than 7 days and have made 10 posts. Our signature rules are located here.     Member. Once you have been registered more than 7 days and have made 10 posts you will become a Member and will be able to place a signature; however, your signature is a place for your personal information... read more

Advertise At Mothering

Are you a business owner looking for an advertising venue to reach your target audience? Whether you are just starting out as a small work-at-home business or you have an established larger company with products of interest to parents, Mothering has several advertising options for you!       Business Signature Advertising Industry Insider Display Advertiser Newsletter Sponsorship Custom Opportunities       read more

Community Topics and Site Support

Site Tutorials                      Pregnancy & Birth  |  Breastfeeding                                             Beyond Infancy             Lactivism               read more

Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo

Describe 'Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo' here read more

Vaccination Forum Guidelines

We embrace all parents, regardless of their vaccination choice. Our Vaccinations forums discuss issues and concerns so that parents can make an informed decision. We are not, however, interested in hosting discussions advocating for mandatory vaccination.   We have intelligent, passionate, and wise voices posting frequently to the Vaccinations forum. We certainly want to keep the forum atmosphere a place where they can do so with their passion intact. However, that passion must also carry a measure of compassion and respect, regardless of who is posting and what they... read more

Intactivism Forum Guidelines

    Welcome to the Intactivism Forum!   Intactivism is genital integrity activism. It can take many forms including the following examples:     Working to enact legislation to support parents who choose to not circumcise Educating mothers and mothers-to-be about circumcision and genital integrity Demonstrate against those who support routine infant circumcision Organizing letter writing campaigns and other forms of activism action to educate the general public The purpose of the Intactivism forum  is to provide a place for... read more

Terms Of Use

Mothering.com is the website of natural family living and advocates natural solutions to parenting challenges. We host discussion of nighttime parenting, loving discipline, gentle weaning, natural birth, homebirth, successful breastfeeding, alternative and complementary home remedies, informed consent and many other topics from a natural point of view. We are not interested, however, in hosting discussions that advocate crying it out, harsh sleep training, physical punishment, formula feeding, elective cesarean section, routine infant medical circumcision, or mandatory... read more

Facebook Connect

Facebook Connect Frequently Asked Questions     What does "Connect with Facebook?" mean? For a couple of years now Facebook has been offering a service to allow folks to sign into other websites easily without having to enter a whole lot of information everywhere they go. This system has evolved over time and we've integrated it here for our members' convenience. If you'd like to hear what Facebook has to say, check out their developer's guide and help pages.   Why is this on the site? The main benefit is an easy registration process for... read more

Co Op Application

Co-op applications may only be submitted to the Co-op forum by an approved MDC co-op organizer (application here). A co-op application will be due by the 10th of the month before your co-op's anticipated start month. This will ensure plenty of time for necessary documentation and planning. Example: if you plan to run a co-op in April, the application will be due March 10th. Applications (below) may be submitted up to three months in advance. Please copy and paste the application below and complete in its entirety. Completed co-op applications should be submitted as... read more

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