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March 2011 Ddc Spotlight Signups

Hi all, Since there's some interest from the group, I'm setting up a sign up thread for our DDC spotlight. Each person who signs up will get a dedicated thread all about YOU, where we can get to know you by asking questions and generally chatting. I'll keep an updated list on this post, so we can see how full our spotlight schedule is, and so that you can pick your ideal week to be in the spotlight! Add a post below if you'd like to join, and let me know if you'd like a certain week for your spotlight. Week of September 26:Neuromancer! Week of October 3:... read more

Spotlight Thread Signup

how about a spotlight thread, y'all! a spotlight thread (for those of you who don't know) is a dedicated thread all about YOU! you will be assigned a week (or, rather, a half week) where your fellow may 2011 ddc-ers will ask you questions (and you will be as forthcoming as you wish). c'mon it's fun! we currently have over 90 members on the roster and (depending on when in may or late april or early june you are due), we've got between 31 and 36 weeks to go. spotlight threads will begin on sunday and thursday. if we have overwhelming interest, we can... read more

May S Magnificently Marvelous Ddc Roster

read more

Welcome To The New Mothering Dot Community

Welcome to a More Beautiful MDC I know that change can be unsettling, but I've learned that it is a fact of life and essential in business. What you see here is our new community software platform designed by Huddler. As you may know, in 2008 we undertook the redesign of the website and completed it in mid-2009. At that time we began to want a design for MDC that was more visually compatible with the new site design, and more beautiful in general. Huddler first approached us in 2009 and we were excited about their clean design and about the ability... read more

Tv Free Forum Guidelines

Welcome to the TV Free Forum!   This forum was created to serve the needs of families who are already TV-free, looking at reducing their TV viewing and/or exploring the idea of a TV-free home.Posting to this forum will not be restricted only to members who are TV-free. Should you have any questions about the appropriateness of your post for this forum feel free to PM the forum moderator. Through your direct or indirect participation here you agree to make a personal effort to maintain a comfortable and respectful atmosphere for our guests and members. Please avoid... read more

Swap Forum Guidelines

MDC Swap Board Rules and Guidelines Access to the Swap board is restricted to members who have been registered for 6 months and have at least 150 posts. Money is not to change hands in the Swap forum. Buying and selling is not permitted. Paypal is not considered a swap item. It's considered buying/selling. "Swapping" for Paypal is not allowed in the Swap forum. Organizers must have participated in at least 4 swaps before taking on the coordinator position. This is to include at least one swap of the same type you are organizing (i.e. traditional, craft,... read more

Trading Post Guidelines

  Trading Post Rules Welcome to the New Trading Post! We are pleased to announce that our new Trading Post is set up and ready for shopping! How do I get started? All members may post items for sale, trade or items to give free of charge. Simply start a new thread in the forum most suited for your item. How Do I Purchase an Item? If you are interested in an item for sale, you can post to the thread to ask questions and/or PM the member and let them know you’d like to purchase the item.  As a Seller, How do I Complete the Transaction? When a... read more

Wahmarket Forum Guidelines

Welcome to the MDC WAHMarket!   What is WAHMarket? WAHMarket is our newest feature that is designed to be a space where MDC members can pay to post to promote their businesses, websites, services and blogs. We will host threads that announce contests, special offers/discount codes, fundraisers, seek marketing research, employees, product testers, clients, solicit stories for future publications, etc. All MDC members and guests have access to view the WAHMarket, and threads will remain available for search purposes after the paid subscription has expired. Think of... read more

Get Paid To Threads In Wahmwell

"Get Paid To" Threads With the recent interest in GPT’s, we felt the need to make some clear guidelines. As with any business where a member is making money, we ask that there be no self promotion (spamming) of your business. This would include linking to your personal referral pages. Keep in mind our guidelines in our User Agreement: Advertising in discussion threads is strictly prohibited. Do not post to advertise your product, business, website or blog or in any other manner from which you would financially benefit. Advertising in signatures is only permitted... read more

Talk Amongst Ourselves Forum Guidelines

Hi, welcome to TAO! In response to member input, and in an effort to make TAO more member-friendly and minimize moderation, we have removed the thread pre-approval process. We hope this will help the flow of conversation, but we need your help! As you know, MDC is dedicated to Natural Family Living, and we are not specifically a debate board. Please read this to learn more about our purpose. TAO is an “off-topic” forum intended for discussion not hosted in the other forums. If your thread could go in a variety of forums, you are welcome to post in TAO. If your TAO... read more

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