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March 2011 Ddc Roster

Please post an introduction about yourself, a suggestion of things to include would be..... * EDD: (feel free to use 1st or 2nd half if you prefer) * Name: (whatever you would like to be called or like us to know) * Age: * Location: * How long it took to you to get your BFP: * What number child is this for you: * Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): * Baby's gender (hopes or guesses): * Names you like (& are willing to share): * Birth plans/preferences: * Blog, website or the like: * Anything else you'd like to share: I will compile the... read more

November 2010 Babies

liz-hippymom ~ Willow 9/15/10 ~ 4lbs Due 11/15/10 ~ 31 weeks, 1 day mran ~ Baby Boy 9/18/10 ~ 3.5 lbs, 15.5" Due 11/10 ~ 31 weeks Phoenix~Mama ~ Riley Joseph 9/22/10 ~ 6:27am ~ 5 lbs Due Early November ~ 33 weeks, 3 days wondertwins (Nikki) ~ Avery Campbell 10/6/10 ~ 5lbs, 11oz ~ 19.25" EDD 11/16/10 ~ 34 weeks SashaBreeze ~ Twin Boys! 10/13/10 ~ 35 weeks ~ EDD 11/11/10 Connor Ambrose 8:08am ~ 5lbs, 5oz ~ 18.5" Seamus Antioch 8:13am ~ 3lbs, 9oz ~ 16.25" Irpurro (Lisa) ~ Izabella Rose 10/13/10 ~ 3:14pm ~ 7lbs ~ 20" EDD 11/5/10 ~... read more

Lactivism Resources

This is a Resource intended to be a compilation of helpful MDC threads, Mothering articles and member-recommended websites to help promote and support breastfeeding advocacy. Please PM admin to nominate a helpful thread or website for inclusion. Thanks! Mothering Magazine Articles Lactation and the Law Ban the Bags Formula for Profit Case Closed: Breast if Best Breastfeeding, Biomonitoring and the Media A complete list of Mothering Lactivism articles can be found here. Helpful MDC Lactivism Threads Unwanted Formula Samples Online Lactivist... read more

Tongue And Lip Tie Faq

There seems to be a lot of tongue and lip tie problems (ankyloglossia) going on lately, so I thought I would try to make an FAQ about it. I will ask it to be stickied, or bump it occasionally. I don’t know much about this topic, so everyone who does please add to this. Thanks . Kellymom’s always a good place to start: http://www.kellymom.com/babyconcerns...tonguetie.html MarcyC found a good resource describing various types of tongue and lip (labial) tie here. It's written by Elizabeth Coryllos, the guru of tongue... read more

Breastfeeding Forum Resources And The Giant Breastfeeding Book List

Mothering Resources Breastfeeding articles Off-site Links La Leche League International Direct link to LLL FAQ, alphabetized by subject LLL online meetings and chats Find a LLL group or leader near you LLL: Breastfeeding and the Law Kellymom Marmet technique of manual expression (This is a PDF) Jack Newman's Breastfeeding Articles and Handouts Breastfeed After Reduction (BFAR) Medela Dr. Sears MOBI: A Yahoo group, Mothers Overcoming Breastfeeding Issues provide a supportive environment to mothers who are/were struggling with above-norm... read more

Breastfeeding Challenges Resource List

Adoptive Breastfeeding, Relactation, Induced Lactation, A Special Gift: Breastfeeding an Adopted Baby Breastfeeding an Adopted Baby and Relactation (La Leche League International Book) Thread prepared by Cathmac on MDC Stimulating Breastmilk Production Breastfeeding your Adopted Baby Adoptive Breastfeeding Notes from "Induced Lactation and Adoptive Nursing" Adoptive Breastfeeding: Nursing Max Allergies Please See the Allergy Forum on MDC Allergies and the Breastfeeding Family Dairy and other Food Sensitivities in Breastfed... read more

My Declaration of Independence, by Leone (who turns one today)

  Today's my birthday. I'm one! I wrote this Declaration of Independence all by myself. If you don't believe me, ask my mom. When in the Course of a baby’s life it becomes necessary for one 12-month-old to dissolve the Velcro bands which have connected the front of her diaper, and to assume among the powers of the house, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of natural parenting entitle her, a decent respect to the opinions of Mom-kind requires that she should declare the causes which impel her to the separation. We hold... read more

ONLY WATER when Night Weaning

In my post on night weaning I stated: Grab some kind of bottle, sippie-cup, or thermos filled with your liquid of choice; water, almond milk, etc, and place this near the bed. You can offer this just in case they are waking for thirst. Having just been to the pediatric dentist, I would now recommend ONLY WATER in the bottle or sippie-cup as you night-wean. I gave my second child a diluted juice bottle at night and we have just found decay. I gave my first child only a water bottle and she is fine. Of course there are a multitude of factors at work, but I would now say... read more

Win a Li'l Badger Duet from Badger Balm!

Mothering knows our readers love Badger Balm as much as we do.  Leave a comment below telling us you want to enter, and one lucky winner will get a free Li’l Badger Duet from Badger Balm! Made of 100% USDA Certified organic ingredients, Baby Balm and Night Night Balm are made especially to soothe baby’s tender body and mind.  With Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Beeswax, and a delicate blend of calming essential oils traditionally used to ease little ones. Check back tomorrow, Wed., Nov. 3, at 5pm EST to find out if you’re a winner! To be entered twice,... read more

Confessions of Real-Life Night Weaning

3 kiddies in our bed If your husband comes to bed at 5am (because he is working so hard on his own company,) and you move your recently weaned sleeping baby so you can lay next to your husband (to preserve the sanctity of the marital bed amidst year seven of co-sleeping with various children,) your baby will wake up at 5am and then you will be nursing her (for another hour while trying to go back to sleep) and it will feel like the middle of the night (because it’s still dark out.) Eventually, you and baby will fall back asleep (husband has been snoring since 5am; none... read more

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