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The Witching Hour

When my eldest was a newborn, it was pretty much a sure thing that from 4pm until 10pm I’d be sitting in my chair nursing her.  She’d have one side, then seem to finish.  I’d lift her up, pat her back, hold her against my chest… maybe daddy might come to have a little cuddle with her since he’d been at work all day.  But soon enough she was fussing again and the only thing that satisfied her was to have the other side.  Back and forth we’d go from one side then the other.  I felt tired from a long day of baby care and a broken night’s sleep; my breasts felt soft like all... read more

What Every Postpartum Woman Needs

I have a lot of trouble asking for help. I’m getting better at this but I have to work hard not to feel guilty when someone does something for me. So it’s very difficult for me to answer the question, “Do you need anything?” or “What can I bring over?” now that I’ve had a baby. If you ask, “What can I bring you?” and your friend says, “Nothing,” don’t take her at her word. Here are some of the most helpful things you can bring to a new mom and dad: 1. A Meal: Instead of having a baby shower or gifts, we set up a meal plan in advance with our friends who wanted to help... read more

Co-sleeping Best For Kids up to Three-Years-Old

A new research study shows that co-sleeping is best for kids right up to ages three and four.    There is actually a wealth of research that I discuss in my book, to support co-sleeping, yet it rarely makes the headlines in the mainstream.  Most parents fear that co-sleeping and SIDS are interlinked and it simply isn’t true.  Unless you are grosly overweight, a smoker, or a heavy drinker/drug user the safest, and most desirable, place for your child is right by your side for as long as they want.   Many co-sleepers have a family room/bed that... read more

How to Improve Your Arm's Reach Crib: My Quest for the Perfect Co-Sleeper

By Megan Leary   I started a hunt for the perfect co-sleeper in the latter days of my second pregnancy. As a semi-co-sleeping family I wanted something that would house my little guy safely in his own area but be attached directly to our bed. I wanted to reach out and touch him, pull him near to nurse, then push him back so I could get comfy rest.   Hey guess what doesn't exist in America? My perfect co-sleeper. They have some in Itay. Here is one in the UK. Look at this awesome one in Germany. But if you want something stateside your choices are very... read more

TIME's take on toddler nursing: A madonna, her child...and a chair?

Just in time for Mother’s Day in America, the following issue of TIME was placed on newsstands across the country. The photo on TIME magazine’s cover of an unnaturally posed mother with her nursing child sparked a media firestorm that quickly spread. Soon, journalists, daytime TV divas and radio talk show hosts were on fire with commentary. And, the article’s combative title, “Are You Mom Enough” was certainly no less buzz worthy. Mothers of every sort saw this as a call to arms and launched campaigns for or against attachment parenting on every social media outlet they... read more

It Takes a Village

This past week I have been doing some online research on mothers from around the world. How mothering is done the same, and how mothering is done differently. Perusing images of mothers from all corners of the globe. Why? I guess I have been yearning for some sort of connection. It is very grounding to think that I would have anything in common with say, and African woman who lives in a small village with no running water or electricity, for example. But our commonalities are vast. We both use our clothes to mop up spit up. We both wear our babies close throughout the... read more

Soothing Small Tummies: Q&A with Jacqueline Lawrence, creator of Tummy Calm

This post is brought to us by Mothering sponsor Tummy Calm.  Got more questions for Jacqueline?  Post them here!   Q: What are the common causes of tummy troubles in infants and toddlers?   A: Tummy trouble in infants and young children is often caused by painful gas, bloating, overstimulation, introduction to new foods, food or drink intolerance, food sensitivities, teething, and it can even be brought on by nerves. Children are particularly susceptible to discomfort caused by gas as their delicate digestive systems develop and learn to move gas through... read more

Who the Heck First Thought Up the Cry it Out Approach? PART II: Dr. Richard Ferber

By Brian Leaf   (Note: This article is the second of a two part series. For the first part, see Who the Heck First Thought Up the Cry it Out Approach?)   Dr. Richard Ferber is the father of The Ferber Approach, often called Ferberizing. This is billed as the kinder, gentler approach to Holt’s Cry It Out approach.             Ferber’s method, described in his 1986 book Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems, recommends rather than simply abandoning your baby to cry until she stops, as Holt had recommended, that a baby be allowed to cry for a designated amount of time... read more

Freedom Together: Mothering Mavens Try Out the Boba 4G

Babywearing is one of our favorite topics here at Mothering.  The benefits of babywearing are vast: it supports bonding with baby, it’s convenient, it allows for easy nursing, and it keeps baby close all the time.   That’s why we’re so excited that our Mothering Mavens program was able to partner once again with Boba to try out the Boba 4G.  12 of our Mavens received the Boba 4G and tried them out for a few weeks, then came back to Mothering and shared their honest feedback with us.  We asked the Mavens everything, from how they each started babywearing, to why and... read more

A Breastfeeding Journey: night weaning and nursing while pregnant

As the Mama of a just-turned-two-year old, I’ve been breastfeeding for 24 months. This feels both commonplace and absolutely extraordinary. I’m fortunate that my breastfeeding journey has been relatively easy. Other than my blistered nipples and her blistered lips that first week, and a few bouts of clogged milk ducts along the way, it’s been a pretty smooth journey. With my supportive husband by my side, I’d call the first two years of my breastfeeding journey successful and fulfilling. The fact is, I’ve loved breastfeeding. Loved it. Knowing... read more

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