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Breastfeeding: Fighting for Another Chance

                  I sat down on the couch today, and I pumped milk.   It has been nearly a month since I started having stomach problems that required multiple trips to the er and many, many doses of pain medications as well as quite a few other medications that are not recommended while nursing.  I have battled through the highs of pain meds, the fatigue of dehydration, and searing pain in my abdomen that brings me to my knees.  I went in today for some tests that required ansesthesia.  I came home with no new medications and advice that I would just need... read more

100 Inspiring Breastfeeding Stories from Our "Blog about Breastfeeding" Event!

      A few days before World Breastfeeding Week began Mothering launched our "Blog About Breastfeeding" event to encourage moms to share their breastfeeding stories with the world.   We know how important it is for nursing moms to have the support and inspiration of other parents, and we are very excited to announce that nearly 100 moms shared their stories on their own blogs or in our community thread as part of this event!   Below you will find the final roundup of contributed blog posts. We would like to thank the diverse array of talented moms who... read more

Protecting A Woman's Right to Choose...Breastfeeding

Author Ray Bradbury pointed out, chillingly, "You don't need to burn books to destroy a culture -- just get people to stop reading them." Similarly, you don't need to actually ban nursing to decrease the incidence of breastfeeding -- just make it more and more difficult to do.   The ways our culture makes breastfeeding ever more difficult range from the insidiously subtle (hospitals' goody-bag full of formula) to the outrageously overt (Bill Maher's infamous rant equating breastfeeding -- "a private thing" -- with "farting or masturbating or... read more

How Adoption is Unique

As an adopted person, my birthday this week brings thoughts about my entry into this world, thoughts about some ways that adoption is unique.   Before getting my degree and writing Parenting for Peace, my previous body of work explored the psychological and social issues in adoption. Understanding how adoption is unique can help bring healing and wholeness to everyone involved.   "Out of Everydayness": One Way Adoption is Unique One of my favorite places is Hawaii, and I'm enchanted by the uniquely Hawaiian concepts of hanai and 'ohana. These have to do with family... read more

An Open Letter to TIME Magazine

My version of TIME's cover: breastfeeding my son at 2-years-old.   Really, TIME Magazine?  Really??  Here are some of the sentiments you’ve inspired: “Cut the cord!” “Disgusting!” “Perverted!” “Self-righteous!” “Pedophiles!” “that kid isnt being raised in the jungle and im sure theres a mcdonalds close by..save the boobs for infants and men not toddlers!” ( Posted by: Kristen Tea Last revised by: Kristen Tea on May 15, 2012. read more

The Man Who Is Not My Mother

  We give voice to more than sock puppets in my family. Our dog berates those around him like a furry muttering ogre. Birds perched on the back porch rail offer scathingly funny asides as they break open sunflower seeds. And baby Olivia expresses her displeasure in whimsical Shakespearean monologues. All channeled, of course, through the mouths of larger, more language-savvy humans. None of our speak-for-another silliness comes close to the perfectly droll wit of The Man Who Is Not My Mother.   This Tumblr site is inspired by four-month-old Adeline. Her father,... read more

The Most Difficult Promise

By Diane Selkirk Web Exclusive, October 9, 2006 My labor was induced. I sobbed when I walked into the hospital room I had never planned to see. My midwife tried to reassure me that I could still have a beautiful birth, which I did, but she missed the fundamental reason for my tears. During my pregnancy I had begun to see childhood as a sacred journey—a journey that should progress in its own way, and on its own schedule. I believed that my pregnancy would end when my baby was ready to enter the world, not at an arbitrary hour deemed best for us. Maia's early birth... read more

When A Baby Spits Up Blood

Wednesday night after our tiny funny-looking baby was born I slept badly. Though she passed a lot of meconium that day, she didn’t pee at all. I was in a haze of postpartum hormones—feeling both euphoric and totally vulnerable, terrified that the baby would stop breathing during the night, nervous about jostling her still-attached cord. I checked her diaper. Dry. Forty-five minutes later I checked it again. Dry. Ten minutes after that I checked it a third time. Dry. Oh god, I thought, her kidneys aren’t functioning properly. There’s something wrong with her digestive... read more

My Introduction to Motherhood

  I miscarried my first pregnancy.  I lost twins, one at ten weeks, and one at eleven weeks.  And even though it was over a decade ago, sometimes the grief still has the power to slam into me and break my heart like it was yesterday.   I had a rough morning today - nothing out of the ordinary, but not easy either.  Tuesdays and Thursdays, I bring Julianna into preschool, along with dropping the older two off at school.  Instead of just having to get the two older ones ready, I have to get all three up, dressed, hair done, did you pee yet, lunches packed, backpacks... read more

Help recognizing tongue or lip tie in your baby

     When my second child was born a little over    five months ago, she latched on immediately and very well.  I was thrilled.  With my first daughter it had been a rocky start with oversupply and a very fast let down.  The ease with which my second daughter took to nursing was a huge relief.     Until we reached about 9 days old.       Suddenly, she started making a clicking noise with every nursing session, and I couldn't for the life of me, get her top lip flipped out to get her mouth in that perfect flange position. Combined with her 2 week... read more

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