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Getting Started With Cloth Diapers

Getting Started with Cloth Diapers By Theresa Rodriguez Farrisi Want to use cloth diapers but have questions? Check out this simple Q & A. Then discover more on using cloth in the Mothering Forums.  It costs about the same to use cloth and disposables, right? No way! If you launder cloth diapers at home, you can save as much as $1,500 over the entire diapering period. This includes all your diapers, covers, and wash products. In fact, each time you use a disposable, it costs you nearly a quarter. By contrast, home washing can cost as little as five cents per... read more

Saying Good-bye to Breastfeeding

It’s National Breastfeeding Month and this year is bittersweet for me.   I began breastfeeding my first child 7 years ago. Three children and 66 months of successful breastfeeding later, I am approaching the close of one of the most significant chapters of my life.   I had never considered the possibility of feeding my babies any other way. Breastfeeding seemed so perfectly natural, convenient and simple.  My perception of “simple” and “natural” was quickly challenged though, as breastfeeing didn’t come easily for me. Without the support of my nurses,... read more

Trying Out the New Boppy Baby Chair

Our partnership with The Boppy Company - who we also worked together with last year to review their new Two-Sided Nursing Pillow - brought together seven Mavens with babies between who all had the opportunity to try out the new Boppy Baby Chair.  We asked the Mavens all about the Boppy Baby Chair - what they liked and didn’t like about it, how it compared to other chairs they used, and whether or not they found it useful.  6 of the 7 testers said they would “Absolutely” or “Probably” recommend the Boppy Chair to another mom with a baby older than 4 months.  And, for... read more

Hey, Stay Home Moms (and Dads) - What Have You Been Doing All Day?

                           Negligence? Hardly. You know how it goes – one minute they’re playing quietly and the next, too quietly… (By the way, the lid was pried from the paint can with TEETH.)   It’s been a long time coming — nearly eighteen years, in fact. The kids are finally all in school, the house is quiet and I have a full day to work, uninterrupted.   And while it’s achingly bittersweet — the letting go of my babies, the acceptance that that phase is really over – it’s also easy to forget just how intense those first years were (or what I did with my... read more

Should We Stop Acting Like Breastfeeding is a Big Deal?

  There seems to be almost constant drama in the online community concerning nursing-in-public, covering, Facebook rules and deleted pictures, disgruntled Target employees and offended nursing mothers asked to leave.     In response there is outrage, well shared nursing pictures of various degrees of toplessness, boycotts and nurse-ins.     While I understand the upset over the trampling of nursing rights, I often ponder if our response is less than useful, or worse, detrimental.     Lest you question my “street cred” I spent over six years of my life... read more

Shit Happens, Parenting Style

  Cloth Diapers: Shit happens and then you scrape it.   Helicopter Parenting: Shit happens. Where? I’m on my way!   Young Dad: Shit happens. #gross.   Authoritarian Parenting. Shit happens. But not on my watch.   Nursing: Shit happens. And it’s liquidy and yellow.   Playful Parenting: Shit happens. Tickle, Tickle.   Permissive Parenting. Shit happens. Is that OK?   Cry It Out: Shit happens. Shh. They’ll get over it.   Tiger Mom: Shit happens. Now spell it!!!!   Free Range Parenting: Shit happens and my kids can handle it.   Elimination... read more

"You need more pink!" - Raising a Daughter in a Monochromatic World

I can’t pinpoint exactly when Americans felt the necessity to dress their daughters up like Easter baskets with ribbons, ruffles, sparkles and bows in order to prove they were girls, but I can say that as a child born in 1976, those things were generally reserved for special occasions. There are plenty of photos of me and my three older sisters wearing earth tones and primary colors, or even blue without any flowers or frilly things with it!   Personally, I hate the color pink, and as one might imagine given today’s society, this became somewhat problematic once I... read more

The Crunchy Mom’s Guide to Working with Your Pediatrician

  By Elizabeth Briggs   We’ve all been there. We’ve all gotten the eye-roll, the muttered comment, the unsolicited advice that goes completely against everything we stand for, but when it comes to our child’s pediatrician, we expect something more. We expect a higher standard. We expect that at least this one person will understand and respect our choices.    But oftentimes she doesn’t.   I need to be able to build a working relationship with my child’s pediatrician. I say “working relationship,” because I really believe that we don’t need to be friends. We... read more

Lessons in Public Breastfeeding

By Valerie Barrios Cagle Issue 136 - May/June 2006 I was 24 the first time I was attacked for nursing my baby in public. Waiting in line to board a cable car in Stone Mountain Park, Georgia, I absentmindedly held my daughter to my breast while I stood chatting with a friend. Seemingly from nowhere, the irate face of a woman materialized inches from my own. Loud enough for everyone on top of the mountain to hear, she shouted, “Could you please go do that somewhere else, because my husband does not need to see that!” I looked at her, aghast. I hadn’t meant anyone any... read more

Tweaking The Conversation About Breastfeeding

Being honest with women about the challenges of breastfeeding   By V.K. Harber   As a post-partum doula, breastfeeding is hands down the thing I spend the most time on with new mothers, and I love it. Supporting a mother in the first few challenging weeks of breastfeeding is enormously satisfying because I know firsthand the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and baby. I want to help any woman who wants to breastfeed to do so successfully.   Finding women who want to breastfeed is not hard. The campaign... read more

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