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Should We Stop Acting Like Breastfeeding is a Big Deal?

  There seems to be almost constant drama in the online community concerning nursing-in-public, covering, Facebook rules and deleted pictures, disgruntled Target employees and offended nursing mothers asked to leave.     In response there is outrage, well shared nursing pictures of various degrees of toplessness, boycotts and nurse-ins.     While I understand the upset over the trampling of nursing rights, I often ponder if our response is less than useful, or worse, detrimental.     Lest you question my “street cred” I spent over six years of my life... read more

Got Trust? The Antidote for Insecurity & Stress

One fundamental intention in parenting for peace is to foster trust and hope within your child from the very beginning. When we nurture trust in our children's souls, it can unfold into an unending arc of confidence — in themselves, in you, in their fellow humans, in Life.   By trust I mean a calm reliance upon things that you cannot necessarily perceive much less control. (What a quaint notion in this era when we can perceive pretty much everything by virtue of our many technological devices!)   Insecurity, the antithesis of trust, carries a scent akin to fear — it... read more

Mining Joy from the Muck of Daily Mothering

If you've followed me much, maybe you've heard me say this already: motherhood brought me to my knees. Motherhood broke me open, and then brought me... sometimes kicking and screaming (literally)... through the muck of daily mothering to a fullness of selfhood I couldn't have even begun to imagine at the beginning of the bumpy journey.     I was a walking list of risk factors for maternal depressive symptoms (often narrowly pigeon-holed as postpartum depression). Many hands, many ideas and much good guidance helped me navigate those baby, toddler and preschooler... read more

Freedom Together: Mothering Mavens Try Out the Boba 4G

Babywearing is one of our favorite topics here at Mothering.  The benefits of babywearing are vast: it supports bonding with baby, it’s convenient, it allows for easy nursing, and it keeps baby close all the time.   That’s why we’re so excited that our Mothering Mavens program was able to partner once again with Boba to try out the Boba 4G.  12 of our Mavens received the Boba 4G and tried them out for a few weeks, then came back to Mothering and shared their honest feedback with us.  We asked the Mavens everything, from how they each started babywearing, to why and... read more

"The Business of Baby" - A Review

I promised Jennifer Margulis  (author of The Business of Baby-What Doctors Don't Tell You, What Corporations Try to Sell You, and How to Put Your Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Baby Before Their Bottom Line) a book review quite some time ago.  I finally am finding time to write this and in my preparations I have been perusing her negative criticisms on Amazon.     I don’t really love negative comments about anybody, even people I don’t like, but I did find these interesting.  Having just gone over the book, I was a little surprised to see what they said. It seemed to me... read more

Mayim Bialik Opens Up About Her Breastfeeding Challenges and Becoming a Lactation Educator

Nine Years After the NICU

By Rebecca Hughes Parker for Brain, Child: The Magazine for Thinking Mothers   I consider my daughters’ birthday to be in January. But I am the only one.    Their birth certificates read November 17, 2004 and that is the day they were hastily scooped out my womb, neonatologists standing by with oxygen. But, in my head, they did not fully join this world until January 2005, when the tubes and leads were removed from their tiny bodies and they were finally declared ready to breathe and digest on their own. The day they came home—a bitter cold day like the ones we... read more

Trying Out the New Boppy Baby Chair

Our partnership with The Boppy Company - who we also worked together with last year to review their new Two-Sided Nursing Pillow - brought together seven Mavens with babies between who all had the opportunity to try out the new Boppy Baby Chair.  We asked the Mavens all about the Boppy Baby Chair - what they liked and didn’t like about it, how it compared to other chairs they used, and whether or not they found it useful.  6 of the 7 testers said they would “Absolutely” or “Probably” recommend the Boppy Chair to another mom with a baby older than 4 months.  And, for... read more

8 Ways Natural Birth Can Help With Breastfeeding

  Dare I say it?  Birthing naturally gives you a head start on the breastfeeding relationship. There, I said it.  Feels good to get it out of my system.  Are there home birthing moms who never are able to successfully breastfeed?  Of course.  Are there moms who have had c-sections who have nursed with ease?  Yes again.  But let's be real, an overly medicalized birth can most certainly throw a wrench into the natural process of breastfeeding your baby.  Here are eight ways that breastfeeding can be disturbed by birth interventions and drugs.   1)  Pitocin can... read more

The Debate Over Handheld Devices for Babies & Children

There has been a hurricane of cyber-buzz this past week over a HuffPo piece entitled, "10 Reasons Why Handheld Devices Should Be Banned for Children Under the Age of 12." It went viral, natch.   What I want to say about that piece is:   a) it is a comprehensive collection of research that should be of critical interest to parents   b) I am not the type to seek bans on such things; rather, I advocate that we as humans develop mastery and dominion over these creations of ours. Let our Frankenstein's monsters work for us rather than against us.   As my daughter... read more

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