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How to Breastfeed Appropriately: A Stern Guide

Two days ago thousands of mothers flocked to Targets across the nation like they do every day but this time, with breasts full & nipples poised to launch a milk attack against the retail giant. The demonstration or “nurse-in” was in response to a lactating female being asked to feed her child in a changing room, away from public view, rather than in a corner of the store days earlier. Upon hearing this news, leaking women from all over the United States descended upon their local Tar-zhays with babies and proceeded to feed them from their private parts as a way of saying... read more

Nine Years After the NICU

By Rebecca Hughes Parker for Brain, Child: The Magazine for Thinking Mothers   I consider my daughters’ birthday to be in January. But I am the only one.    Their birth certificates read November 17, 2004 and that is the day they were hastily scooped out my womb, neonatologists standing by with oxygen. But, in my head, they did not fully join this world until January 2005, when the tubes and leads were removed from their tiny bodies and they were finally declared ready to breathe and digest on their own. The day they came home—a bitter cold day like the ones we... read more

The Real Scoop on 10 Natural Diaper Creams: Toxicity and Cloth Diaper Safety

  For many babies, diaper cream will be one of the first and most frequent body products to touch their skin. For this reason finding a truly natural and safe bottom balm is a top priority for parents, but examining all of the options can seem overwhelming--especially if you're looking for a cream that won't build up and destroy your cloth diapers.   To help you with your search we've provided a breakdown of some of the Mothering Community's most commonly used natural diaper creams. We've included their full ingredients, toxicity ratings, cloth diaper safety... read more

A Moment of Kindness

  My breastfeeding journey is not unlike many others; there were difficulties and mistakes, some regrets, some heartache. There were triumphs and bliss and quiet moments I’ve tucked away next to my heart.   But my favorite breastfeeding story is none of those things. It was really only a fleeting encounter in the end but the impact rippled out immeasurably from there, became not just about breastfeeding, but a reminder to give people the benefit of the doubt and a boost of courage when I needed it most.   Sebastian was a difficult, exhausting baby who took... read more

Karo Bebé - Corn Syrup Marketed as Baby Supplement

By Beth Berry     Before you begin your holiday baking, I thought you might want to know about the existence of a product I stumbled upon a few months ago in a Mexican grocery. Passing the jellies and pancake mix on my way to the dried beans, a small glass bottle with a familiar label caught my eye. It was Karo corn syrup – the kind your grandmother uses in her pecan pie – only there was something markedly different about this particular bottle. Above the familiar Karo font was a single word that I never imagined I'd see in conjunction with a brand name of... read more

Thoughts on Nursing in Public

By Olivia Hinebaugh     I remember the first time I nursed in public. The strangest part for me was that the sensation of cold air on my nipples was reserved for being at home, being naked, dressing, showering or having sex. As soon as that sensation hit, I might as well have been totally naked. It just felt...wrong.   I was a first time mom, and as much as I was figuring out how to be a mom, the people in my life were figuring out how to be around me in this new role. My father-in-law would leave the room when I started nursing. I don’t think he was... read more

Crying for Comfort

By Aletha Solter Issue 122 January/February 2004 The term “cry it out” refers to the practice of leaving babies in their cribs without picking them up, and letting them cry themselves to sleep. A modified version of this approach is to go to the baby every few minutes to pat her on the back or reassure her verbally (but not pick the baby up), and to increase the length of time gradually so that the baby eventually “learns” to fall asleep alone. But there is no doubt that repeated lack of responsiveness to a baby’s cries—even for only five minutes at a time—is... read more


                  I was five months pregnant with my youngest son when my husband died, six or so weeks past the huge exhale that accompanied passing into the second trimester of the pregnancy. My husband and I had been wanting another child for years and had just about given up hope when our baby began growing in my belly. While my husband received the news of my second pregnancy with unadulterated joy and pride, I immediately became a nervous wreck. I only relaxed and rejoiced around the four months mark, finally allowing my heart to believe what my body... read more

Why I Breastfeed in Public

  Originally published at MotherWiseLife.org   On our MotherWise Facebook page, we often post breastfeeding photos as part of our effort to normalize nursing, and the reaction is always the same: lots of support and celebration, lots of oohs and ahhs, but also a plethora of insulting, attacking, disgusting comments.  No matter how many times this happens, I am always stunned by the ugly reactions people have to a mother feeding her child.  Our society has received some strong social conditioning, and apparently the message is that one of the worst, most... read more

Postpartum Depression: One Mama's Story of Struggle and Hope

Thank you to Kate Lindello for sharing her experience with postpartum depression in the hopes that it will help other moms.   The following information was originally posted on Kate's blog where you can read more of her writing.    Find support in Mothering's forum for Postpartum Depression.      It's time. I know I mentioned awhile back that once Helen was born I was struggling with postpartum depression and anxiety and that I would be sharing my story with all of you. I knew from the moment I started feeling like myself that I wouldn't keep quiet... read more

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