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Breastfeeding in Whose Public? by Peggy O'Mara

Issue 132 by Peggy O'Mara This editorial appeared in Mothering magazine in 2005. To read Peggy's current writing on breastfeeding visit her blog. It is unnecessary to defend breastfeeding in public. To me, it's like walking in public. It's a basic human right. For others, however—those who live in a bottle-feeding culture with little or no apparent exposure to breastfeeding—the act is a private matter. How little they understand breastfeeding. In the last month I have heard of four dramatic incidents involving breastfeeding in public, and the frequency of such... read more

Some tips for a good start to breastfeeding

Photocredit: Wikimedia. We are learning more and more information all the time to support the idea that a good start to breastfeeding makes all the difference for meeting your long term breastfeeding goals.  Your baby needs to empty and stimulate your breasts several times a day in the early weeks to enable you to produce enough milk to meet his needs not only now but over the long term.  Many mothers find breastfeeding straightforward, but others struggle and often this can be prevented. So here are some ideas for getting breastfeeding off to... read more

The tandem mommy

Until I did it, I had little idea of what tandem nursing involved. It’s possibly an even more hush-hush topic than toddler nursing, and it can be one of the most intense but rewarding experiences of motherhood. It’s not for everyone, and even mothers who do tandem nurse have mixed feelings about it. Tandem nursing or tandem feeding involves breastfeeding siblings of different ages concurrently. For example, when my second daughter was born, my elder daughter was 3 and continued to nurse until she was four. So for a year I was nursing a baby and a toddler. If... read more

One Breast is Enough

By Patricia G. Blomme Issue 129 March/April 2005 I have been blessed in my lifetime—I have had the pleasure of placing five children to my breast. That singular term, breast, is very accurate. Four of my children have benefited from my having nursed them to the best of my abilities as long as I could.  My breastfeeding tale is fairly unremarkable compared to those of other breastfeeding mothers, who have tried and, with difficulty and lack of knowledge, eventually succeeded in fully nourishing their babies at their breasts. My situation is different—I am a unilateral... read more

Breastfeeding 101: Beating the Booby Traps

by Kristen Tea of MotherWise   In the past 4 years since becoming a mother and an enthusiastic breastfeeding supporter, I have learned that myths about breastfeeding and formula are running rampant.  I am left frustrated and concerned that our formula culture has won, that our mothering instincts have been trampled by the corporations that would prefer a dollar over a healthy child. Most significantly, I have seen many, many mothers state that their breast milk never came in, or that it dried up after a couple months.  I know that some women genuinely... read more

Breastfeeding is Beautiful and Normal: Images From Our Past

Beautiful breastfeeding photos from our collective past. Tell us which one is your favorite. Inuit Woman Breast-feeding Baby, c1908, Library of Congress, LC-USZ62-104388 "The Cornstock Madonna," c1916, Illinois, Library of Congress, LC-USZ62-137707 "A free lunch," c1890, New York, Library of Congress, LC-USZ62-103644   read more

Giveaway: Bamboobies and Butterfly Wrap Gift Box

  • by admin

Remember Bamboobies, makers of those cute heart-shaped organic velour nursing pads? The wonderful mama-owned company is back to give one lucky A la Mama reader a gift box featuring Bamboobies and their newly launched product, the Butterfly Wrap. They’re also giving out a free shipping code to every Mothering reader. The code is MMSHIP. The gift box contains one Butterfly Wrap, plus three pairs of Regular, Heart-shaped Bamboobies, in pale pink, hot pink, and black. And now let’s talk about the Butterfly Wrap. I want one and I’m not... read more

Lactivism Resources

This is a Resource intended to be a compilation of helpful MDC threads, Mothering articles and member-recommended websites to help promote and support breastfeeding advocacy. Please PM admin to nominate a helpful thread or website for inclusion. Thanks! Mothering Magazine Articles Lactation and the Law Ban the Bags Formula for Profit Case Closed: Breast if Best Breastfeeding, Biomonitoring and the Media A complete list of Mothering Lactivism articles can be found here. Helpful MDC Lactivism Threads Unwanted Formula Samples Online Lactivist... read more

Breastfeeding Forum Resources And The Giant Breastfeeding Book List

Mothering Resources Breastfeeding articles Off-site Links La Leche League International Direct link to LLL FAQ, alphabetized by subject LLL online meetings and chats Find a LLL group or leader near you LLL: Breastfeeding and the Law Kellymom Marmet technique of manual expression (This is a PDF) Jack Newman's Breastfeeding Articles and Handouts Breastfeed After Reduction (BFAR) Medela Dr. Sears MOBI: A Yahoo group, Mothers Overcoming Breastfeeding Issues provide a supportive environment to mothers who are/were struggling with above-norm... read more

Breastfeeding Challenges Resource List

Adoptive Breastfeeding, Relactation, Induced Lactation, A Special Gift: Breastfeeding an Adopted Baby Breastfeeding an Adopted Baby and Relactation (La Leche League International Book) Thread prepared by Cathmac on MDC Stimulating Breastmilk Production Breastfeeding your Adopted Baby Adoptive Breastfeeding Notes from "Induced Lactation and Adoptive Nursing" Adoptive Breastfeeding: Nursing Max Allergies Please See the Allergy Forum on MDC Allergies and the Breastfeeding Family Dairy and other Food Sensitivities in Breastfed... read more

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