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Fertility Forum Thread Placement

The Fertility Forum has several sub forums, which help get your questions answered and help us keep track of what is going on in here.  Proper placement of threads within the appropriate subforum ensures that you get the right answers, so here is some guidance on what belongs where!  :)   Family Planning Trying to avoid getting pregnant, birth control options, child spacing - those threads should go here. Trying To Conceive:  TTC, gearing up to TTC, questions about timing, the HPT you just took, TCOYF, charts, cervical fluid, temps, etc. - your thread should... read more

Reporting A Software Problem

  To report a software problem or "bug," please send an email to administrator@mothering.com and/or submit a new thread to the Questions and Suggestions forum. The more information you can provide from the list below, the easier it will be to diagnose the issue. We understand that not all steps are always able to be reproduced or remembered, but the more the better.  We really appreciate your assistance in making the site as user-friendly and reliable as possible.   Here's a sample form you can copy and paste when reporting a... read more

Privacy On The Internet

Privacy on the Internet How much is too much information on the internet? We all need to choose wisely when we post anything anywhere online. In the age of Google, Bing, Way Back Machine, Internet Archive (and more), whatever gets posted on any website might eventually be seen by people who were not your intended audience. When posting on blogs, message boards, chat rooms, Twitter, Facebook, and the like, it is a good idea to ask yourself: Would I want a stranger, my boss, my family or my neighbors to read the words I am about to say or view the pictures I am about... read more

B B Code Editor

Hi! We now have the ability to post in BB Code (Bulletin Board Code) which is similar what we used use to format posts with our previous vBulletin software. While BB Code is simpler and offers fewer options, the basics are still here: bold, italic, underline, image posting, quote boxes and hyperlinking abilities. There's also a list of smilies over to the right. For those having problems with the current default editor (Rich Text) due to browser issues, BB Code might help. As an added benefit, those using BB Code editor can directly type smilie code into their posts... read more

Mothering Magazine

Founded in 1976, Mothering magazine was the birthplace of the natural family lifestyle, and today Mothering.com is the premier online community for parents interested in natural family living. Providing philosophical inspiration and practical advice for more than 30 years, Mothering is respected for cutting-edge, well-researched information and resources.   Mothering celebrates the experience of parenthood as worthy of one's best efforts and fosters awareness of the immense importance and value of parenthood and family life in the development of the full human... read more

Book Club Forum Guidelines

Welcome to the Book Club Forum!   What is a book club? A book club is a group of members who commit to meet for a time to either discuss one particular book, or to discuss a specialized interest or genre.Who can run a book club? Any member willing to commit to facilitating discussion. Please note that MDC book clubs are open to all members. Expect a lively discussion with some friendly debate (within the User Agreement, of course)!How do I start a book club? Simply start a thread here with information on your book club. Include the book title and author, a brief... read more

Religious Studies Guidelines

The Religious Studies forum is for the academic discussion of religious and spiritual matters. This is where the tough questions may be asked. Please do not take it personally when someone questions your own particular faith or belief system or posts an interpretation or opinion that does not support your belief. Questions and their discussion are not to be construed as being judgmental, but should rather be seen as an honest plea for a deeper understanding. The MDC User Agreement still applies and members posting here will be expected to uphold their discussion... read more

Personal Growth Forum Guidelines

Welcome to the Personal Growth Forum! The Personal Growth forum is one of support, respectful requests for information and insight and the sharing of ideas and experiences regarding members' personal emotional well-being and other personal concerns. Discussion in Personal Growth often encompasses non-parenting aspects of our personal lives as we strive to grow, gain greater self-awareness and find balance as individuals. This forum was set up to provide members with information and support as we navigate our own personal paths. To uphold the purpose this forum... read more

Follow A Member

Following a member is like subscribing to a member. Should you choose to subscribe a member, you have the ability to individually "follow" a member's site content (posts, threads, wikis, reviews, etc). We've always been able to search by member, but this feature enables you to have the members you follow listed via your Profile page. To Follow a member, go to their username located to the left of each post:   then click the blue dropdown arrow. From here, choose Follow Member:     All the members you follow can be accessed via Your Profile page. Your... read more

Advertising Signature Advertising

  Advertiser Subscription: Business Signature and Avatar Advertising (one year $80) Advertise and link to your business website(s) and blog in your 3 line signature One year digital subscription to Mothering Magazine (Subscription information is posted in The Commune) Specialized Advertiser badge below your username Ability to set custom user title Use of business avatar A dedicated promotional thread in our WAHMarket forum to share your products, services and specials. Freely edit, update and “bump” your thread to increase visibility. Share... read more

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