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Fatherhood and economic realities

I turned my blog entry here into an op-ed for the British Guardian newspaper, on how the recession could affect fathers and fatherhood. Many of the comments are interestingly hostile, resisting the idea that fathers can or should be anything but breadwinners. A friend of mine observed "that the negative commenters' real problem is with the economic realities that make a single-income household economically precarious, rather than with a dad staying home after, say, being laid off. But somehow it's easier to object to a social more than an economic one. i.e. easier to... read more

Wednesday Top Three: Dance, dance, dance

1. Florida Gay Adoption Ban Declared Unconstitutional! Yah! And if you want to help defeat the anti-gay marriage Proposition 8 in California, consider making a donation to the "No on 8" campaign. 2. ODC Dance in San Francisco. We took Liko to their family dance day to learn about their kids' programs, and I was once again really impressed with this San Francisco institution. It's so beautiful to watch my son learn about his body and what it can do. 3. The Anti-Racist parent--another favorite blog.   read more

I Am a Porn Star

Today, we feature a guest post from Chicago Pop, originally published in the group blog Daddy Dialectic: It's true. I just found out yesterday. Spot was with me, and I didn't even have to take my clothes off. All I had to do was pick up this lovely little book that I'd like to share with other at-home dads, who may already be porn stars without even knowing it. (All you Bay Area folks may already have checked this out, as it's published by Chronicle Press in San Francisco. Those may even be your kids in the pictures. Curiously, amazon.com lists it under... read more

Influencing Mothers

Here is yet another example of bottle feeding in the 1940s. From the pictures I have found on the Library of Congress Web site it seems that the 1940s saw an explosion of moms who chose to feed their babies formula as opposed to breastfeeding. I know that during World War II a whole host of women entered the workforce causing moms to find an alternative way to feed their babies. But during this time, canned milk manufacturers readily advertised their formula to nurses and doctors as stated by a rural nurse in a 1939 document from the Federal Writers Project. This... read more

Baby's Gotta Eat!

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...even after mama has picked cotton for the day. Cotton picker, Kaufman County, Texas 1936 read more

Sick Baby on Formula

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This picture is actually quite difficult for me to look at because it is extremely obvious how this mother just wants the best for her baby, but is solely relying on artificial means to make him well. This photograph was taken by Dorothea Lange and is entitled: Wife and sick child of tubercular itinerant, stranded in New Mexico. August 1936. Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, FSA-OWI Collection, [reproduction number, LC-USF34-009747-E DLC] read more

Breasts As Objects

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Well, it certainly doesn't help breastfeeding matters any when women's breasts are seen as objects of gratification as opposed to means to feed one's baby. This photograph was taken of a carnival at Shelby County Fair and Horse Show Shelbyville, Kentuckym August 1940 Aug. Baby formula had made a huge insurgence in baby-feeding by 1940. Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, FSA-OWI Collection, [reproduction number, LC-USF33-031018-M1 DLC ] read more

Welcome to the Mindful Motherhood Blog!

The purpose of Mindful Motherhood is to provide new moms with the opportunity to engage with ideas, practices, and a community of like-minded moms that can help you navigate the ups and downs of pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood. The book contains the essential foundations of the practice of Mindful Motherhood, including detailed and accessible information about how mindfulness can be applied in everyday life as a new mom, based on science, theory, and ancient wisdom. The website includes supplementary information and resources, including downloadable guided... read more

Incorporating Mindfulness into Motherhood

Mindful Motherhood, simply put, is being present in your body, and connected with your baby even when the going gets rough. It’s being aware of your experience from moment to moment, as it is happening, without pushing it away, trying to make it stay, or judging it as bad or good. It is meeting each situation as it is, and over time, more and more often, approaching whatever is happening with curiosity and compassion. Mindful Motherhood is a way of approaching all of the experiences you’ll encounter as a mom with open eyes and an open heart. Whether those... read more

Should We "Nick" Our Baby Girls?

I had a boyfriend in college who was from Eritrea and had fought in the war of independence from Ethiopia. He fought side by side with women soldiers, some of whom had had their clitorises cut off when they were small children. “What does it feel like?” He asked his fellow soldiers. The women laughed at him. “How should we know?” They said. “We’ve never known anything different!” Clitoridectomy, known in the Western world as female genital mutilation (FGM) is no laughing matter. According to the World Health Organization, between 100 and... read more

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