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Breastfeeding and colonoscopy meds

I am a breastfeeding mom of my seven month old baby. I have a scheduled colonoscopy and will be given Demerol and Versed. Can you advise if I can nurse 12 hours after being given the meds? thank you very much. read more

Second Way for Dads to Change the World: Take All Your Paternity Leave – and Fight for More of It.

By Jeremy Adam Smith Need a good cry? Get a bunch of fathers together in a room and ask them about paternity leave. You’ll hear about the first times they held their children, fed them, and bathed them. For example, listen to the DadLabs guys talk about their leaves in the three-minute video above. You’d have to be made out of stone to not be moved by their stories. But if you ask a roomful of dads about paternity leave, you likely also hear heartbreaking stories about how they didn’t get any—and the disasterous effects the lack of leave had on their... read more

Formula for Profit: How Marketing Breastmilk Substitutes Undermines the Health of Babies

By Jennifer CoburnIssue 101, July/August 2001 Because of the strident societal and economic impact wielded by the formula industry, bottle-feeding has today become the social norm in the US. Fewer than half of all US babies are exclusively breastfed during their first day or two in the hospital.1 By the time they are six months old, only 19 percent of US babies receive any breastmilk,2 and only 2 percent of one year olds. Contrast this with the average age of weaning worldwide, which is 4.2 years. This country's societal hostility towards breastfeeding is such that... read more

Incorporating Mindfulness into Motherhood

Mindful Motherhood, simply put, is being present in your body, and connected with your baby even when the going gets rough. It’s being aware of your experience from moment to moment, as it is happening, without pushing it away, trying to make it stay, or judging it as bad or good. It is meeting each situation as it is, and over time, more and more often, approaching whatever is happening with curiosity and compassion. Mindful Motherhood is a way of approaching all of the experiences you’ll encounter as a mom with open eyes and an open heart. Whether those... read more

Welcome to the Mindful Motherhood Blog!

The purpose of Mindful Motherhood is to provide new moms with the opportunity to engage with ideas, practices, and a community of like-minded moms that can help you navigate the ups and downs of pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood. The book contains the essential foundations of the practice of Mindful Motherhood, including detailed and accessible information about how mindfulness can be applied in everyday life as a new mom, based on science, theory, and ancient wisdom. The website includes supplementary information and resources, including downloadable guided... read more

Modern Mothering in the 1950s

If you had been a mother in the 1950s do you think you would have breastfed your babies? In all honesty, I cannot say with certainty that I would have given the incessant advertising then that linked bottle-feeding to wealth. We are lucky to be living in a time when medical professionals and researchers all agree that the breast is best. Actually, doctors knew that then too, but advertisers were exceptionally aggressive with bottle-feeding messages. Surprisingly this ad is not for a formula company. It's actually an ad for the Electric Institute of Washington, hence... read more

For Babies, Skin Is In

The University of Toronto released a study yesterday that reports the success of "kangaroo care" or skin-to-skin contact between mothers and their newborns immediately after birth. The researchers maintain that when newly born babies are laid upon their mother's bare chest, not only is there an increased chance of breastfeeding, the pair will also breastfeed longer. When I had both of my children, they were laid upon my chest straight away after their vitals were checked. Each time, I was thoroughly amazed when my daughters innately knew to go to my breasts and... read more

Breastfeeding, antibodies and flu vaccine (2nd submission)

I apologize if this goes thru twice: I got an error msg when I first submitted, so I'm not sure this went thru. Dear Dr. Bob, I have been reading articles and reviewing the CDC's recommendations on H1N1 and vaccinating, but haven't found info about the pros and cons of breastfeeding and this vaccination. In light of the CDC's recommendation that caregivers of infants receive the H1N1 vaccination, which of the following two scenarios might help my newborn son the most? First, if I were to receive the H1N1 vaccination myself, would I give antibodies or immunity to... read more

Breastfeeding History in Stereo

I am so excited this morning because I learned something brand new about American history! As I have been searching through countless photographs on the Library of Congress Web site I keep coming across unfamiliar late nineteenth, early twentieth century photo cards with two of the exact image right beside each other. I knew absolutely nothing about them until today. They're called stereographs and they were the precursor to the modern day View Master. Here's one called "Baby's Happy Hour" (1) from 1898. It was photographed and sold by Griffith & Griffith, an... read more

Breastfeeding doesn't make much difference

Hi Kathleen I live in the UK and subscribe to Mothering. Recently there has been much in the media about the forthcoming book by Joan Wolf which looks at the evidence to date regarding the benefits of breastfeeding, and concludes that 'it probably doesn't make much difference if you breadtfeed'. here is a link: http://women.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/women/families/article6718276.ece I have/am breastfeeding my children and feel that breastfeeding must be better than formula in the way the fresh fruit is better than that from a can, but it is confusing... read more

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