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Groups Guidelines

Social Groups Social groups are a new feature that allows forum members to create "clubs" to discuss topics of shared interest. This feature will allow forum members with similar interests to have a place to gather and share information, banter away, or to find other forum members in the same geographical area. Starting a New Groups   Groups are moderated by a Group Leader. A new Group request should be made by the person who wishes to serve the position of Group Leader. Group Leaders are responsible for upholding the integrity of a group to make... read more

Gentle Discipline Forum Guidelines

Welcome to Gentle Discipline. This forum has a specific aim: to help parents learn and apply gentle discipline methods in raising their children. Quote: Effective discipline is based on loving guidance. It is based on the belief that children are born innately good and that our role as parents is to nurture their spirits as they learn about limits and boundaries, rather than to curb their tendencies toward wrongdoing. Effective discipline presumes that children have reasons for their behavior and that cooperation can be engaged to solve shared... read more

Sex Talk Forum

  Welcome to the new Sex Talk forum! This forum was born out of the need to have a place where topics of an adult nature could be discussed. While the forums as a whole are meant to be safe for work and family friendly, we realize that many of the hardest aspects of "life as a parent" for many couples are of a sexual nature. So, as a warning, this forum may not be safe for work. What does this mean? It means that there will be discussions of a sexual nature which might get some in trouble if their workplace prohibits visits to those kind of websites. The forum... read more


  advertise@mothering.com   Brand advocates are created through support of Mothering's niche communities. Mothering's communities are where natural-minded parents gather to discuss brands and products. Supporting brands are appreciated by these communities. Many of these members will naturally become your biggest fans. Fans of your brand influence others within the community and everywhere else: on and... read more

Mdc Member Blogs

Thanks to MDC moderator fullofgrace for originally compiling and tending to the list!   If you have a blog you'd like to share, please edit this wiki to add your blog under the most appropriate category. Please hyperlink the blog's title and include a brief description. Thanks!      Abuse Survivors Activism & Social Issues Code Name: Mama Descent Into Motherhood The Natural Child Collaborative: South Shore MA - This partnership with the Plymouth Farmer’s market will help families create connections with others through shared values around... read more

Advertise At Mothering

Are you a business owner looking for an advertising venue to reach your target audience? Whether you are just starting out as a small work-at-home business or you have an established larger company with products of interest to parents, Mothering has several advertising options for you!       Business Signature Advertising Industry Insider Display Advertiser Newsletter Sponsorship Custom Opportunities       read more

March 2011 Ddc Spotlight Signups

Hi all, Since there's some interest from the group, I'm setting up a sign up thread for our DDC spotlight. Each person who signs up will get a dedicated thread all about YOU, where we can get to know you by asking questions and generally chatting. I'll keep an updated list on this post, so we can see how full our spotlight schedule is, and so that you can pick your ideal week to be in the spotlight! Add a post below if you'd like to join, and let me know if you'd like a certain week for your spotlight. Week of September 26:Neuromancer! Week of October 3:... read more

Co Op Application

Co-op applications may only be submitted to the Co-op forum by an approved MDC co-op organizer (application here). A co-op application will be due by the 10th of the month before your co-op's anticipated start month. This will ensure plenty of time for necessary documentation and planning. Example: if you plan to run a co-op in April, the application will be due March 10th. Applications (below) may be submitted up to three months in advance. Please copy and paste the application below and complete in its entirety. Completed co-op applications should be submitted as... read more

Co Op Organizer Guidelines Requirements And Application

  Co-op Organizer Guidelines, Requirements and Application   Thank you for your interest in organizing a co-op at Mothering.com! Co-op organizers provide a valuable service to the community. Thank you for your willingness to volunteer! All Co-op forum organizers must first be approved by the Co-op forum staff via an official application (application and instructions below). A list of approved organizers will be hosted in the main Co-op forum. Here are the guidelines that co-op organizers agree to follow:    Potential co-op organizers must... read more

Mdc Swaps Guidelines

  Swap Guidelines MDC Swap Board Rules and Guidelines  Access to the Swap board is open to all members. Money is not to change hands in the Swap forum. Buying and selling is not permitted. Paypal is not considered a swap item. It's considered buying/selling. "Swapping" for Paypal is not allowed in the Swap forum.  Organizers must have participated in at least 4 swaps before taking on the coordinator position. This is to include at least one swap of the same type you are organizing (i.e. traditional, craft, reverse, etc...). Organizers have the option to... read more

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