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Dr. Gordon Neufeld Discusses Attachment

By Jessica Williams for kidsinthehouse.com   One of the cornerstones of Mothering.com is the idea of creating a secure and lasting attachment with our children. Dr. Gordon Neufeld is a developmental psychologist with over forty years of research on child development. He is the author of Hold On To Your Kids and the founder of the Neufeld Institute.    Kidsinthehouse.com had the opportunity to film a series of 1-2 minute videos with Dr. Gordon Neufeld discussing attachment, discipline and the development of identity. Watch this video on the development of attachment... read more

Worried You Aren't Making Enough Milk?? Watch This Video!!

By Jessica Williams for kidsinthehouse.com   Corky Harvey and Wendy Haldeman co-founded The Pump Station & Nurtury. They are each International Board Certified Lactation Consultants, and Registered Nurses with a Master’s Degree in Maternal/Newborn Nursing. In this Kids in the House video, Corky explains why so many women worry that they aren’t making enough milk for their babies and what they can do help increase breast milk production.     In this Kids in the House video, Wendy explains what to do and what not to do to increase milk supply.     Click here to... read more

Why Your Baby Wakes At Night with Elizabeth Pantley, Author of the No-Cry Sleep Solution

By Jessica Williams for kidsinthehouse.com   Kids in the House was thrilled to film 39 videos with Elizabeth Pantley, author of the No-Cry Solution book series. We asked her how to reduce the stress when potty training, how to have success with picky eaters, how to drop your child off at preschool and with grace and many tips from her classic book, The No-Cry Sleep Solution. Watch this video to find out why your baby wakes at night and what you can do about it!     About kidsinthehouse.com   kidsinthehouse.com films videos with the nation’s top pediatricians,... read more

My Journey Through Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

 They say that hindsight is 20/20, that when we look back on experiences we can see them more clearly and understand them more fully.  Oftentimes this is the case.  But occasionally time can seem to only distance us from events while still leaving them fuzzy. I don't know what I expected exactly when I brought my eldest home from the hospital after she was born.  I know I was excited about getting to use all my new baby gear.  I was excited about getting to cuddle her and photograph her and read to her.  But in terms of day to day life, I was pretty in the dark about how... read more

This Is Our Last Baby … I Think

By Jessica Rassette for Brain, Child: The Magazine for Thinking Mothers     There is nothing better than a baby bundle. A lump of baby all bundled up on your chest with their frog legs curled up underneath them. Chest to chest, heartbeat to heartbeat, their big fat cheeks covered in drool just begging to be munched on. Yep, nothing is better than a baby bundle.   I’ve been doing the baby bundle with our youngest a lot lately. He’s five months old and my baby bundle days are numbered. Any chance I get I grab that boy around his big ol’ belly and squeeze him as... read more

Mothering with Covert Postpartum Depression

Exactly 23 years ago I marveled at my 7-hour-old daughter, my Eve. In those blissful early moments I thought I might have slipped the skin of pain that had cinched me for a long time after my son's birth 3 1/2 years earlier.   But it was not to be. After a momentary grace of one season...three months...of empowered, unfreighted mothering, Life circumstances stepped in to pull me down again. Into postpartum depression, again.   As odd as it sounds, my children were both in their teens before I realized that I had experienced postpartum depression with both of them.... read more

Phases of a Nursling

  All sleepy eyes, yawning mouth, contentedness, tiny burps you need to coax out. It’s always a little bit of a scramble to get them in the right spot, that floppy head, those randomly flailing limbs. It’s so sweet when they latch.   The moment. The moment when your baby looks up at you and catches your eye and they know that your breast is your breast and that your smiling face is the one they get to see when they nurse. Unlatching, just to smile. It makes your whole day.   That first glorious time where you present your breast and they latch by themselves. To... read more

Shit Happens, Parenting Style

  Cloth Diapers: Shit happens and then you scrape it.   Helicopter Parenting: Shit happens. Where? I’m on my way!   Young Dad: Shit happens. #gross.   Authoritarian Parenting. Shit happens. But not on my watch.   Nursing: Shit happens. And it’s liquidy and yellow.   Playful Parenting: Shit happens. Tickle, Tickle.   Permissive Parenting. Shit happens. Is that OK?   Cry It Out: Shit happens. Shh. They’ll get over it.   Tiger Mom: Shit happens. Now spell it!!!!   Free Range Parenting: Shit happens and my kids can handle it.   Elimination... read more

Thoughts on Nursing in Public

By Olivia Hinebaugh     I remember the first time I nursed in public. The strangest part for me was that the sensation of cold air on my nipples was reserved for being at home, being naked, dressing, showering or having sex. As soon as that sensation hit, I might as well have been totally naked. It just felt...wrong.   I was a first time mom, and as much as I was figuring out how to be a mom, the people in my life were figuring out how to be around me in this new role. My father-in-law would leave the room when I started nursing. I don’t think he was... read more

According to HHS, the Average U.S. Mom is White, White or White

  by Jake Aryeh Marcus Find Sustainable Mothering on Facebook and Jake on Twitter.   The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Department on Womens Health, is having a contest to choose the cover photo for an update of its Easy Guide to Breastfeeding. I popped over there when I saw the notice on Twitter and thought the choices weren’t very interesting. They are generic photos, none of which clearly show a latched baby. I decided not to vote because I didn’t like any of the three choices. There was something just plain vanilla about all three.   Elita over at... read more

Mothering › Baby Articles