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Community Profile Tutorial

Learn: Edit Your Community Profile Edit Your List Change Your Avatar Access the MotheringDotCommunity Standard Avatars Edit Your Account Change Your Password     Edit Your Community Profile Your Community Profile is the place for you to tell other members of the community a little bit about yourself. Navigate to your user page by clicking on the "My Profile" tab. Toward the top right hand side of your user page, you will see the "Edit Community Profile" button. Click the "Edit Community Profile" button to answer the Profile Questions.  Feel free to... read more

User Agreement

Mothering’s Mission   Mothering is a community for exploring and celebrating the philosophy of natural family living. This philosophy includes the ideas of instinctual and responsive parenting, sustainable living, and parental autonomy. Mothering was founded by mothers on the premise that parents are experts in regards to their own families. In the spirit of informed consent, we examine unexplored sides of an issue, including controversial subjects, in an effort to give mothers all the possible information available. Ultimately, natural family living is about finding... read more

Web Statement Of Purpose

Mothering Web Statement of Purpose   The Mothering website is the gathering place for the reading and discussion of issues of interest to our reading audience and online community members. Our community is made up of many nationalities, religions, ages, colors, ethnicities, philosophies, affectional orientations, economic groups, lifestyles, and family structures. Mothering celebrates the experience of parenthood as worthy of one's best efforts and fosters awareness of the immense importance and value of family life in the development of the full human potential of... read more

Terms Of Service

Web Statement of Purpose  Mothering User Agreement   Mothering.com is the website of natural family living and advocates natural solutions to parenting challenges. We host discussion of nighttime parenting, loving discipline, gentle weaning, natural birth, questioning vaccinations, homebirth, successful breastfeeding, alternative and complementary home remedies, informed consent and many other topics from a natural point of view. We are not interested, however, in hosting discussions that advocate crying it out, harsh sleep training, physical punishment, formula... read more

Homebirth Forum Guidelines

The Homebirth forum is for parents and parents-to-be to learn more about homebirth, share their personal experiences, get support to have a safe homebirth, or discuss their extenuating circumstances to help them make a decision about birthing at home. Posts made purely for the purpose of debate and criticism of homebirth are not appropriate. Topics of concern, including discussion of the risks and instances wherein homebirth might not be a good choice for a particular pregnancy or presentation may be examined and discussed critically by members who post to this forum... read more


Mothering Articles


Registration Issues Why do I need to validate my email? I never got my email validation email! I forgot my password. What should I do? How do I change my user name, email address, and password? Why does registration require my Zip Code and Birthday for registration?   Using The Site Why can't I access certain forums like Co-ops, Parents as Partners or Talk Amongst Ourselves? Is there a way to see the site without ads? How do I report inappropriate ads? Who can I contact if I'm having a problem or need help? Can I Advertise in the forums? How do I close... read more

Mothering Has a New Look

Mothering was founded in 1976 as a quarterly magazine. The first issue was put together in Ridgway, Colorado by pregnant moms who were part of the same childbirth education class. The audience for the magazine was the nascent community of natural living pioneers.   One of our early articles talked about how nice it would be if a new mom could call a friend when she was awake at night with the baby. We didn’t even imagine the Internet then.   In 1995, an old friend told me to get a URL. My friend worked in Sausalito with several web pioneers so I trusted his judgment... read more

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