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Things I Wish I Had Known About Cloth Diapers

When I first started cloth diapering I had a pretty sizable stash of Fuzzi Bunz one size pocket diapers. Most had suggested 12-18 for starting out, but we ended up with 22 by chance. This brings me to item one that I wish I had known:   1) Start out with more than you think you need. I recommend this, because we went through, and still go through, a lot of diapers. As a new mother, I was thankful to have the extra diapers so that laundry could be spread out to every 2 or 3 days, rather than every day.    2) A good drying rack or two will be cheaper and serve... read more

Breastfeeding in Whose Public? by Peggy O'Mara

Issue 132 by Peggy O'Mara This editorial appeared in Mothering magazine in 2005. To read Peggy's current writing on breastfeeding visit her blog. It is unnecessary to defend breastfeeding in public. To me, it's like walking in public. It's a basic human right. For others, however—those who live in a bottle-feeding culture with little or no apparent exposure to breastfeeding—the act is a private matter. How little they understand breastfeeding. In the last month I have heard of four dramatic incidents involving breastfeeding in public, and the frequency of such... read more

Young & Breastfeeding

By Aimee Campbell Aug 17, 2012 If you're a mom that breastfeeds you know how important the timing to said breastfeeding is. Before a trip to the store? Check. Before bed? Check. Before dinner? Check. Before breathing/eating/bathing? Check. Check. Check. So when I traveled out to the beach with my nine-month-old nursing machine in tow I anticipated a day full of sand and surf and snuggled up boobie time. This trip turned out to be more of an “extended family” sort of deal, and so included: Me, the baby, the sixteen year old cousin, the seventeen year old brother, the... read more

Dumping Disposable Diapers

By Lindsay Evans "I'll definitely give them a try." Before the birth of my daughter, that was my tentative answer to questions from friends and family about cloth diapers. In my head, I was weighing the stereotypical cloth-diaper routine of pins and plastic pants, smelly diaper pails, and red bottoms against the carefree ease of disposable diapers. I was familiar with the environmental problems caused by disposables, but did this first-time mother really want yet another hassle? In the first two months after Amelia was born, I didn't. Albeit with a slightly... read more

Bed of Roses

By Stephanie Nakhleh   Cosleeping was no fun at first. Instead of the nighttime bliss I'd been promised by attachment-parenting enthusiasts, my baby often acted like a nocturnal animal—prowling the sheets in the wee hours, howling for no clear reason. I felt cheated. Where was the state of harmony everyone had told me about: those sweetly synchronous sleep patterns, the magical ability to sleep through midnight nursings? Almost everyone else in the world did this, right? Why was it so hard? In exasperation, I talked my reluctant husband into trying to train our... read more

Breastfeeding Challenges Resource List

Adoptive Breastfeeding, Relactation, Induced Lactation, A Special Gift: Breastfeeding an Adopted Baby Breastfeeding an Adopted Baby and Relactation (La Leche League International Book) Thread prepared by Cathmac on MDC Stimulating Breastmilk Production Breastfeeding your Adopted Baby Adoptive Breastfeeding Notes from "Induced Lactation and Adoptive Nursing" Adoptive Breastfeeding: Nursing Max Allergies Please See the Allergy Forum on MDC Allergies and the Breastfeeding Family Dairy and other Food Sensitivities in Breastfed... read more

Formula Additive SimplyThick Causes Infant Illness and Death

Seven babies have died after being fed a formula or breastmilk additive called SimplyThick–designed to help premature babies swallow and keep down liquids. Although the FDA has warned against the use of the product for premature infants, SimplyThick is widely available. Continued use of the thickener led to twenty-one infants developing inflamed intestines, seven of whom died. The [FDA] first warned in May 2011 against feeding SimplyThick to premature babies because it may cause a tissue inflammation known as necrotizing enterocolitis. The FDA is... read more

Pumping 9 to 5

By Jake Aryeh Marcus Issue 48, May/June 2008 According to the US Department of Labor, 56 percent of women with children under age three are employed outside the home in the civilian workforce.1 In order for these children to be fed breastmilk, most of their mothers will need the cooperation of their employers. And for that cooperation to happen, significant amounts of educating and planning are necessary. But many women who plan to breastfeed are unsure of how they will continue to do so when they return to work. Some mothers wean their children before returning to... read more

Cosleeping is Twice as Safe

By Tina Kimmel Issue 114 September/October 2002 The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association (JPMA, the crib manufacturers' lobby) recently launched a campaign to discourage parents from placing infants in adult beds or sleeping with them, based on data showing that infants have a very small risk of dying in adult beds.1,2 The CPSC implies that infants in adult beds are at greater risk than infants in cribs, but as we know, and as they know, babies also die in cribs. What we need to do is calculate the... read more

Weird But Normal in Postpartum Women

  Newborns are weird, postpartum women are too My friend Michele finally came to pick up her dishes yesterday. She brought us a meal when Leone was just a few weeks old and her pots have been on our porch ever since. Michele’s daughter is a freshman at Harvard. “Enjoy this time,” Michele said. “It goes by so fast … She’s not a newborn anymore, you know.” If Leone, who is almost two months old, is no longer a newborn, does that mean I’m no longer a postpartum woman? Sometimes I find myself hobbling around, like I did the day... read more

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