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UrthChild's Tuesday Giveaway: Organic Robbie Adrian Blanket

  • by admin

In an ideal world, every baby would have an organic baby blanket. UrthChild carries a beautiful selection of organic cotton and organic wool baby blankets in many different sizes. Today’s giveaway from UrthChild’s bedding department is a Robbie Adrian Luxury Organics Organic Cotton Velour Stroller Blanket with Straight Polka Dot Silk Trim. I reviewed a Robbie Adrian organic blanket (with silk trim) in Strokes of Genius last year, and can confirm that the silk is SO SOFT, and the velour is remarkably cozy and cuddle-able. Here’s how you enter to... read more

A Special Gift: Breastfeeding an Adopted Baby

By Julie Bouchet Horwitz Issue 104, January/February 2001 It was Christmas Eve. The fireplace, ablaze with warmth and light, was hung with four stockings: one for my husband, Bill, one for me, one for our nine-year-old daughter, Margot, and one nameless stocking for the adopted daughter whose arrival our family had been anxiously awaiting for months. Although Margot was born shortly before our first anniversary, after eight years Bill and I were still longing for another baby. When we made the decision to adopt, we decided to seek a child from China because we were... read more

More on the Newborn who was Circumcised Against his Parents’ Will

There are over 5,659 comments on an article in today’s Huffington Post about San Francisco’s proposed ban on infant circumcision, which could appear on the ballot next November. I recently spoke at length with Spencer Aronfeld, the Coral Gables-based Florida lawyer representing Vera Delgado to seek retribution from South Miami Hospital, owned by Baptist Health. Three months ago, in August 2010, South Miami Hospital circumcised her infant son, Mario Viera, without parental consent. No men in Delgado’s family are circumcised. Mario’s father isn’t... read more

Have Breasts Will Travel: Nursing Discreetly In Public

By Lisa PalazzoIssue 109, November/December 2001 It was already past my 20-month-old daughter's bedtime when family friends stopped by for a visit. As my husband and I chatted with our guests in our tiny living room, Mary Kay padded around us in her pajamas. I knew she was ready for her final nursing before bedtime, which usually took place in the living room. Glancing at our guests--my husband's great-aunt and uncle--I knew that was out of the question. When Mary Kay, tired of waiting, climbed into my lap and wailed, "Nummy!," I finally excused us to the bedroom. I... read more

Giveaway: Bamboobies and Butterfly Wrap Gift Box

  • by admin

Remember Bamboobies, makers of those cute heart-shaped organic velour nursing pads? The wonderful mama-owned company is back to give one lucky A la Mama reader a gift box featuring Bamboobies and their newly launched product, the Butterfly Wrap. They’re also giving out a free shipping code to every Mothering reader. The code is MMSHIP. The gift box contains one Butterfly Wrap, plus three pairs of Regular, Heart-shaped Bamboobies, in pale pink, hot pink, and black. And now let’s talk about the Butterfly Wrap. I want one and I’m not... read more

It's Not What You Do, It's How You Do It

“It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it” was the lesson for Tuesday morning at the Department of Motor Vehicles. I had paid for my annual car registration but had not received my tags to prove my registration. My car was ticketed three times in one week. I tried the phone lines to explain my situation: I had paid my fee and I passed my annual California smog check but had yet to receive my tags and had now accumulated three “display of tags” tickets; but, I could not reach a live operator. I tried to navigate the governmental website to clear my name but no avail. A... read more

Breastfeeding at Work

Whether you work because you like to or because your economic situation requires it--or even if you don't work outside the home at all--the issue of family-friendly workplaces affects us all. If we can help forge new workplace policies that support the way we live and parent today, we'll all benefit: employers, workers, their families--and our children, when they ultimately enter the workforce. read more

September 2010 New Arrivals

We made it! Jrene - Brayden 8/5 - 4lb 7oz - 17" Due 9/8 - 35 weeks sarahmatlock - Aurora Marie 8/14 2:07pm - 5lb 13oz - 18" 37 weeks aikigypsy - Christopher W 8/16 2:41am - 4lb 7oz - 17" Due 9/24 - 34 weeks mommamisty - Lorelei Elise 8/16 6:25pm - 6lb 5oz - 20" Due 9/3 - 37 weeks mkpgoddess - Catherine Margaret 8/18 1:55pm - 7lb 3oz 19.5" Due 9/1 - 38 weeks cinderella08 - Levi Alexander 8/19 - 7lb 3oz - 20" VBAC sere234 - Caden Riley 8/22 10:22pm - 7lb 14oz - 22.5" 38 weeks pacifica - baby girl 8/25 9:26am - 5lb 13oz -... read more

March 2011 Ddc Roster

Please post an introduction about yourself, a suggestion of things to include would be..... * EDD: (feel free to use 1st or 2nd half if you prefer) * Name: (whatever you would like to be called or like us to know) * Age: * Location: * How long it took to you to get your BFP: * What number child is this for you: * Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): * Baby's gender (hopes or guesses): * Names you like (& are willing to share): * Birth plans/preferences: * Blog, website or the like: * Anything else you'd like to share: I will compile the... read more

November 2010 Babies

liz-hippymom ~ Willow 9/15/10 ~ 4lbs Due 11/15/10 ~ 31 weeks, 1 day mran ~ Baby Boy 9/18/10 ~ 3.5 lbs, 15.5" Due 11/10 ~ 31 weeks Phoenix~Mama ~ Riley Joseph 9/22/10 ~ 6:27am ~ 5 lbs Due Early November ~ 33 weeks, 3 days wondertwins (Nikki) ~ Avery Campbell 10/6/10 ~ 5lbs, 11oz ~ 19.25" EDD 11/16/10 ~ 34 weeks SashaBreeze ~ Twin Boys! 10/13/10 ~ 35 weeks ~ EDD 11/11/10 Connor Ambrose 8:08am ~ 5lbs, 5oz ~ 18.5" Seamus Antioch 8:13am ~ 3lbs, 9oz ~ 16.25" Irpurro (Lisa) ~ Izabella Rose 10/13/10 ~ 3:14pm ~ 7lbs ~ 20" EDD 11/5/10 ~... read more

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