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Breastfeeding Success

Visualization is just a fancy word for something we do all the time. We are always making mental pictures of what’s to come. To visualize, you do not have to create an actual mental picture, but an impression or feeling. Try this simple visualization: Sit upright in a chair, on a cushion or in your bed. Close your eyes. Breathe gently for a few minutes until you feel relaxed. Imagine yourself sitting in a rocking chair holding and breastfeeding your baby. Hear the contented coos of the baby. Notice the gentle sighs of your breathing. See the soft... read more

Pride Goes Before Tiny Bite Marks

  I don’t take credit for my children’s many accomplishments. They are their own remarkable people. As a new mother I didn’t have this quite figured out. Yes, I knew that babies arrive on this planet with all sorts of traits wired in. I knew it’s up to us to gently nurture them, shelter them from harm (including the damage cynicism can do), allow them to take on challenges, help them learn to trust themselves, and let learning unfold in delight. But I had a few early years when I thought, probably with obnoxious smugness, that my wonderful parenting had something to do... read more

Savvy Homeschool Moms Talk Breastfeeding

So Beckie and I initially thought…well we’re past breastfeeding age (our youngest are 6 and 7), and since breastfeeding really has nothing to do with homeschooling, per se, we don’t really have anything to contribute to World Breastfeeding Week, right? But then we thought about it some more. We were both extended nursers…Beckie figures that between her 3 kids she nursed a total of like 96 months! And for my 2, I was right about 78 months…so I suppose we do have something to contribute on the subject! Tina: So Beckie, how old were each of your kids... read more

Not Breastfeeding? Jennifer Margulis says you should feel angry, not guilty

Thank you to Jennifer Margulis for the contribution of this excerpt from her newest blog post, Women Who Don’t Breastfeed Shouldn’t Feel Guilty, They Should Feel Angry. I have an op-ed in today’s Newsday about New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Latch On New York Initiative. If you haven’t heard, Bloomberg announced that, come September 3, New York City hospitals are being asked to voluntarily keep formula under lock and key, just like other medications. If nurses need it for new moms, they would have to sign it out. Many feminists, like Slate.com’s Hanna Rosin, have... read more

Climate Change: Yet another reason to breastfeed

Last week NASA scientist Jim Hansen released a scientific paper confirming that some extreme weather events would not be happening without climate change.  The bad news is that we aren’t investing in renewable energy fast enough to slow this down yet.  The good news is that this increase in extreme weather provides yet another benefit to breastfeeding– you can still feed your baby if the lights go out or the water gets contaminated. Increased electricity demand during heatwaves, drought-induced shortages in hydropower, and heavy downpours can all cause power outages.  As... read more

Super Foods for Breastfeeding Moms

Focus FOLATE! And where do you find folate?  In foliage!  Dark leafy greens!  If you’ve never tried this Americanized version of bibimbop for breakfast today is the day.  Especially if you want to have strong steady energy all day long.  When I have a big day in front of me and need to stay sharp BE BOP BREAKFAST is the best morning meal.  Brown rice sauteed with scallions, egg over easy, braised dark leafy greens and some sassy condiments.  Printable recipe here.  Trust me.  Cereal from a box does not even begin to... read more

Support Breastfeeding by Joining Breastfeeding USA's Crowdsourcing Campaign!

Most American mothers do not get the breastfeeding help and support they need, and many give up before they reach their goals. Three-quarters of women begin breastfeeding at birth, but by 6 months only about 44% are breastfeeding at all, and only 24% make it to the recommended one year mark. Enter Breastfeeding USA, a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to provide free, evidence-based information and support to women and families through its growing national network of volunteer accredited Breastfeeding Counselors. Breastfeeding USA needs your help to grow. Consider... read more

Pumping in Public

Yes, I’m talking about pumping breast milk. In public. Well not really in public, but in a public place. This week my days are spent at a professional development conference at the Marriott Marquis in Atlanta, which means I’m away from my nursling for many hours every day. This also means I need a private place to pump so that Nana has milk for my daughter while I’m away. I began querying the organization hosting my conference on Monday. The three reps I spoke with looked at me like I was a crazy woman, as I inquired about “a private place to pump breast milk”, and all... read more

Breastfeeding and early attachment: Why our culture is so against it.

To honour World Breastfeeding Week, I have include an extract from Chapter 3, The Socialisation of Mothers (The Shepherdess: A Guide to Mothering without Control) available in November 2012. It has been well-researched that close attachment  is better for us and our children. Why then is society so against us mothering this way? Why, when we mothers have perfectly good working breasts, do we use an inferior milk product, fake teats and a plastic receptacle to feed our babies? Why are we encouraged to use cots and prams and other ‘mother eplacements’ rather than hold our... read more

The Benefits of Breastfeeding While Traveling with a Baby

Our daughter enjoying a view of Germany from the sky. I met her eye across the crowded terminal shuttle taking us to our airplane. She was another young mom, cradling a squirmy baby under one arm while keeping a tight grip on her stroller and carry-on with the other. We exchanged pleasantries and I detected a faint accent in her Romanian. She revealed that she was traveling back to her native Paris after visiting her husband’s family in Romania and I explained that we had come from a similar family visit with my relatives. On the flight, we found ourselves sitting in... read more

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