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How to Trust in a Wired World

Along with a good supply of onesies, I routinely counsel expectant parents to stock up on trust. Parenting is a daunting safari into the unknown, and trust is the anxiety antidote when life outruns the reach of our techno-savvy that has us convinced we can figure out and control everything in our lives.   I define trust as “calm reliance upon processes outside of your immediate perception and control,” and it is one of the seven principles that weave through my book Parenting for Peace. For those of us weaned on the information revolution, trust is probably the... read more

Vaccine Exemption Information for All 50 States In The US

Here are the vaccine exemption forms and/or information for all 50 states.Here you can check out your state's exemption rates. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/26337586Alabama"A written objection from the parent or guardian of a student based on religious tenets and practices shall be submitted in person by the parent or guardian to the County Health Department for issuance of a Certificate of Religious Exemption from the required immunizations or testing."http://www.adph.org/Immunization/ass...hoolImmLaw.pdf (1st page)AlaskaAlaska Immunization Requirements Religious... read more

From a baby's perspective

Having my first baby rocked my world.  Used to controlling my own life, my own mealtimes, shower times, working space and appointments, suddenly my life was turned upside down.  The question was not when I could shower, but if I could shower.  I no longer had the satisfaction of writing appointments in my diary, and being on time to them.  Nothing was predictable, and this in itself was a huge change.  I often look back and reflect on how hard I found it because my baby and I seemed to be working at cross purposes.  Why, I wondered, was she on a different team? We often... read more

The Delta Debacle: A Breastfeeding Mom Met by Armed Police Officers for Refusing to Comply with Stewardess

Do this mom and her baby look like a security threat? A flight attendant called Memphis police officers to escort her off the airplane because she was nursing her sleeping baby in a front pack and refused to take him outWhen Delta Airlines flight #42721 landed in Memphis, Tennessee on September 17th the passengers were asked to remain seated. Two armed Memphis police officers boarded the plane. They were coming on board to deal with a dangerous security threat. That threat was Jen Starks, a 29-old mother of two who had been discreetly nursing a fussy baby during the... read more

Presence & Attachment: ADHD Treatment?

We tend to throw around the word “attachment” a lot when talking about kids and parenting, so let’s make sure we’re all talking about the same thing: attachment is a measure of the security of relationship between a child and those one or two or three adults with whom that child is in consistent contact. We now recognize that healthy (secure) attachment is a fundamental form of nourishment for a child’s growing brain. In particular, attachment fosters rich circuitry in the area of the brain that mediates social and emotional functioning. A parent's ability to be... read more

More About Soothing Small Tummies from Jacqueline Lawrence

This post is brought to us by Mothering sponsor Tummy Calm.  This is part 2 - check out more great answers from Jacqueline Lawrence here!   Q:  My son is three weeks old… he spits up more than my other babies combined, he also has a lot more loud gas, but he doesn't fuss much... any ideas?   A: All babies have gas--some babies simply have more than others. While a certain amount of gassiness is completely normal, it may be causing your baby discomfort, if you notice tell-tale symptoms such as abdominal bloating, frequent burping, spit-ups, hiccups,... read more

The Reluctant Co-Sleeper

(Photo courtesy of http://katelyndemidow.blogspot.com/)         I am going to commit a huge natural parenting faux pas and admit something…. I kind of hate co-sleeping. I don’t actually 100% hate it.  There are lots of beautiful things about sleeping with your kids.  But, since I am complaining (I will get back to the good stuff later) I should mention some things that make me think I won’t miss this stage. ~Being squished ~Waking up numerous... read more

What Every Postpartum Woman Needs

I have a lot of trouble asking for help. I’m getting better at this but I have to work hard not to feel guilty when someone does something for me. So it’s very difficult for me to answer the question, “Do you need anything?” or “What can I bring over?” now that I’ve had a baby. If you ask, “What can I bring you?” and your friend says, “Nothing,” don’t take her at her word. Here are some of the most helpful things you can bring to a new mom and dad: 1. A Meal: Instead of having a baby shower or gifts, we set up a meal plan in advance with our friends who wanted to help... read more

What IS Attachment and How Do You Get It?

I write a lot about the central role of healthy attachment for child wellbeing. But what IS attachment and how do you get it?? It can be easy for someone like me who is steeped daily in the topic to take it for granted that people know what we mean when we say “attachment.” And as Gordon Neufeld points out*, attachment is not an intuitive word — in other words a word whose meaning is naturally and easily understood. Author of an excellent book on attachment, Hold On to Your Kids, Neufeld points out that the word attachment was invented as a way to have a... read more

Who Wants to Sleep Alone?

    Although every human female is different, there is no doubt that her body is endowed with a unique capacity to breastfeed, should she choose to do so. "The human infant is likewise biologically designed to sleep next to his or her mother’s body and to breastfeed intermittently throughout the night, at least for the first few years of life. In fact, nothing that a human neonate does makes sense except in light of the mother’s body."   This is a collection of new evidence in support of cosleeping and the family bed, and  includes "The Science of Sharing... read more

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