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Why I Breastfeed in Public

  Originally published at MotherWiseLife.org   On our MotherWise Facebook page, we often post breastfeeding photos as part of our effort to normalize nursing, and the reaction is always the same: lots of support and celebration, lots of oohs and ahhs, but also a plethora of insulting, attacking, disgusting comments.  No matter how many times this happens, I am always stunned by the ugly reactions people have to a mother feeding her child.  Our society has received some strong social conditioning, and apparently the message is that one of the worst, most... read more

Natural Home Remedies for Plugged Ducts and Milk Blebs

As a breastfeeding mama, having searing pains radiating throughout your breast is every mama’s worst nightmare. Unfortunately it is quite common. This type of pain is often caused by a breast inflammation from a plugged duct or milk bleb. Luckily with proper diagnosis, there are some easy and natural home remedies you can try to quickly treat the issue and relieve the pain.   When my daughter was five months old, I was working full time and exclusively breastfeeding and pumping. I began to have searing pains in my left breast and thought I had a plugged duct. I... read more

Five Best Baby Carriers: Recommended by the Mothering Community

Babywearing offers a huge amount of benefits, but choosing the right carrier isn't always easy. Recently, we started a conversation in the Mothering community to ask for baby carrier recommendations and the response was wonderful. Check it out here.   Below you will find the top five baby carrier picks from our members.    You can read more reviews, or leave your own, in our Babywearing Reviews Section. And discover everything our members have to say about babywearing in our Babywearing Forum.      Beco Butterfly II Carrier    Review from Mothering Member... read more

Protecting A Woman's Right to Choose...Breastfeeding

Author Ray Bradbury pointed out, chillingly, "You don't need to burn books to destroy a culture -- just get people to stop reading them." Similarly, you don't need to actually ban nursing to decrease the incidence of breastfeeding -- just make it more and more difficult to do.   The ways our culture makes breastfeeding ever more difficult range from the insidiously subtle (hospitals' goody-bag full of formula) to the outrageously overt (Bill Maher's infamous rant equating breastfeeding -- "a private thing" -- with "farting or masturbating or... read more

How to Trust in a Wired World

Along with a good supply of onesies, I routinely counsel expectant parents to stock up on trust. Parenting is a daunting safari into the unknown, and trust is the anxiety antidote when life outruns the reach of our techno-savvy that has us convinced we can figure out and control everything in our lives.   I define trust as “calm reliance upon processes outside of your immediate perception and control,” and it is one of the seven principles that weave through my book Parenting for Peace. For those of us weaned on the information revolution, trust is probably the... read more

My Tummy Hurts – An Overview of Remedies that Treat Children’s Digestive Upset

brought to us by Tummy Calm   Parents are often told by their pediatricians to give their children gas drops to help relieve tummy aches, ease fussiness, alleviate painful bloating, gas pains and even excessive spitting up. But knowing which to give and when to give them can be confusing.   The information below may help you decide what is right for your family, explaining what different formulas are available, and also give you other ideas for treating your little ones’ tummy troubles.   Gas Drops Explained Gas drops are an over-the-counter... read more

Parenting at Night

By Megan Leary     I was at an event supporting midwifery legislature when I saw the Le Leche League booth and made a bee line for it.  I have been pretty fortunate in that breast feeding has gone great from the start for my daughter and me, but my issue now was that breastfeeding was going almost too well.  She was now a year old and she was nursing like a newborn again.  I was up every two hours at night nursing her and then up-and-at-em the next day for my full time job.  Needless to say, I was perpetually tired and desperate for some mama... read more

Freedom Together: The Mothering Mavens Test the Boba 3G Carrier

We know that Mothering.com moms love babywearing, so we were thrilled when we got the chance to partner with Boba to share their Carrier 3G with our community and our Mothering Mavens.  To read more about how you can join the Mothering Mavens, our private product review program, click here!   The partnership brought together 14 Mothering Mavens, each with a baby between the ages of 4 months and 2 years, in a small private focus group.  Each Maven got to pick out a brand new Boba 3G Carrier that she could test and keep and was asked to share her thoughts.... read more

Postpartum Depression: One Mama's Story of Struggle and Hope

Thank you to Kate Lindello for sharing her experience with postpartum depression in the hopes that it will help other moms.   The following information was originally posted on Kate's blog where you can read more of her writing.    Find support in Mothering's forum for Postpartum Depression.      It's time. I know I mentioned awhile back that once Helen was born I was struggling with postpartum depression and anxiety and that I would be sharing my story with all of you. I knew from the moment I started feeling like myself that I wouldn't keep quiet... read more

Tweaking The Conversation About Breastfeeding

Being honest with women about the challenges of breastfeeding   By V.K. Harber   As a post-partum doula, breastfeeding is hands down the thing I spend the most time on with new mothers, and I love it. Supporting a mother in the first few challenging weeks of breastfeeding is enormously satisfying because I know firsthand the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and baby. I want to help any woman who wants to breastfeed to do so successfully.   Finding women who want to breastfeed is not hard. The campaign... read more

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