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Bamboobies Cloth Nursing Pads Giveaway!

“Like a cashmere sweater for my boobies.” Best. Testimonial. Ever. I think I might need to rename September “The Month of Awesome, Green Mama Businesses.” Bamboobies, cloth nursing pads, were created by a mother of two in Boulder and are handmade in Colorado of organic and sustainable fabrics. Exasperated with disposable nursing pads, Kerry Gilmartin had a “make do” moment” that turned into a thriving home business. She shares: “After breastfeeding for a few months, I was still leaking sometimes… I even leaked through the thick washable... read more

Grapefruit Seed Extract to Treat Thrush

Thrush. Even writing that 6-letter word gives me shivers. Thrush—which is a yeast infection in a baby’s mouth that can spread to a mother’s nipples—can be as painful as it is difficult to diagnose. If you feel shooting pain when your baby latches on to nurse (and sometimes throughout the entire feeding), you may have thrush. Your nipple, depending on your skin tone, may look a little red. Or it may not look any different. You can sometimes tell if the baby has thrush by looking at his tongue: if it is coated in a white substance that looks like milk but doesn’t come off... read more

A Newborn in the Hospital Circumcised Without his Parents' Consent

After reading this article in the Miami Herald, “Accidental circumcision leads to lawsuit, protest,” I feel sick. The article details how an 8-day-old baby, who was staying in the intensive care unit of South Miami Hospital, was circumcised without his parents’ consent. They did not want him circumcised. They did not sign a consent form. No doctor or nurse asked the parents before doing the procedure. How could this have happened? It’s so disturbing and unbelievable that a doctor would cut off part of a tiny baby’s body without... read more


Just put to bed: this little baby . . . the Mothering 2011 calendar. Once again, we’ve found some really stunning photos by many of our favorite photographers. Keep an eye out for it, or preorder yours here. # Calendar cover photo of photographer Stephenie Dame (yes, I said “of”), whose work you may have seen in our pages recently (and whose mom was operating the camera this time). # # Tags: calendar, mothering 2011 calendar, stephenie dame This entry was posted on Thursday, September 16th, 2010 at... read more

WebMD - Breastfeeding May Lower Moms' Diabetes Risk

Sept 16, 2010 News from WebMD Aug 27, 2010 Breastfeeding May Lower Moms' Diabetes Risk: Study Shows Breastfeeding for 1 Month May Help Prevent Diabetes, by Kathleen Doheny read more

Breastfeeding and the Law in New York - Another News Report Misses the Point

by Jake Aryeh Marcus Find Sustainable Mothering on Facebook and Jake on Twitter. Last year Julia Acevedo-Taylor claimed she was rudely asked to leave a Manhattan chocolate shop because she was breastfeeding her five month old. Last month, she filed a lawsuit against the shop. I’ll be following that case – the first suit filed under the 1994 New York State public breastfeeding law – but watching a recent news report on the case I am struck most by the lack of discussion of the law. Instead, there is a painful debate between a purported etiquette expert and a La Leche... read more

Zoe Organics Giveaway!

Now here’s a very Mothering small business, Zoe Organics, which was created by a doula AND a mama, Heather Hamilton. Zoe Organics has sent us a great prize pack: 1. Gentle Hair and Body Wash 2. Baby Bath Tea bag set (I love this so much, I featured it in Sept/Oct’s Strokes of Genius and sent it to my new baby nephew) 3. Diaper Balm 4. Baby Massage Oil 5. Baby Balm Stick Here’s how you enter to win: 1. Leave a comment below. 2. For a second chance to win, click here to go to the Zoe Organics... read more

Nursing to Sleep

I have nursed my son to sleep since we brought him home from the hospital. He was a three month early preemie. He is now 20 months. The last three-four weeks he just won't fall asleep routinely to nursing anymore. We spend time nursing, he ALMOST falls asleep and then wakes up and wants to roam the bed and find a comfy spot which instead just wakes him up more. I've tried just holding him down but we go through 20-120 minutes of crying and kicking and screaming, and then finally nursing for a few minutes to fall asleep. With naptime, he may fall asleep right away, but... read more

Sustainable Mothering - Breastfeeding and the Law in New York

Sept 13, 2010 News from Sustainable Mothering Sept 13, 2010 "Breastfeeding and the Law in New York – Another News Report that Misses the Point " by Jake Aryeh Marcus, Mothering's Politics Editor read more

Is Breastfeeding in Trouble?

A Quiet Place Issue 144 - September/October 2007 By Peggy O'Mara Seventeen years later, in 1974, when I breastfed my first child, the breastfeeding initiation rate in the US was at 32.2 percent. In the ten years from 1970 to 1980, however, the breastfeeding initiation rate had more than doubled, from 26.5 percent to 55.3 percent. The rate continued to climb into the 1980s, and reached a high of 61.9 percent in 1982. Those of us who were breastfeeding advocates at the time thought we had won the war. Then, the impossible happened. The breastfeeding initiation rate... read more

Mothering › Baby Articles