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28 baby article submissions by the Mothering community.

Freedom Together: Mothering Mavens Try Out the Boba 4G

Babywearing is one of our favorite topics here at Mothering.  The benefits of babywearing are vast: it supports bonding with baby, it’s convenient, it allows for easy nursing, and it keeps baby close all the time.   That’s why we’re so excited that our Mothering Mavens program was able to partner once again with Boba to try out the Boba 4G.  12 of our Mavens received the Boba 4G and tried them out for a few weeks, then came back to Mothering and shared their honest feedback with us.  We asked the Mavens everything, from how they each started babywearing, to why and... read more

Advanced Babywearing: Tales from the Trenches

            So my precious little angel of a two year old seems to have some, er, difficulty when it comes to sitting quietly in church.  I’m sure that comes as a shock to many because I’m sure most two year olds absolutely adore the idea of sitting quietly in a pew full of tall people where they can’t see anything but the back of people’s knees.  But mine has troubles.  Serious troubles.   Since she has difficulty at 10AM when she is all fresh and well rested, I’m sure you could imagine my trepidation at taking her tonight at 5:30PM, right before dinner,... read more

Supporting Babies as They Grow: The Benefits of Babywearing

brought to us by Mothering sponsor Boba   Thoughtful Design Bests Babywearing Challenges It’s no secret that babywearing is the most natural choice for baby’s physical, emotional, and social development—but that doesn’t mean it always comes naturally. When choosing a baby carrier, it’s important to understand what growing babies need and how you can best support them.    Unfortunately, some baby carrier manufacturers have not thought through babies physiological development, and their poor designs can have unintended consequences. Luckily, carriers like... read more

Five Best Baby Carriers: Recommended by the Mothering Community

Babywearing offers a huge amount of benefits, but choosing the right carrier isn't always easy. Recently, we started a conversation in the Mothering community to ask for baby carrier recommendations and the response was wonderful. Check it out here.   Below you will find the top five baby carrier picks from our members.    You can read more reviews, or leave your own, in our Babywearing Reviews Section. And discover everything our members have to say about babywearing in our Babywearing Forum.      Beco Butterfly II Carrier    Review from Mothering Member... read more

Freedom Together: The Mothering Mavens Test the Boba 3G Carrier

We know that Mothering.com moms love babywearing, so we were thrilled when we got the chance to partner with Boba to share their Carrier 3G with our community and our Mothering Mavens.  To read more about how you can join the Mothering Mavens, our private product review program, click here!   The partnership brought together 14 Mothering Mavens, each with a baby between the ages of 4 months and 2 years, in a small private focus group.  Each Maven got to pick out a brand new Boba 3G Carrier that she could test and keep and was asked to share her thoughts.... read more

Mothering Radio: Safe Babywearing

  Special Presentation on Safe Babywearing read more

Hold Me Close: The Many Advantages to Wearing Your Baby

By Christine Gross-Loh Issue 113, July/August 2002 My son Benjamin, almost eight months old, has ridden in a stroller perhaps only five times in his life. Instead, he has spent his days snuggled up to me in a variety of baby carriers. When he was just 12 hours old, we put him in a New Native Baby Carrier. As Benjamin grew bigger, we tried a number of things-adjustable slings, a Japanese hip carrier, the ubiquitous Baby Bjorn, a Baby Trekker soft backpack, a fleece sling, the Sara's Ride hip carrier, a Tough Traveler frame backpack, and a Korean blanket carrier... read more

In cities, is babywearing more practical than political?

The author and daughter navigating San Francisco's Chinatown streets with a stroller. I’ve visited the Bay Area before, but never with a child. Along with a yoga mat (I planned on attending yoga on the labyrinth in Grace Cathedral), I also packed onesies, sippy cups, and our stroller. As my daughter is nearing her first birthday, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to “wear” her for longer periods of time before needing to give my back a break. This saddens me, as I enjoyed the many days spent with her strapped to my chest while walking all around... read more

Announcing the 2012 Babywearing Conference!

Thank you to Ann Marie Rodgerson for submitting this information about the upcoming 2012 Babywearing Conference in Washington D.C. The conference is scheduled for June 29th-July 2nd. Post written by Kit Jenkins.  When people hear the phrase “babywearing,” they often don’t know what to think. They sometimes think of recent commercials that have shown a baby in a contraption on front of their parents while they shop for cars, houses, appliances, or any number of other things. Another vision that often comes to mind are the documentaries on NatGeo or... read more

Babywearing Tips

By Christine Gross-Loh Issue 113, July/August 2002 Six tips to help you wear your baby comfortably and safely. 1. Try several types of carriers. Different ones serve different purposes. Soft structured carriers such as the Ergo are popular among many babywearing parents. Wraps, such as the Moby or GypsyMama are also very versatile, and gorgeous to boot. I highly recommend buying or borrowing a few other types as well. I consider a ring sling to be all-purpose and easy to get baby in and out of, a soft structured carrier or mei tai helpful for longer... read more

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