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Five Things My Toddler Made Me Forget About Babies

I was knee deep in toddler-hood with my 22 month old daughter when my son was born. It took no time at all to realize that my 22 months of motherhood made me overconfident about starting from day one again. I prepared for my first’s birth and life like I was cramming for a final, but relied solely on that experience for my second child. Consequently, and hilariously, I had to relearn a lot of fundamentals and even undo bad habits!   Babies need burping This is babies 101 but it took me a couple days to remember I could actually solve my baby’s gassiness by simply... read more

"You need more pink!" - Raising a Daughter in a Monochromatic World

I can’t pinpoint exactly when Americans felt the necessity to dress their daughters up like Easter baskets with ribbons, ruffles, sparkles and bows in order to prove they were girls, but I can say that as a child born in 1976, those things were generally reserved for special occasions. There are plenty of photos of me and my three older sisters wearing earth tones and primary colors, or even blue without any flowers or frilly things with it!   Personally, I hate the color pink, and as one might imagine given today’s society, this became somewhat problematic once I... read more

The Real Scoop on 10 Natural Diaper Creams: Toxicity and Cloth Diaper Safety

  For many babies, diaper cream will be one of the first and most frequent body products to touch their skin. For this reason finding a truly natural and safe bottom balm is a top priority for parents, but examining all of the options can seem overwhelming--especially if you're looking for a cream that won't build up and destroy your cloth diapers.   To help you with your search we've provided a breakdown of some of the Mothering Community's most commonly used natural diaper creams. We've included their full ingredients, toxicity ratings, cloth diaper safety... read more

Dr. Gordon Neufeld Discusses Attachment

By Jessica Williams for kidsinthehouse.com   One of the cornerstones of Mothering.com is the idea of creating a secure and lasting attachment with our children. Dr. Gordon Neufeld is a developmental psychologist with over forty years of research on child development. He is the author of Hold On To Your Kids and the founder of the Neufeld Institute.    Kidsinthehouse.com had the opportunity to film a series of 1-2 minute videos with Dr. Gordon Neufeld discussing attachment, discipline and the development of identity. Watch this video on the development of attachment... read more

Five Lessons for New Mamas from a Mama Cat

  If we are to mother instinctually, there are lessons we can learn from instinctual beings caring for their young.   Recently our family has started fostering dogs and cats for our local Humane Society. We provide shelter and care for these animals and the organization provides food, medical attention, and supplies for them until they are adopted out to their "forever homes". Two weeks ago we were asked if we would like to care for a Mama Cat and her four 2-week-old babies. We agreed with squeals of "awwww!" from our boys, and okay...my husband and me,... read more

Loving Your Postpartum Body

  To the mothers who don’t like what they see in the mirror:   I can’t say it enough.   Your body is amazing.   Amazing. Awe-inspiring. Perfect even in its imperfections.   Your body grew a baby. Stop and think about that for a minute. Your mother grew you. Her mother grew her. Every single person in this world grew inside of their mother. It’s ordinary and every day, but in every way this is extraordinary and once-in-a-lifetime.   You grew a baby. Somehow, magically an egg met a sperm and from that moment you were doing the most important thing in the... read more

How to Improve Your Arm's Reach Crib: My Quest for the Perfect Co-Sleeper

By Megan Leary   I started a hunt for the perfect co-sleeper in the latter days of my second pregnancy. As a semi-co-sleeping family I wanted something that would house my little guy safely in his own area but be attached directly to our bed. I wanted to reach out and touch him, pull him near to nurse, then push him back so I could get comfy rest.   Hey guess what doesn't exist in America? My perfect co-sleeper. They have some in Itay. Here is one in the UK. Look at this awesome one in Germany. But if you want something stateside your choices are very... read more

My Introduction to Motherhood

  I miscarried my first pregnancy.  I lost twins, one at ten weeks, and one at eleven weeks.  And even though it was over a decade ago, sometimes the grief still has the power to slam into me and break my heart like it was yesterday.   I had a rough morning today - nothing out of the ordinary, but not easy either.  Tuesdays and Thursdays, I bring Julianna into preschool, along with dropping the older two off at school.  Instead of just having to get the two older ones ready, I have to get all three up, dressed, hair done, did you pee yet, lunches packed, backpacks... read more

My Husband, Breastfeeding Hero

  Wherein I attempt to list the ways in which my partner has been crucial to my breastfeeding triumphs. I think breastfeeding moms are pretty good at celebrating each other’s milestones. “You nursed in public for the first time! You go girl!” or “Six months down, six to go! Rock on!” I would like to celebrate breastfeeding hero of mine: my hubby Jason (fully realizing this may embarrass him since he is not at all the boastful or approval-seeking type.) This is just a short list of ways he has helped me breastfeed. He was a great labor partner. This... read more


                  I was five months pregnant with my youngest son when my husband died, six or so weeks past the huge exhale that accompanied passing into the second trimester of the pregnancy. My husband and I had been wanting another child for years and had just about given up hope when our baby began growing in my belly. While my husband received the news of my second pregnancy with unadulterated joy and pride, I immediately became a nervous wreck. I only relaxed and rejoiced around the four months mark, finally allowing my heart to believe what my body... read more

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