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Subbing An Explanation Of

  Quote: What does it mean when someone says in their post that they're subbing? It typically means that they are activating their subscription feature because they're automatically set up to subscribe to each thread to which they post. Subscribing to a thread means they'll be notified (either via email or here on the site) when there are new posts posted to the thread in question. Here is our subscription tutorial for a lot more information. One way to see your default subscription setting is to click on My Profile and then find the Edit Account... read more

The Possibility Shop Episode 4 Chalkboard Vases

  Create chalk board vases with holiday themes. read more

Ddddcs Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

What is DDDDC?  DDDDC = Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. This is the opportunity for you to tag someone under their username with a new playful, caring or funny title. Please keep it tactful! This title remains for at least seven days with the member. Make sure to let us know to whom you are giving the DDDDC and what you'd like the DDDDC to say in the Paypal note.   When?  At your next whim!  Did a member post something particularly funny?  A 'running joke?'  Someone coin a phrase or maybe you want to uplift a member after a particularly bad week/experience/day? ... read more

All Things Merry Episode 6

  All Things Merry episode 6, sponsored by Target: Three Christmas Gift Bags read more

February 2011 Ddc Belly Pic Thread

   http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/1234667/all-right-someone-has-to-start-it-belly-pic-thread read more

Family Safety Forum Guidelines

Welcome to Family Safety! The Family Safety forum was established to provide an area to discuss a myriad of safety-related topics such as child passenger safety, home childproofing, water safety, fire safety, internet safety and recall information. MDC welcomes you to share your ideas, experiences and information as it relates to the actual safety of a product or practice. Discussion of parenting philosophies should be posted in the age-appropriate or general Parenting forum. If in doubt, please PM a moderator. In this forum, you will see discussions about... read more

Free For Shipping Guidelines

  Free For Shipping Guidelines The Free For Shipping forum does not require a paid Trading Post subscription, but Trading Post forum rules are in effect as applicable. Items should be "no strings attached" other than shipping costs, so if you are interested in receiving payment, please post in the actual Trading Post.  Welcome to the New Trading Post! We are pleased to announce that our new Trading Post is set up and ready for shopping! How do I get started? Members will have access to the Trading Post, but members wishing to sell items will need to... read more

Ribbon Meanings

          Eating disorders, pulmonary hypertension, Irritable bowel syndrome, esophogeal cancer, gastroesophageal  reflus disease reflux disease                                                         Autism        Anti-tobacco, Colon cancer      Breastcancer Hospice care, multiple myeloma, headaches      domestic violence, animal abuse, ADD/ADHD, pancreatic cancer,    Chron's,      fibromyalgia    Pregnancy and Infant loss,... read more

Wahm Connect Forum Guidelines

WAHM Connect   Quote: WAHM Connect was created to meet the needs of both WAHM and non-WAHM members in providing or searching for, and gaining information about, WAHM members stores, products and services. Non-WAHM members can peruse WAHM Connect threads for the latest specials and to locate specific products and services sold by MDC WAHMs. Who Can Post to WAHM Connect? Those WAHM members that have chosen to invest in a Signature Advertising Package can post a thread of their own. In this subforum, Signature Advertising WAHMs may... read more

Working And Student Parent Forum Guidelines

A note about terminology:     This forum is called "Working & Student Parents" and is devoted to those special issues related to caring for and raising our kids while trying to balance a home business or work outside the home.  The term "working" may suggest to some that those who are SAHM full time are not considered as "working". We all know this to be untrue. However, our language does not provide a useful and accurate term for those mothers who have major responsibilities outside the family as well as within it. The term "employed mothers" excludes both... read more

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