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Lactivism Forum Guidelines

Welcome to the Lactivism forum! Lactivism is breastfeeding activism. It can take many forms including the following examples: Working to enact legislation to support breastfeeding mothers and their children   Educating mothers and mothers-to-be about the benefits of breastfeeding and the disadvantages of elective formula usage   Demonstrating against those who interfere with the nursing relationship   Organizing nurse-ins, letter writing campaigns, etc. to educate the general public The purpose of the Lactivism forum on MDC is to provide a... read more

Facebook Connect

Facebook Connect Frequently Asked Questions     What does "Connect with Facebook?" mean? For a couple of years now Facebook has been offering a service to allow folks to sign into other websites easily without having to enter a whole lot of information everywhere they go. This system has evolved over time and we've integrated it here for our members' convenience. If you'd like to hear what Facebook has to say, check out their developer's guide and help pages.   Why is this on the site? The main benefit is an easy registration process for... read more

Spirituality Forum Guidelines

Welcome to the Spirituality Forum! The Spirituality board is a forum of support, respectful requests of information and sharing of faith and practice. To uphold this purpose the board will not host discussions of debate or criticism. Disagreements about spiritual issues should be set aside out of respect for the diversity and varying interpretations and beliefs that we hold as a community. While we will not restrict discussions to persons of the faith being discussed, we will be active in discouraging an individual from posting for the purpose of disagreement,... read more

Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo

Describe 'Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo' here read more

Subscriptions, and how to get them

  There are a lot of ways to stay connected here at Mothering, and keep up on your favorite topics, or with your favorite people.   You can Subscribe to Threads, Categories, Products, Articles (Wikis), Users, Brands and Tags.  You can see all of your subscription options by clicking on the Subscriptions link near your User Name in the upper left hand corner:   Once there you will see a list of all your subscriptions, as well as your options for them. You may change the frequency of each individual subscription, or remove a subscription:   Under this... read more

All Things Merry Episode 6

  All Things Merry episode 6, sponsored by Target: Three Christmas Gift Bags read more

Thread Placement In Fertility

Hey folks, as I was cruising through here on a normal house-cleaning mission...I noticed many threads placed incorrectly. The Fertility Forum has several sub forums, which help get your questions answered and help us keep track of what is going on in here. Family Planning: trying to avoid getting pregnant, discussing birth control options, discussing child spacing - those threads should go there. TTC: Pretty self explanatory. If you are TTC, or gearing up to TTC, and have questions about your cycle, the HPT you just took, TCOYF, charts, cervical fluid, temps,... read more

Contact Us

Community Manager Cynthia Mosher cynthiam@mothering.com   Assistant Community Manager Adina North adinan@mothering.com   Content Manager Melanie Mayo-Laakso melaniem@mothering.com     Advertising Information     read more

Copyright Concerns

Copyright Responsibility: Please respect copyright law. If you quote something, limit yourself to only that which will make your point and then link to the rest.  Please refrain from posting: Private emails and Private Messages (PMs) Articles not written by you without written permission to reproduce.     Content that does not adhere to these guidelines may be removed by a moderator or administrator. If you see content that you believe to be in violation of these guidelines, please email the board administrator or click the post, wiki or review's  icon to alert... read more

What Posts Belong In Breastfeeding Challenges

Hi mamas! Just a friendly reminder-- this forum was created as a safe place for mothers and babies who are facing challenges that are less common or more long-term. Some topics for this forum might include relactation, breastfeeding after reduction, breastfeeding a child with special needs, breastfeeding with a long-term illness or disability, exclusive pumping, failure to thrive, etc. More common challenges-- breastfeeding while teething, mastitis, thrush, plugged ducts, breastfeeding a newborn, weight gain issues, breastfeeding while taking a medication,... read more

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