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Hey, Stay Home Moms (and Dads) - What Have You Been Doing All Day?

                           Negligence? Hardly. You know how it goes – one minute they’re playing quietly and the next, too quietly… (By the way, the lid was pried from the paint can with TEETH.)   It’s been a long time coming — nearly eighteen years, in fact. The kids are finally all in school, the house is quiet and I have a full day to work, uninterrupted.   And while it’s achingly bittersweet — the letting go of my babies, the acceptance that that phase is really over – it’s also easy to forget just how intense those first years were (or what I did with my... read more

Breastfeeding Troubles and Posterior Tongue Tie: A Sneaky Culprit

I gave birth to my second daughter, Olive, at home in January 2012.  It was a beautiful, quick birth, that rocked my very core.  My husband caught her, and laid our 7lb 5oz blonde beauty on my chest.  Immediately after I delivered the placenta, I got myself situated in bed and offered her my breast.  I held my breath…preparing for a struggle, as I had with her sister.  I held her to my breast, gave her perfect button nose a tickle with my nipple, and instinctively, she opened wide and started vigorously suckling with such enthusiasm that my husband and I looked at... read more

Bed of Roses

By Stephanie Nakhleh   Cosleeping was no fun at first. Instead of the nighttime bliss I'd been promised by attachment-parenting enthusiasts, my baby often acted like a nocturnal animal—prowling the sheets in the wee hours, howling for no clear reason. I felt cheated. Where was the state of harmony everyone had told me about: those sweetly synchronous sleep patterns, the magical ability to sleep through midnight nursings? Almost everyone else in the world did this, right? Why was it so hard? In exasperation, I talked my reluctant husband into trying to train our... read more

Pacifier Use May Stunt Emotional Development in Boys

A new study at the University of Wisconsin-Madison suggests that heavy use of pacifiers by boys may stunt their emotional development throughout life. Experiments performed by researchers at the University showed that six- and seven-year-old boys who spent large amounts of time with pacifiers in their mouths as young children were less able to mimic emotions presented to them on video. The issue does not seem to end in childhood either, college-age men whose parents reported that they used pacifiers as children scored lower on tests of empathy than their peers. Pacifiers... read more

Formula Additive SimplyThick Causes Infant Illness and Death

Seven babies have died after being fed a formula or breastmilk additive called SimplyThick–designed to help premature babies swallow and keep down liquids. Although the FDA has warned against the use of the product for premature infants, SimplyThick is widely available. Continued use of the thickener led to twenty-one infants developing inflamed intestines, seven of whom died. The [FDA] first warned in May 2011 against feeding SimplyThick to premature babies because it may cause a tissue inflammation known as necrotizing enterocolitis. The FDA is... read more

Out of the Mouths of Babes

By Mary Brune Web Exclusive July 17, 2012 news update: FDA Bans BPA from Bottles and Sippy Cups Before the birth of my daughter three years ago, I was pretty sure I had everything I would ever need: Cloth diapers? Check. Sling? Check. Cute little onesies? Check. Those were the easy things, the ones on nearly everyone's list. But what about phthalate-free teething rings? Or baby bottles made without bisphenol A? Back then, they certainly weren't on my radar, let alone my checklist. But in light of recent reports about the dangers of two chemicals widely used in... read more

You and Your LC

By Kathleen G. Auerbach Web Exclusive Are you pregnant or a new mother? If so, you’ll soon want to be in touch with professionals who can help you have the breastfeeding experience you desire. But because lactation consultants (LCs) are a recent addition to the health field, they tend to be one of a community’s better kept secrets. In other words, they can be difficult to find. One of the easiest ways to locate an LC is to ask your doctor. Most LCs have connections within the medical community. An even better method, however – especially if you learn of... read more

Successful Latching On

The baby’s hold on your areola with her mouth is called “latching on.” Latching on properly will ensure that the baby gets enough milk without hurting your nipples. Follow the steps below to help you and your baby latch on: 1. First, get comfortable. In the early hours after birth, this will probably mean sitting up in bed. Try sitting up straight and supporting your back with pillows, and keep more pillows nearby to support your arm, neck, or knees. Later on, you will find other spots that feel right, such as the couch... read more

Texas Teacher Resigns After Being Refused Time to Pump Breastmilk

A Marlin, Texas elementary school teacher has resigned after the Principal of the school, Wes Brown, refused to provide her with time away from her classroom to pump breastmilk. Anna Johnson-Smith requested teacher’s aids to cover her classroom for short durations during the day so she could pump on the schedule suggested by her daughter’s pediatrician. In an email sent to newly hired Principal Wes Brown on Aug. 1, Smith informed him she was a nursing mother and would need a room for pumping and coverage for her class at 9:30 a.m., 12 p.m., and 2:30 p.m. She said her... read more

Super Foods for Breastfeeding Moms

Focus FOLATE! And where do you find folate?  In foliage!  Dark leafy greens!  If you’ve never tried this Americanized version of bibimbop for breakfast today is the day.  Especially if you want to have strong steady energy all day long.  When I have a big day in front of me and need to stay sharp BE BOP BREAKFAST is the best morning meal.  Brown rice sauteed with scallions, egg over easy, braised dark leafy greens and some sassy condiments.  Printable recipe here.  Trust me.  Cereal from a box does not even begin to... read more

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