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AIDS and Breastfeeding

The AIDS War on BreastfeedingDavid CroweApril, 2012 Allopathic medicine was at war with natural birth and childrearing for much of the last century, but the battles were most intense over breastfeeding. Natural infant feeding started a comeback in the 1970s with increasing support from doctors (Wolf, 2003) but then along came AIDS. All of a sudden, millions of women around the world had suspect breasts again, supposedly teeming with deadly viruses, and the life-giving act of nursing their own baby was viewed as deadly. Now we know that there was indeed a slaughter, but... read more

Lactation Law Revisited

Lactation and the Law Revisitedby Jake Aryeh Marcus Aug 11, 2011 In late 2010, young mother Anna (not her real name) was nursing her daughter in the toddler area of a public pool in the state of Washington. A man she later learned was the pool manager asked her to get out of the pool so he could talk to her. “I said, ‘Not right now, I’m nursing my daughter.’ He said, ‘Well, I’m going to have to ask you to get out of the pool to do that.’ I said, ‘I have the right to nurse anywhere I’m allowed to be.’ He said, ‘No you don’t. This is private property. We make the... read more

Beautiful statue of nursing toddler

Last week I visited the island of Mull, off the west coast of Scotland.  In a tiny church there I was delighted to find an incredibly detailed and sensitive depiction of Mary nursing Jesus.  But this was  no ordinary statue– it was not a baby nursing at the breast.  The statue portrayed Jesus as a toddler.  If you would like to read more about this lovely piece of art, check out my blog.  But here’s a photo of the statue.  I hope you like it as much as I did! About Lisa Hassan ScottLisa Hassan Scott is a stay at home mother of three little ones, age 2, 6 and 9. An... read more

Choice: On marketing and freebies

Let me start by saying that I support a person’s right to choose to do what they wish with their own body. Period. I know that unless I support a person’s right of choice, that I can’t expect my own right to choose to be supported. Especially when these choices are controversial. This means that I support your right to do any manner of things. You wish to do drugs, go ahead. (Yes, I think they should be legal, but that is another post, for another day.) You want to have an elective c-section, fine. Breastfeed, great.  Not breastfeed, yes, even that.  Ultimately, the... read more

The Baby Knows How—To Breastfeed, That Is

By Kittie Frantz Issue 138, September-October 2006 First I was a mother of 19 years, nursing my first baby without any help. As was the practice in the early 1960s, the nurses just handed my baby to me in the hospital and she nursed herself. Then, for 20 years, I was a La Leche League leader. We just said to mothers, over the phone, "Keep nursing, the rhythm will come." Then, 15 years into being an LLL leader, when I went back to work as a nurse practitioner, I saw women nursing in greater numbers. In those days, we were told that all nursing babies made your nipples... read more

More Ways to Use Breastmilk

By Liz Laing Issue 133, November/December 2005 Acne Treatment and Facial Cleanser Wash face with a mild soap, rinse, and gently pat a breastmilk-saturated ball of cotton (not a synthetic material) over the entire face. This process is great for removing eye makeup as well. Burns and Sunburn Apply breastmilk gingerly to burns and they will dry up and look much better the next day. A burn treated with breastmilk and mashed-up blueberries will dry up within an hour, wrote one mom on a Midwifery Today online forum.1 Elena Michaels, PhD, CCH, LMFT, a traditional... read more

Frequent nursing?

As a new mother, I recall wondering whether I would ever get up off the sofa.  The first day that I was left alone with my newborn, ill-prepared for the intensity of babycare, I found myself without food or a drink nearby, glued to the sofa feeding my baby. Fortunately, this has not always been the way.  Once my baby and I had more practice with breastfeeding I found little blips of time in between her feeds to get some food, take her for a walk to buy a newspaper, and sing to her as she kicked on her blanket.  We settled into a rhythm that suited us both.  But there... read more

Is my baby getting enough milk?

Let’s face it: our society loves to measure things!  Our breasts don’t have little lines on the side marking the number of ounces they contain so sometimes knowing whether your baby is getting enough milk can seem like guesswork.  Fortunately there are some tried and true ways to tell if your baby is getting enough milk. Often mothers wonder whether they are making enough milk.  One of the most frequent questions or concerns I hear is that a mother believes she isn’t making enough milk.  There are an incredible number of ‘false alarms’ that might make you wonder whether... read more

Doesn't the Breast Work Anymore?

By Kittie FrantzIssue 132, September/October 2005 When I became a grandmother, I considered myself lucky. I was a practicing pediatric nurse-practitioner and teaching in a university; as new studies came along that suggested making changes in the way people parented, I could understand and accept them from a medical point of view without feeling invalidated as a mother. The trend that most disturbs me is the notion that it is unnecessary, almost wrong, to soothe your baby by breastfeeding. I am puzzled when I hear the advice to never breastfeed your baby to sleep.... read more

Medications and Breastfeeding

By Thomas W. HaleIssue 111 March/April 2002 The decision to prescribe medication for a breastfeeding mother is one of the most contentious areas in the clinical practice of medicine. For legal reasons alone, most manufacturers and many physicians advise patients to discontinue breastfeeding while they take various medications. Look at any package insert; invariably, the manufacturer recommends that the physician avoid prescribing the drug for breastfeeding mothers. Often doctors advise nursing mothers to "pump and dump" while taking an antibiotic, not... read more

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