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What This Soon-to-Be Mom Saw in the Hospital Elevator

  By Suzanne Leigh   I was in my third trimester waiting at my doctor’s office at the hospital where my first child would be born. The appointment was routine and unremarkable. A strong fetal heartbeat was noted, growth was apparently consistent with gestation and this mother-to-be was clearly exuberant, albeit anxious.   But, but, but … what if the baby were to be born right now. Wouldn’t there be problems with lung development? And what about that second-trimester ultrasound. Didn’t the sonographer say something about the baby’s legs being shorter than expected... read more

Holidays with the New Baby, or Keeping the THANKS in Thanksgiving

For anyone who becomes a mother within nine months of a major holiday season (and, taking into account all of the holidays within every faith and cultural tradition, that means almost everybody!) I have a radical idea for you:  Simplify your idea of how the holidays will look this year. Better yet, let yourself let someone ELSE handle everything. That way, your holidays with a new baby can be marked by joy, connection and peace -- just as they're meant to be!   This doesn’t mean that I don’t think you are up to the task of balancing the needs of your infant with... read more

Why Your Baby Wakes At Night with Elizabeth Pantley, Author of the No-Cry Sleep Solution

By Jessica Williams for kidsinthehouse.com   Kids in the House was thrilled to film 39 videos with Elizabeth Pantley, author of the No-Cry Solution book series. We asked her how to reduce the stress when potty training, how to have success with picky eaters, how to drop your child off at preschool and with grace and many tips from her classic book, The No-Cry Sleep Solution. Watch this video to find out why your baby wakes at night and what you can do about it!     About kidsinthehouse.com   kidsinthehouse.com films videos with the nation’s top pediatricians,... read more

Mothering with Mental Illness: Inside Postpartum Anxiety

  By Olivia Hinebaugh   I look at this picture and I just know that in that moment, I was in the thick of it. The odd thing is, I didn’t realize it at the time. I knew I was weepy. I knew having a newborn was overwhelming and that I’d probably lose sleep. I knew my body would go through crazy changes in those first few weeks.   I was surprised at the ferocity with which I wanted to protect my newborn son. Bonding with him was never the issue. I loved him, but more so I wanted to protect him. The need to protect him, however, went above and beyond what is typical... read more

Who the Heck First Thought Up the Cry it Out Approach? PART II: Dr. Richard Ferber

By Brian Leaf   (Note: This article is the second of a two part series. For the first part, see Who the Heck First Thought Up the Cry it Out Approach?)   Dr. Richard Ferber is the father of The Ferber Approach, often called Ferberizing. This is billed as the kinder, gentler approach to Holt’s Cry It Out approach.             Ferber’s method, described in his 1986 book Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems, recommends rather than simply abandoning your baby to cry until she stops, as Holt had recommended, that a baby be allowed to cry for a designated amount of time... read more

Gentle Sleep

             We all hear the horror stories of sleep deprived new mothers.  I think we’ve been so conditioned to think of late nights with babies that it’s one of the first things we comment upon when meeting up with a new mom.  So when I was pregnant with my first, I was prepared.  I was sure we would go to the hospital, give birth, and that would be the end of our sleep for years.   So you can imagine my surprise when we brought our oldest daughter home from the hospital, and she slept through the night.  From day one.   We had always read and heard that babies... read more

Worried You Aren't Making Enough Milk?? Watch This Video!!

By Jessica Williams for kidsinthehouse.com   Corky Harvey and Wendy Haldeman co-founded The Pump Station & Nurtury. They are each International Board Certified Lactation Consultants, and Registered Nurses with a Master’s Degree in Maternal/Newborn Nursing. In this Kids in the House video, Corky explains why so many women worry that they aren’t making enough milk for their babies and what they can do help increase breast milk production.     In this Kids in the House video, Wendy explains what to do and what not to do to increase milk supply.     Click here to... read more

Who the Heck First Thought Up the Cry it Out Approach?

  What is Cry It Out? I’ll tell you, but first I have to climb into the nook under my staircase so no one knows what we’re discussing.   Cry It Out is an approach to getting babies to sleep. It was first proposed by Dr. Emmett Holt in 1895 in The Care and Feeding of Children. Holt is considered to be the father of pediatric medicine, though I suspect midwives might propose that medical care for children has been around a bit longer. In fact, with his designation as the pioneer of pediatric medicine, I suspect thousands of years of doctors, shamans, medicine men,... read more

Mothering with Mental Illness: You are Not Alone

By Olivia Hinebaugh   I want to do a series of posts about parenting with mental illness. I’m hoping that by sharing my experiences, other parents will realize they are not alone in the great balancing act of caring for self and caring for children.   The most important thing I want to say to parents struggling with mental illness: You are not alone.   Not even a little bit.   There are lots of us, whether we talk about it or not. We fall everywhere on the spectrum from occasional blues to debilitating illness.   And, yes, there is a stigma about mental... read more

The Crunchy Mom’s Guide to Working with Your Pediatrician

  By Elizabeth Briggs   We’ve all been there. We’ve all gotten the eye-roll, the muttered comment, the unsolicited advice that goes completely against everything we stand for, but when it comes to our child’s pediatrician, we expect something more. We expect a higher standard. We expect that at least this one person will understand and respect our choices.    But oftentimes she doesn’t.   I need to be able to build a working relationship with my child’s pediatrician. I say “working relationship,” because I really believe that we don’t need to be friends. We... read more

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