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Spirituality Forum Guidelines

Welcome to the Spirituality Forum! The Spirituality board is a forum of support, respectful requests of information and sharing of faith and practice. To uphold this purpose the board will not host discussions of debate or criticism. Disagreements about spiritual issues should be set aside out of respect for the diversity and varying interpretations and beliefs that we hold as a community. While we will not restrict discussions to persons of the faith being discussed, we will be active in discouraging an individual from posting for the purpose of disagreement,... read more

Personal Growth Forum Guidelines

Welcome to the Personal Growth Forum! The Personal Growth forum is one of support, respectful requests for information and insight and the sharing of ideas and experiences regarding members' personal emotional well-being and other personal concerns. Discussion in Personal Growth often encompasses non-parenting aspects of our personal lives as we strive to grow, gain greater self-awareness and find balance as individuals. This forum was set up to provide members with information and support as we navigate our own personal paths. To uphold the purpose this forum... read more

Grief And Loss Forum Guidelines

Welcome to the Grief and Loss Forum. The purpose of this forum is to provide a safe, comforting space to discuss grief, trauma and loss that affects our lives. Due to the sensitive nature of the topic, we will not host debate or criticism in this forum. Disagreement should be set aside out of respect for the diversity and varying interpretations and beliefs that we hold as a community. We do not wish to host gossip, speculation or rumor. Fundraising is not hosted, no matter how worthy the cause. We ask that members post to honor their beloved pets in the Pets Forum... read more

Birth Professionals Forum Guidelines

Welcome to the Birth Professionals Forum: A gathering place for those involved with maternal care/birth work to share professional experiences, evidence-based protocols, educational concerns and birth-related research analysis and more. The Birth Professionals Forum was designed to be a resource for birth professionals and those interested in the birth-related professions to discuss issues that are pertinent to their livelihoods and various career paths. This forum is not intended to be an "Ask the Experts" forum for members to submit their questions to the trained... read more

Natural Body Care Forum Guidelines

Welcome to the Natural Body Care Forum! All body care threads belong in The Natural Body Care Forum. We welcome threads that don’t necessarily fall under the category of “natural," but please keep in mind that MDC is a Natural Family Living site, therefore our focus is on natural solutions. Here is a very short list of things that do and do not belong in this forum. Threads That Belong In Natural Body Care 1. Any recipes or suggestions for lotion, shampoo, deodorant, and other body care products that are applied directly to the body.. 2. Threads about diva cups,... read more

Book Club Forum Guidelines

Welcome to the Book Club Forum!   What is a book club? A book club is a group of members who commit to meet for a time to either discuss one particular book, or to discuss a specialized interest or genre.Who can run a book club? Any member willing to commit to facilitating discussion. Please note that MDC book clubs are open to all members. Expect a lively discussion with some friendly debate (within the User Agreement, of course)!How do I start a book club? Simply start a thread here with information on your book club. Include the book title and author, a brief... read more

Currently In Mothering Magazine Forum Guidelines

    Welcome! Mothering Magazine would like your opinion. We've created this forum to hold polls on the current issue of Mothering Magazine. Peggy will be reading these polls, so this is a great opportunity for everyone to give their thoughts and opinions on the current issue of the magazine. We will create a poll for each issue of the Magazine. Please note This forum is ONLY for polls on the current issue of Mothering Magazine. Only one post per member, per... read more

Co Op Forum Guidelines

The MDC Forum is Coming Back Soon!   Stayed Tuned for Details! read more

The Commune Forum Guidelines

Welcome to The Commune! This private forum is restricted to and intended for the use of MDC Premium Members (Supporters and Advertisers) only. By viewing and participating in The Commune, you agree to support the forum's intent and protect its privacy. We ask that posts in this forum not be shared or discussed with others outside of the forum. We reserve the right to take appropriate action and remove the access of any member who demonstrates a disregard for the forum's guidelines. The Commune is intended to be a fun and private gathering place for all MDC... read more

Community Service Crafting Guidelines

Hello and welcome to MDC's Community Service Crafting (CSC) forum! The purpose of this forum is to offer an opportunity for our community to gather and craft along with each other to support non-profit organizations' advocacy, awareness and fundraising projects. If you have a non-profit organization and/or project you would like to see featured in this forum, please PM me or send an email to administrator@mothering.com. In this forum, only moderators and administrators will have the ability to start new threads. Please note that this forum is not designed to debate... read more

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