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Follow A Member

Following a member is like subscribing to a member. Should you choose to subscribe a member, you have the ability to individually "follow" a member's site content (posts, threads, wikis, reviews, etc). We've always been able to search by member, but this feature enables you to have the members you follow listed via your Profile page. To Follow a member, go to their username located to the left of each post:   then click the blue dropdown arrow. From here, choose Follow Member:     All the members you follow can be accessed via Your Profile page. Your... read more

B B Code Editor

Hi! We now have the ability to post in BB Code (Bulletin Board Code) which is similar what we used use to format posts with our previous vBulletin software. While BB Code is simpler and offers fewer options, the basics are still here: bold, italic, underline, image posting, quote boxes and hyperlinking abilities. There's also a list of smilies over to the right. For those having problems with the current default editor (Rich Text) due to browser issues, BB Code might help. As an added benefit, those using BB Code editor can directly type smilie code into their posts... read more

Vaccination Forum

  We embrace all parents, regardless of their vaccination choice. Our Vaccinations forums discuss issues and concerns so that parents can make an informed decision. We are not, however, interested in hosting discussions advocating for mandatory vaccination.   We have intelligent, passionate, and wise voices posting frequently to the Vaccinations forum. We certainly want to keep the forum atmosphere a place where they can do so with their passion intact. However, that passion must also carry a measure of compassion and respect, regardless of who is posting and... read more

Advertising Signature Advertising

  Advertiser Subscription: Business Signature and Avatar Advertising (one year $80) Advertise and link to your business website(s) and blog in your 3 line signature One year digital subscription to Mothering Magazine (Subscription information is posted in The Commune) Specialized Advertiser badge below your username Ability to set custom user title Use of business avatar A dedicated promotional thread in our WAHMarket forum to share your products, services and specials. Freely edit, update and “bump” your thread to increase visibility. Share... read more

Wiki Guidelines

  Wiki guidelines:    Wikis are intended to be used as sources of natural family living information for our community. This can include lists from Due Date Clubs, resource information on various topics or how-to tutorials.    Wikis must abide by our User Agreement and are subject to moderation just as discussion threads are. Wikis with inappropriate content will be removed, and the creator will be contacted.   Wikis are intended to be documents containing useful, factual information. A wiki should not be an ongoing conversation, personal opinion or... read more

Finding Your Tribe Guidelines

Welcome to Finding Your Tribe! Forum History Finding Your Tribe was added to the Mothering boards in 2001. It wasn't very busy at first but started picking up when the moderator started making up fake tribes. After the crash, FYT was expanded to add areas so people could form local tribes more easily with less confusion. The main body of Finding Your Tribe quickly started picking up as a result. Forum Purpose Finding Your Tribe is forum for like-minded people to come together. Originally began as a place to find the people in your neighborhood, it has... read more

Medical Advice Guidelines

The opinions offered at Mothering.com and MotheringDotCommunity are for informational purposes only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of a qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking care because of something you have read here. At Mothering, we focus on topics from a natural point of view. We recognize parents as experts and seek to provide truly helpful information... read more


What is an avatar? An MDC avatar is a non-animated image hosted above your username. All members are entitled to host a non-commercial avatar. Avatars should not direct members to other websites. Please respect the diversity of the community and do not place images that are violent, related to abortion, contain profanity or are sexually suggestive or otherwise inappropriate for our community. All avatars are subject to approval by the board administration, and we reserve the right to remove any avatar we deem inappropriate. Please consider MDC's Web Statement of... read more

Trying To Conceive After Loss Forum Guidelines

Trying To Conceive After Loss (TTCAL) Forum Guidelines:   The Trying To Conceive After Loss subforum is intended to be a safe place to find support, share our stories and seek information about achieving pregnancy after experiencing a loss. This is a support-only/debate-free zone. read more

Pregnancy After Birth Loss Forum Guidelines

Pregnancy After Birth Loss (PABL) Forum Guidelines:   The Pregnancy After Birth Loss forum is intended to be a safe place to find support, share our stories and seek information about pregnancy after loss. This is a support-only/debate-free zone. read more

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