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Breastfeeding can Reduce Infant Infections and Health Care Costs in the USA

United States Breastfeeding Committee June 21, 2006 The United States Breastfeeding Committee (USBC), a coalition of 35 influential nonprofit organizations with major concerns for the health of American mothers and their babies, wishes to express thanks to The New York Times for publication of the important article "Breast-feed or Else" (June, 12, 2006). The article accurately points out that there is a large body of scientific evidence indicating the significant risks to the health of both mother and infant when breastfeeding is not undertaken. Formula-fed infants do... read more

Haiti, Hell, Good Intentions, and Breast Milk Donations

by Jake Aryeh Marcus    Find Sustainable Mothering on Facebook and Jake on Twitter. A few days after the earthquake in Haiti, my Facebook account was flooded with suggestions to become a “Fan” of an organization I do not trust.  I wondered why people who should know which organizations are actually helping breastfeeding women and their children would think I would want to support this particular organization.  And fairly soon I knew: this organization had a heart string pulling photo of Haiti on its home page and a claim it was helping get donated breast milk to Haiti. ... read more

Taking the World by Scowl

When Leone emerged into the world in a rush of amniotic fluid she was scowling. James saw a frown on her upside down face even before her body came out. It was as if she were saying, “What is this place? Where am I? What am I doing here?”James imitating Leone's frown as she was being born Now that she’s three months old she often has frown lines on her brow. She’s not a fussy baby. In fact, she barely cries. On Sunday I took her to a parent meeting and she spent the two hours smiling, cooing, and drooling. But she still scowls at the world and often looks serious.... read more

My high school pal is having a baby! And he had a question.

I am so happy when people take advantage of the fact that they know a Mothering editor. Pepper me with questions, y’all! And I am always happy to get even more advice and suggestions for the Q-ers in the form of comments. Spencer went to high school with me, and had really great cast parties after our school plays. As a contextual element, I have included my high school senior portrait. Here goes: Hi Candace, My how time flies, how are you and your kids? Molly and I are expecting our first in early April. Needless to say we are really... read more

Nature's Way Circle

By Amy Agnello Issue 107, July/August 2001 Breastfeeding is the cornerstone of the early mothering experience, building an inextricable bond between parent and baby. By nursing, we create a sense of peace and safety for our babies, providing refuge and establishing a foundation upon which healthy and happy futures are built. This is just one of many reasons why a group of American Indian women in one Minnesota community are making a concerted effort to return to breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is a part of traditional Indian parenting; but a number... read more

Leone's Hands

The baby has found her hands. Five-pronged flying saucers that hover in front of her face. She gets very still when they come into view, fascinated by these UFOs.Is it a bird? Is it a plane? I'll taste it and find out... Tags: baby hands, infant, UFOs This entry was posted on Friday, February 5th, 2010 at 10:35 am and is... read more

The Baby is Three Months Old Today

Baby Leone is three months old today. Three months already but it feels like she was just born. She likes to gurgle, look at her hands, and she has almost found her toes. She’s social and she smiles a lot but beware the friendly soul who wants to hold her: she almost immediately starts to cry with people she doesn’t know. I think she can tell by the way that they smell that they’re not me, or her dad, or her siblings. One of the only times she didn’t cry right away was when the PBS producer, Kate McMahon, held her. Kate is a lactating... read more


She may look cute but she's droolyBaby Leone has started to drool. She drools in the morning. She drools in the afternoon. She drools in the evening. And she drools all night long. She likes to blow bubbles in the drool. I feel like I am covered in drool. Because I am. She has no teeth. She eats no food. What is there to drool about anyway? “Mommy,” her 8-year-old sister Athena tells me. “Let’s find out by looking in your book.” “MY book?” “That book you wrote about baby behavior. Don’t you have a chapter on drool?” How does Athena know these things? She’s right, of... read more

A Mother's Nature

  I am closer to nature than those many hikes in mountain and desert ever brought me. My child curls at my bosom with small foraging movement, hands cupping and finding what belongs to her. Her lips latching me, a wellspring. The let down begins. I close my eyes becoming a stream, an apprentice of Mother Nature. Balanced on a ritual as old as origin, we are interdependent, little star and full moon.   Read more poems   read more

Molecular Miscarriage: Is the HIV Theory a Tragic Mistake?

By Neville Hodgkinson Issue 108, September/October 2001 Recently I spent an evening with my new grandson. Otto had been born the day before, after a long and difficult labor, and was bawling in protest at having just been bathed when I arrived to see him. Minutes later he was placed in my arms, where he stayed contentedly for the next three hours. Although he was asleep for most of that time, I felt as if something like a current was passing through me that would help soothe and nourish him. Admiring the beauty of his jawline, the fineness of his limbs, the... read more

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