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18 site tutorial submissions by the Mothering community.

Mothering Member Benefits

Welcome to the Mothering community. We're so glad that you've joined us!     As a new member we wanted to provide you with a special resource to help you find your way around. Listed below you will discover links to many of the helpful resources available to members of Mothering.com. Feel free to dive in and take part, and please come and introduce yourself in our new members section when you have a minute--we can't wait to meet you!     Meet Other Mamas Every one of us needs support and guidance from... read more

Vaccination Forum Guidelines

We embrace all parents, regardless of their vaccination choice. Our Vaccinations forums discuss issues and concerns so that parents can make an informed decision. We are not, however, interested in hosting discussions advocating for mandatory vaccination.   We have intelligent, passionate, and wise voices posting frequently to the Vaccinations forum. We certainly want to keep the forum atmosphere a place where they can do so with their passion intact. However, that passion must also carry a measure of compassion and respect, regardless of who is posting and what they... read more

Intactivism Forum Guidelines

    Welcome to the Intactivism Forum!   Intactivism is genital integrity activism. It can take many forms including the following examples:     Working to enact legislation to support parents who choose to not circumcise Educating mothers and mothers-to-be about circumcision and genital integrity Demonstrate against those who support routine infant circumcision Organizing letter writing campaigns and other forms of activism action to educate the general public The purpose of the Intactivism forum  is to provide a place for... read more

Co Op Organizer Guidelines Requirements And Application

  Co-op Organizer Guidelines, Requirements and Application   Thank you for your interest in organizing a co-op at Mothering.com! Co-op organizers provide a valuable service to the community. Thank you for your willingness to volunteer! All Co-op forum organizers must first be approved by the Co-op forum staff via an official application (application and instructions below). A list of approved organizers will be hosted in the main Co-op forum. Here are the guidelines that co-op organizers agree to follow:    Potential co-op organizers must... read more

Discussing Facebook Myspace Linkedin And Other Social Networking Sites On Mdc

Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and other Social Networking Sites Written by annettemarie on June 4, 2010 -- Greetings all! We seem to have a plethora of Facebook-related posts lately. As social networking expands and grows, so too must MDC's User Agreement adapt to keep up with it all. Right now, the User Agreement states:Quote:Do not post to invite MDC members to other communities, blogs or message boards for adversarial purposes or link to discussion about MDC at another site. Do not negatively discuss other communities or discussions elsewhere (this includes blog... read more

Fertility Forum Thread Placement

The Fertility Forum has several sub forums, which help get your questions answered and help us keep track of what is going on in here.  Proper placement of threads within the appropriate subforum ensures that you get the right answers, so here is some guidance on what belongs where!  :)   Family Planning Trying to avoid getting pregnant, birth control options, child spacing - those threads should go here. Trying To Conceive:  TTC, gearing up to TTC, questions about timing, the HPT you just took, TCOYF, charts, cervical fluid, temps, etc. - your thread should... read more

Religious Studies Guidelines

The Religious Studies forum is for the academic discussion of religious and spiritual matters. This is where the tough questions may be asked. Please do not take it personally when someone questions your own particular faith or belief system or posts an interpretation or opinion that does not support your belief. Questions and their discussion are not to be construed as being judgmental, but should rather be seen as an honest plea for a deeper understanding. The MDC User Agreement still applies and members posting here will be expected to uphold their discussion... read more

Wiki Guidelines

  Wiki guidelines:    Wikis are intended to be used as sources of natural family living information for our community. This can include lists from Due Date Clubs, resource information on various topics or how-to tutorials.    Wikis must abide by our User Agreement and are subject to moderation just as discussion threads are. Wikis with inappropriate content will be removed, and the creator will be contacted.   Wikis are intended to be documents containing useful, factual information. A wiki should not be an ongoing conversation, personal opinion or... read more

Finding Your Tribe Guidelines

Welcome to Finding Your Tribe! Forum History Finding Your Tribe was added to the Mothering boards in 2001. It wasn't very busy at first but started picking up when the moderator started making up fake tribes. After the crash, FYT was expanded to add areas so people could form local tribes more easily with less confusion. The main body of Finding Your Tribe quickly started picking up as a result. Forum Purpose Finding Your Tribe is forum for like-minded people to come together. Originally began as a place to find the people in your neighborhood, it has... read more

Tao Chat Threads Guidelines

TAO Chat Threads are now started by moderators to open up a little MDC Coffee Klatch where all of our members, new and old, can congregate and make friends. We ask that you please read and review all of the following before posting -  All posts must adhere to TAO's Guidelines, the User Agreement, Forum Updates (most often found in a forum's sticky or in a repeatedly bumped Moderator or Administrator thread), and any Administrator/Moderator reminders within this thread. Per The UA: "As a member you remain solely responsible for the content of your messages and... read more

Mothering › Site Tutorials