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Thread Placement In Fertility

Hey folks, as I was cruising through here on a normal house-cleaning mission...I noticed many threads placed incorrectly. The Fertility Forum has several sub forums, which help get your questions answered and help us keep track of what is going on in here. Family Planning: trying to avoid getting pregnant, discussing birth control options, discussing child spacing - those threads should go there. TTC: Pretty self explanatory. If you are TTC, or gearing up to TTC, and have questions about your cycle, the HPT you just took, TCOYF, charts, cervical fluid, temps,... read more

Pregnancy Forum Guidelines

Welcome to MDC's I'm Pregnant forum! This forum is for discussion and respectful requests for information, personal experiences and evidence-based research to help mothers learn about natural pregnancy, minimizing intervention and navigating the prenatal experience.   Quote: From Peggy O'Mara, owner and publisher of Mothering/MDC: Natural family living views pregnancy and birth as normal bodily processes, not disease states. Therefore, interventions are avoided during pregnancy in favor of human interaction. A person interested in... read more

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