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Community Profile Tutorial

Learn: Edit Your Community Profile Edit Your List Change Your Avatar Access the MotheringDotCommunity Standard Avatars Edit Your Account Change Your Password     Edit Your Community Profile Your Community Profile is the place for you to tell other members of the community a little bit about yourself. Navigate to your user page by clicking on the "My Profile" tab. Toward the top right hand side of your user page, you will see the "Edit Community Profile" button. Click the "Edit Community Profile" button to answer the Profile Questions.  Feel free to... read more

Signature Editing

Where is my forum signature? Members may post up to three lines of text in their signature file after they have been a member for seven days and have posted at least ten posts. Please keep in mind that you cannot advertise your business or other for profit information in your signature unless you have a Business Signature membership. To edit your forum signature, navigate to your "My Profile" link which is located at the top left of the page (next to Calendar). Our signature RULES are here.          Below your image gallery, you will see a section... read more

Unassisted Childbirth Forum Guidelines

  The Unassisted Childbirth (UC) board is a forum of support, respectful requests for information and sharing of ideas and experiences. While we will not restrict discussions only to those who birth without professional attendants, we will actively discourage individuals from posting with no sincere interest in exploring UC. Proselytizing against UC will not be permitted. Controversial subjects of discussion related to UC can be found elsewhere on the internet, and we invite you to seek out other venues for that purpose. While we wish to support women throughout... read more

Child Led Weaning Forum Guidelines

Welcome to Child-Led Weaning. From the book Natural Family Living by Peggy O'Mara   Quote: Child-led weaning means trusting your child and having confidence that your child knows what she needs. It means trusting yourself enough to ignore a society that claims to know your child better than you do. This weaning will be the first of many you will face with your child and the way you approach it can set the tone for later child rearing decisions. We must trust our children to show us their needs, and trust our ability to... read more

How to Start a Social Group

Each group has its own forum and group page which will list the members of the group as well as a "Join" button to allow members to join. All content in all Social Groups is publicly visible, but only group members may contribute content and participate. For example, only members of the "Minnesota Natural Birthers" group can post in the "Minnesota Natural Birthers" group forum or upload photos to its gallery. How to Use Groups After you've started or joined one or more Groups, they'll show up in a box on your profile page. When you tag Groups, they can be... read more


What is an avatar? An MDC avatar is a non-animated image hosted above your username. All members are entitled to host a non-commercial avatar. Avatars should not direct members to other websites. Please respect the diversity of the community and do not place images that are violent, related to abortion, contain profanity or are sexually suggestive or otherwise inappropriate for our community. All avatars are subject to approval by the board administration, and we reserve the right to remove any avatar we deem inappropriate. Please consider MDC's Web Statement of... read more

The MDC Trading Post

  Did you know you can buy and sell your baby and kids gear right here on MDC? It's true!!   We have several forums devoted to selling outgrown items and finding new things for your family. First is The Trading Post, located here: http://www.mothering.com/community/f/16878/the-trading-post There are subforums for the different types of items: Babywearing, Birth and Baby Supplies, Children's Clothing, Clothing for Adults and Maternity, Crafts, Diapers & Diapering Supplies, Homeschooling, Natural Home & Body Care, Household Goods and Electronics, Toys, Games,... read more

Gentle Discipline Forum Guidelines

Welcome to Gentle Discipline. This forum has a specific aim: to help parents learn and apply gentle discipline methods in raising their children. Quote: Effective discipline is based on loving guidance. It is based on the belief that children are born innately good and that our role as parents is to nurture their spirits as they learn about limits and boundaries, rather than to curb their tendencies toward wrongdoing. Effective discipline presumes that children have reasons for their behavior and that cooperation can be engaged to solve shared... read more

Mdc Member Blogs

Thanks to MDC moderator fullofgrace for originally compiling and tending to the list!   If you have a blog you'd like to share, please edit this wiki to add your blog under the most appropriate category. Please hyperlink the blog's title and include a brief description. Thanks!      Abuse Survivors Activism & Social Issues Code Name: Mama Descent Into Motherhood The Natural Child Collaborative: South Shore MA - This partnership with the Plymouth Farmer’s market will help families create connections with others through shared values around... read more

Understanding Circumcision Guidelines

Mothering questions routine medical circumcision and advocates for informed consent. Understanding Circumcision hosts discussion of the reasons to avoid circumcision, the history of the procedure, medical issues and studies, complications, the needs and rights of the child, care of the intact child's penis and other educational topics. We are not interested in hosting discussion on merits of routine infant medical circumcision. Advocacy threads requesting members take action should be submitted to the Activism forum for approval. It is our wish that Understanding... read more

Mothering › Site Tutorials