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Breastfeeding for IQ: Really??

Don't get me wrong -- I'm a huge fan of breastfeeding. I devote swaths of print in Parenting for Peace to the reasons and ways it contributes to raising a peaceful (i.e., empathic, innovative, flexible, self-regulating, and yes, intelligent) generation. But I frankly get annoyed when media trumpets the connection between breastfeeding and IQ, when it is social intelligence we desperately need for the survival of our human family!   Yes, Boston Children's hospital followed 1,300 mothers and their children and found that children who nursed for the first year... read more

Gisele Pierced Her Baby's Ears- Why Are We Freaking Out?

    Today in my news feed I saw this article about how "mommy bloggers" were freaking out and attacking the famed beauty and new mom, Gisele Bundchen.     Well, I would probably be considered a "mommy blogger" and I have to say, a woman piercing the ears of her infant daughter doesn't freak me out even on a bad day.     I am sure there are those that would compare piercing ears to circumcision, but in my book the two have some very obvious differences and don't make much of a comparison as comparisons go.  (A circumcision removes something that was there... read more

Child Spacing: Waiting For Number Two

  Growing up, I thought I wanted my children two years apart. I'm almost 5 years older than my sister, 7 years older than my brother, and 15 years older than another sister. I felt like the age gaps were generations. Though I'm close to my siblings now, I didn't have a warm, fuzzy childhood of sibling bonding, and I wanted that for my own family. Now, I realize that it's an unpredictable mix between a crap shoot and family dynamics that creates a close family, rather than a specific age gap.   There are so many articles and forums and Facebook pages teeming... read more

Breastfeeding and Bonding: Trying out the new Boppy Nursing Pillow

  We know that breastfeeding is one of the most important parts of the new mama and baby attachment process, and we’re always on the lookout for products that help ease that transition.  The Boppy Pillow is a longtime favorite of Mothering moms looking for a nursing aid.  As part of our Mothering Mavens program, three of our Mothering Mavens tried out the brand new Boppy Nursing Pillow and told us all about their experiences!   Providing Support: Why use a breastfeeding pillow?   The three Mavens who participated in this program all had newborn babies who... read more

Trying Out the New Ergobaby Swaddler

  Sleep.  Every newborn needs it, and new moms don’t seem to be getting enough of it.  Skin-to-skin contact, breastfeeding and babywearing are a huge part of calming, bonding and closeness in the early days with a new baby, and swaddling is another way to calm babies, which might help new parents catch a few extra Z’s.   Ergobaby has long been a favorite babywearing brand among Mothering moms, and this week they’re launching an exciting new product to help make correct swaddling easier - the Ergobaby Swaddler.  The key to swaddling is for it to be tight around... read more

For New Mothers: The Dishes Will Get Done... Eventually

By Sheryl Paul              There's so much we don't tell new mothers. As with all transitions, our culture presents a skewed image of motherhood which falls into two diametrically opposed categories. On the one hand, we expect motherhood to be a Huggies commercial where mother, father, and baby are swathed in a pastel, diffused light, blissfully enjoying their transition without a blemish or challenge to be found. On the other hand, our culture presents an image of endless martyrdom and meaningless sacrifice where new mothers lose all of their independence... read more

Breastfeeding 101: Beating the Booby Traps

by Kristen Tea of MotherWise   In the past 4 years since becoming a mother and an enthusiastic breastfeeding supporter, I have learned that myths about breastfeeding and formula are running rampant.  I am left frustrated and concerned that our formula culture has won, that our mothering instincts have been trampled by the corporations that would prefer a dollar over a healthy child. Most significantly, I have seen many, many mothers state that their breast milk never came in, or that it dried up after a couple months.  I know that some women genuinely... read more

It's an Insty Staffer Review by Simone Snyder: the GlamourMom Maternity/Nursing Top.

I hear it from my mother all the time: “You are so lucky…when I had you thirty years ago…” and then she goes on about how maternity and nursing clothes were not readily available to her back then; or if they were they were not all that flattering. I suppose she is right. We do have quite a selection these days, but now it seems like there’s too much. It can be a daunting task to rummage through all of the catalogs and all of the websites, and quite frankly, with a nursing baby, who has the time? I recently tried out the new Long Sleeve Maternity Top in... read more

100 Awesome Things About Breastfeeding That You Don't Find In Studies

 by Sarah Clark               There are all kinds of facts and figures and studies on the benefits of breastfeeding.  But let’s be real, this is a subject that is about far more than studies.  It is emotional (you can even prove that with science!) sacred, yet every day.  Here are  few things about breastfeeding that are awesome and that you deserve to know about.     1.  Looking in your babies eyes.   2.  Holding your sweet little one.   3.  Getting a BREAK to sit down with a super good excuse.   4.  Makes you... read more

Adding the Second Child

             When I had my first baby, my son, he became the center of my life.  It really changed everything for me.  I stopped working for pay outside my home.  I was suddenly a different person- a mother.   My sleep patterns changed (or were eliminated), my body was totally different (like- fluffier), my marriage changed, my husband was suddenly a different beast, everything was different!    And even though the first few weeks made me weep like a crazy person with uncontrolled and unfamiliar hormonal fluctuations, I just loved him so much.  I mean, love... read more

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