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Breastfeeding 23months old and trying to get pregnant

I am not sure if you are the right person to ask but I am trying to get pregnant but my period hasnt came back but for one cycle in May, no periods since then and since Magdalene was born two years ago. I dont want to stop breastfeeding her but I want to get pregnant soon. I am not sure what to do. Should I let nature take care of this decision or try to help Magdalene wean a bit. I ve been trying to wean her off during the day n nurse her at nights in hope of getting my periods. read more

Breastfeeding Ad Campaign Challenges US to Help Moms Succeed

Breastfeeding Ad Campaign Challenges US to Help Moms Succeed The Best for Babes Foundation is launching a clever and provocative new ad campaign designed to change the public perception of breastfeeding and expose the “booby traps”—the myriad cultural and institutional barriers that keep moms from succeeding. The campaign has been endorsed by Dr. Joan Meek, chair of the United States Breastfeeding Committee and celebrities Gabrielle Reece and Marilu Henner. The campaign is being backed by a growing corporate alliance, including Earth Mama Angel Baby, My Brest Friend, and... read more

Breastfeeding while pregnant

Am unexpectedly pregnant and nursing an 11 month old. My gyn told me to try to wean him since it causes contractions and then the milk will eventually dry up. I stopped pumping and am trying to stop nursing frequently. However, i am now experiencing engorgement of the breasts and they are begining to hurt. What do i do? Please hlep. read more

How Breastfeeding Boosts the National Economy

By Olivia CampbellWeb Exclusive, April 2009 Forget about retail therapy, breastfeeding is an economic stimulator that's completely free. According to USDA research, infant formula-feeding exacts a toll on national pocketbooks. "Breastfeeding and the provision of breastmilk exclusively for the first 6 months? promises the United States improved health of both its citizens and its economy," the US Breastfeeding Committee said in response to the USDA report. Most people understand how nursing benefits baby's health and parent's finances, yet few people realize the... read more

International Breastfeeding Symbol Spotted

Chicago Children's Museum and the International Breastfeeding Symbol As experts in the field of early childhood development, the staff at Chicago Children's Museum knows the benefits of breastfeeding and the effect it has on infants' development. Child development specialist Beth Wilson read and identified with the article “Becoming Breastfeeding-Friendly” in the August 2007 issue of Mothering, and knew she wanted to incorporate the universal symbol for breastfeeding into the museum. A project to revamp the Caregiver Corner in the museum's Pritzker Playspace—an area... read more

WPA Poster, 1938

In the early to mid twentieth century there was constant conflicting medical advice about how a mother should feed her baby. At least now every major medical association (to my knowledge) recognizes that breast is best. But back then, the advice was not as cut and dry. Below is a WPA (Work Projects Administration) poster encouraging mothers to breastfeed. It was distributed in New York and created in 1938. However, as the below poster reveals, other agencies and states had another agenda entirely. This is a poster from the Cleveland Division of Health and FDA... read more

Lactation After Loss

By Melissa Coffey Web Exclusive - December 19, 2008 I started my mothering journey with high hopes and misinformation about breastfeeding. Although I was able to breastfeed my first three children, it was with formula supplementation and early weaning. After my fourth child was born, I fell into the cloth diapering community through a twist of fate and found myself immediately drawn to the attachment parenting community. For the first time I was given solid information about breastfeeding that encouraged me to think outside the box and recognize the bumps in the road of... read more

Breastfeeding Activism: Information and Resources

The International Breastfeeding Symbol Suggestions, Guidelines and Resources for Activism What is the purpose of the International Breastfeeding Symbol? To increase public awareness of breastfeeding To designate breastfeeding and family friendly facilities in public. To provide an alternative to the use of the image of a baby bottle Where can the symbol be used? In large public places where people stay for extended periods of time. In airports, malls, amusement parks, conferences, convention halls, or expos, for example, to designate a breastfeeding... read more

Breastfeeding and Protein

My two-and-a-half-year-old daughter and I have just stopped nursing at night but still breastfeed four to five times a day. Since starting solids, she's shown a strong preference for protein in the form of meat, fish, and legumes, but she has never shown an interest in any dairy products. The only drink she wants, other than breastmilk, is water. She has recently begun to lose interest in nearly all vegetables as well. So I'm wondering if she's getting enough essential nutrients, particularly calcium, now that we are cutting back on breastmilk. Should I try to introduce... read more

Breastfeeding After Failure

After having my son I tried to breastfeed, but due to postpartum depression I had a hard time trying to pull myself together so that I could get my son on a breastfeeding routine. I just didn't comprehend what to do as far as my diet, how to pump, how to establish and continue to breastfeed, etc. I felt so alone during this time. But now I'm trying to learn all I can because my husband and I do plan on having more children in the future and I want to be a successful breastfeeding Mom. I just feel like a failure because I couldn't do it with my first child. Please help me... read more

Mothering › Baby Articles