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Natural Home Remedies for Plugged Ducts and Milk Blebs

As a breastfeeding mama, having searing pains radiating throughout your breast is every mama’s worst nightmare. Unfortunately it is quite common. This type of pain is often caused by a breast inflammation from a plugged duct or milk bleb. Luckily with proper diagnosis, there are some easy and natural home remedies you can try to quickly treat the issue and relieve the pain.   When my daughter was five months old, I was working full time and exclusively breastfeeding and pumping. I began to have searing pains in my left breast and thought I had a plugged duct. I... read more

For New Mothers: The Dishes Will Get Done... Eventually

By Sheryl Paul              There's so much we don't tell new mothers. As with all transitions, our culture presents a skewed image of motherhood which falls into two diametrically opposed categories. On the one hand, we expect motherhood to be a Huggies commercial where mother, father, and baby are swathed in a pastel, diffused light, blissfully enjoying their transition without a blemish or challenge to be found. On the other hand, our culture presents an image of endless martyrdom and meaningless sacrifice where new mothers lose all of their independence... read more

When Do Babies Sleep Through the Night?

Babies don’t sleep through the night until between two and three years of age. I wish this weren’t true. I wish I had a magic wand that would take away the challenge of night waking, but I’m afraid it comes with the territory. The good news is that it does get better; the bad news is that it’s not over as soon as we’d like. My personal experience with four children tells me that it takes about two years for the nervous and immune system of a child to mature enough to foster the ability to sleep through the night. Sleep has developmental milestones... read more

Family Bed And Nighttime Parenting Resources

  Looking for information about cosleeping? We've got a great list here for you!    Click here for a list of Mothering Magazine on-line articles about co-sleeping, the Family Bed and related topics. Get started with this great article by Mothering's founder: Sleeping With Your Baby by Peggy O'Mara   Basic Instinct A dad can do so much more than defend the cave. New research shows that he too has the biological goods to nurture baby http://www.todaysparent.com/lifeaspa...1225399&page=1 Children Need Touching and Attention, Harvard... read more

Super Foods for Breastfeeding Moms

Focus FOLATE! And where do you find folate?  In foliage!  Dark leafy greens!  If you’ve never tried this Americanized version of bibimbop for breakfast today is the day.  Especially if you want to have strong steady energy all day long.  When I have a big day in front of me and need to stay sharp BE BOP BREAKFAST is the best morning meal.  Brown rice sauteed with scallions, egg over easy, braised dark leafy greens and some sassy condiments.  Printable recipe here.  Trust me.  Cereal from a box does not even begin to... read more

Tandem Nursing

By Karen Plomp Web Exclusive You are nursing HOW many? Are you STILL nursing? Yes, I'm still nursing the baby-and my two year old, three year old, and four year old! I'm tandem nursing four siblings. It is just the way things worked out, because I had my babies close together, and I am letting them self-wean. Actually, it's not that big a deal, and not very different from tandem nursing just two. Nursing older kids isn't the same as nursing babies. They don't nurse as frequently, and they can wait a while if the location or time is not convenient for... read more

"Blog about Breastfeeding" and Win!

Welcome to Mothering's 1st Annual "Blog about Breastfeeding" Event to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week Aug 1st-7th!   This event has ended--you can find a list of all participating blog posts and winners right here. Thanks for taking part everyone!   Support breastfeeding by posting your nursing story during World Breastfeeding Week and we'll share your blog post PLUS you'll be entered to win some awesome prizes from Baby K'Tan Carriers, Moon Rabbit Teas and Barefoot Books! All of the details can be found below.     What is the "Blog about... read more

Holidays with the New Baby, or Keeping the THANKS in Thanksgiving

For anyone who becomes a mother within nine months of a major holiday season (and, taking into account all of the holidays within every faith and cultural tradition, that means almost everybody!) I have a radical idea for you:  Simplify your idea of how the holidays will look this year. Better yet, let yourself let someone ELSE handle everything. That way, your holidays with a new baby can be marked by joy, connection and peace -- just as they're meant to be!   This doesn’t mean that I don’t think you are up to the task of balancing the needs of your infant with... read more

Should We Stop Acting Like Breastfeeding is a Big Deal?

  There seems to be almost constant drama in the online community concerning nursing-in-public, covering, Facebook rules and deleted pictures, disgruntled Target employees and offended nursing mothers asked to leave.     In response there is outrage, well shared nursing pictures of various degrees of toplessness, boycotts and nurse-ins.     While I understand the upset over the trampling of nursing rights, I often ponder if our response is less than useful, or worse, detrimental.     Lest you question my “street cred” I spent over six years of my life... read more

First Foods for Baby: Easy Homemade Solutions

  Whether you're starting baby on solids at six months or ten, introducing foods for the first time can be both exciting and stressful. Finding selections that are safe and healthy is a top priority--but with hundreds of colorful baby food jars, boxes and bags lining the shelves at the supermarket the choices can be overwhelming.    Given all of the options available today, you might be surprised to find that the most nutritious foods for your child aren't found in the infant aisle at all--they already exist in your very own kitchen. Choosing and preparing your... read more

Mothering › Baby Articles