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Breast is Best

Issue 144 - May/June 2009By Peggy O'Mara, Editor & Publisher of Mothering Magazine Yesterday I received an e-mail, signed "Wavering Somewhat," from the nursing mom of a 26-month-old daughter. The mom had read Hanna Rosin's "The Case Against Breast-Feeding," an article published in the April 2009 issue of The Atlantic Monthly, and was now questioning the benefits of breastfeeding over formula. Rosin's article, and an interview with her on The Today Show (March 16, 2009)—in which NBC News chief medical editor Nancy Snyderman, MD, said, "Formula is wonderful"—divide... read more

The Witching Hour

When my eldest was a newborn, it was pretty much a sure thing that from 4pm until 10pm I’d be sitting in my chair nursing her.  She’d have one side, then seem to finish.  I’d lift her up, pat her back, hold her against my chest… maybe daddy might come to have a little cuddle with her since he’d been at work all day.  But soon enough she was fussing again and the only thing that satisfied her was to have the other side.  Back and forth we’d go from one side then the other.  I felt tired from a long day of baby care and a broken night’s sleep; my breasts felt soft like all... read more


  Hello Friends, I am pleased to announce the lovely Jan McCarthy, host of Our Town Pasadena, will have me on the show as her  guest for an hour live, televised interview, Wednesday, November 16, 2011. You can watch this broadcast here: Channel 32 Charter Cable Television AT & T u-verse 99 online www.PasadenaCommunityNetwork.com, Arroyo Channel “Our Town Pasadena” 9-10pm Call-In with ANY QUESTIONS!! 626-794-2116 * I will be explaining L.O.V.E. Parenting Techniques in detail for IMMEDIATE integration into your family system and introducing the brand new Ultimate... read more

Moon Mysteries Giveaway

Dear Mamas, I am delighted to have two copies of the fabulous new book Moon Mysteries to give away.   Please comment below for your chance to win.  Increase your chances by liking our Mothering facebook page and Mama Renew facebook page (and let us know in a comment below).  Contest closes Sunday, December 11th at midnight. ***************** Way back in my twenties as I entered birth work, I experienced a sort of mini-personal revolution learning about the power of women’s bodies – and with it, a discovery of my period as a source of connection rather than dread. And so... read more

Thankful for the Collective: You Don't Have To Parent Alone! FREE VIDEO at www.UltimateParentingCourse.com

    Hi Friends, As most of you know, I have been putting most of my energy of late into the Ultimate Parenting Course. I interviewed several experts in the field and have been spending hours editing the footage, brought to tears as I listen to the deeply meaningful, poignant truths and insights of parenting. There is a feature article about how the course came to be: click HERE to read. Below is more details about the course and how it is at once a lifeline and a blueprint for conscious, connected parenting. The course is for sale but there is a FREE VIDEO with 14... read more


It’s that time of the year again when everyone in my family has a cold.  Headaches, runny noses and eyes, coughs and aches and pains– no one likes it and once one person gets it, it seems inevitable that we’ll all catch it. It can be particularly hard when your breastfed baby gets a cold.  His nostrils seem so full of gunk that he can’t breathe while he nurses.  Nighttimes are particularly tricky since he’s lying down and mucussecretions can make it so hard for babies to breathe with ease.  But breastfeeding is a brilliant way to help your baby feel more comfortable and... read more

The International Breastfeeding Symbol

In 2006 the image of a baby bottle on an airport sign announcing the location of a "parents lounge" infuriated us and got us thinking: Isn't there an international symbol for breastfeeding? We called around. Spoke to lactivists and breastfeeding organizations all over the world. No one had seen or heard of an international symbol for breastfeeding. So, Mothering launched a national call for submissions---and out of it came the International Breastfeeding Symbol (at right), designed by Matt Daigle. The purpose of an international symbol for breastfeeding is to increase... read more

Breastfeeding Triplets

Breastfeeding Triplets: Advice from Successful Moms By Ellen Zagorsky-GoldbergWeb Exclusive Sheri of Port St. Lucie, Florida, nursed her first child for almost two years. Three years later, when she discovered she was pregnant again, she had no doubts about what her feeding choice would be. Then she found out that she was carrying triplets. Some of Ingalls's healthcare providers were very negative about even the possibility of nursing triplets. Ingalls, however, was determined to breastfeed, and her perinatologist put her in touch with The Triplet... read more

The Photograph

By Sarah Sansbury Web Exclusive, November 13, 2006 "Hold your breast like this." After several midwives, nurses, surgeons, anesthetists, and assistants had all seen me completely naked, somehow it never crossed my mind: the oddity of a woman I just met placing her large, rough hand around my breast. My left arm cradled Sophia as my right hand cupped my breast, guiding my nipple toward Sophia's mouth, her head bobbing around like a hungry, hungry hippo. I had heard and read numerous times about babies knowing instinctively how to nurse—the need to suckle, a guttural... read more


Web Exclusive - May 30, 2008 By Amanda Dumenigo I knew that I wanted to breastfeed my baby, but I wondered if the lactation consultants, educational sites, instructional videos, La Leche league, and the rest of the somewhat overwhelming array of resources were necessary. After all, breastfeeding is ancient and totally natural. Wouldn't my body and my baby tell me what to do? This proved to be my first-time mother's enthusiastically naive perspective. After my son's birth, when the reality of the endeavour presented itself, I found myself shocked to actually need several... read more

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