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A Breastfeeding Journey: night weaning and nursing while pregnant

As the Mama of a just-turned-two-year old, I’ve been breastfeeding for 24 months. This feels both commonplace and absolutely extraordinary. I’m fortunate that my breastfeeding journey has been relatively easy. Other than my blistered nipples and her blistered lips that first week, and a few bouts of clogged milk ducts along the way, it’s been a pretty smooth journey. With my supportive husband by my side, I’d call the first two years of my breastfeeding journey successful and fulfilling. The fact is, I’ve loved breastfeeding. Loved it. Knowing... read more

Elimination Communication Resources

  Elimination Communication Resources This Resource list is intended to be a compilation of helpful MDC threads, Mothering articles and member-recommended website links dedicated to Elimination Communication.  Mothering Articles Mothering, Mindfulness and a Baby's Bottom MDC Discussion Threads Who's Here: Introductions Best Tricks for New Moms Late Starters Support Thread Favorite Places for EC Supplies Member Recommended... read more

Freedom Together: Mothering Mavens Try Out the Boba 4G

Babywearing is one of our favorite topics here at Mothering.  The benefits of babywearing are vast: it supports bonding with baby, it’s convenient, it allows for easy nursing, and it keeps baby close all the time.   That’s why we’re so excited that our Mothering Mavens program was able to partner once again with Boba to try out the Boba 4G.  12 of our Mavens received the Boba 4G and tried them out for a few weeks, then came back to Mothering and shared their honest feedback with us.  We asked the Mavens everything, from how they each started babywearing, to why and... read more

Mothering with Covert Postpartum Depression

Exactly 23 years ago I marveled at my 7-hour-old daughter, my Eve. In those blissful early moments I thought I might have slipped the skin of pain that had cinched me for a long time after my son's birth 3 1/2 years earlier.   But it was not to be. After a momentary grace of one season...three months...of empowered, unfreighted mothering, Life circumstances stepped in to pull me down again. Into postpartum depression, again.   As odd as it sounds, my children were both in their teens before I realized that I had experienced postpartum depression with both of them.... read more

Have Breasts Will Travel: Nursing Discreetly In Public

By Lisa PalazzoIssue 109, November/December 2001 It was already past my 20-month-old daughter's bedtime when family friends stopped by for a visit. As my husband and I chatted with our guests in our tiny living room, Mary Kay padded around us in her pajamas. I knew she was ready for her final nursing before bedtime, which usually took place in the living room. Glancing at our guests--my husband's great-aunt and uncle--I knew that was out of the question. When Mary Kay, tired of waiting, climbed into my lap and wailed, "Nummy!," I finally excused us to the bedroom. I... read more

Weird but Normal in Newborns

Note the baby's puffy eyes, spit up stain on shirt, floppy head, funny ears, and scowlAt the library this afternoon, the children’s librarian cooed at newborn Leone, who was fast asleep in the frontpack on my chest. “She’s beautiful,” the librarian said. Actually, I think Leone is funny looking. She has my husband’s ears (they stick out), a broad nose, and a rather pronounced crease in her upper lip. “She looks so much like a he but I know it’s a she,” her 6-year-old brother–who was hoping she’d be a boy–lamented to me a few days after she was born. Beautiful or... read more

Should You Let Your Baby Be Naked?

In much of Europe and Africa it’s common to see naked toddlers playing outside. Most Europeans aren’t as uptight about nakedness as we are in America. But when my almost 16-month-old started taking off her clothes at a recent playgroup, I worried what the other parents would think. Since we keep our house so cold, I’m often surprised at how comfortable Leone is in her birthday suit. The other parents didn’t flinch, even when Leone insisted on doffing the diaper. They seemed to think the baby, with her Buddha belly pooching over her legs, was as cute as... read more

Pumping in Public

Yes, I’m talking about pumping breast milk. In public. Well not really in public, but in a public place. This week my days are spent at a professional development conference at the Marriott Marquis in Atlanta, which means I’m away from my nursling for many hours every day. This also means I need a private place to pump so that Nana has milk for my daughter while I’m away. I began querying the organization hosting my conference on Monday. The three reps I spoke with looked at me like I was a crazy woman, as I inquired about “a private place to pump breast milk”, and all... read more

A Special Gift: Breastfeeding an Adopted Baby

By Julie Bouchet Horwitz Issue 104, January/February 2001 It was Christmas Eve. The fireplace, ablaze with warmth and light, was hung with four stockings: one for my husband, Bill, one for me, one for our nine-year-old daughter, Margot, and one nameless stocking for the adopted daughter whose arrival our family had been anxiously awaiting for months. Although Margot was born shortly before our first anniversary, after eight years Bill and I were still longing for another baby. When we made the decision to adopt, we decided to seek a child from China because we were... read more

Simple Tips for Easier Elimination Communication

Thank you to Marija Mikolajczak for this guest post. It seems like more and more people are hearing about elimination communication.  Maybe this is part of an overall trend of eco-friendly living, or due to an increase in interest in attachment parenting.  Who wouldn’t want to wash (or buy) fewer diapers? And having a closer relationship with your baby sounds great! Sometimes parents get stuck on how to get started with EC, since they may not personally know anyone else who has ever done this, in contrast to those countries where “holding baby out to... read more

Mothering › Baby Articles