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A million questions and so little time. Inspiration and support for the first year.

5 baby article submissions by the Mothering community.

Planning a 2012 Great Cloth Diaper Change Event

As of Tuesday, 3/13/12, there are 232 officially registered Great Cloth Diaper Change hosts planning events for April 21st in 13 countries.  Stacy Mojica is planning one in Savannah, GA and offered to share her experiences here. I am a new Real Diaper Association (RDA) leader. We just started our Low Country Real Diaper Circle (LCRDC) here in Savannah, GA in early January 2012. We attracted members from our existing vibrant and active local natural parenting community.  In just under three months, we already have 72 members, with a core group of about 10 who... read more

Getting Started With Cloth Diapers

Getting Started with Cloth Diapers By Theresa Rodriguez Farrisi Want to use cloth diapers but have questions? Check out this simple Q & A. Then discover more on using cloth in the Mothering Forums.  It costs about the same to use cloth and disposables, right? No way! If you launder cloth diapers at home, you can save as much as $1,500 over the entire diapering period. This includes all your diapers, covers, and wash products. In fact, each time you use a disposable, it costs you nearly a quarter. By contrast, home washing can cost as little as five cents per... read more

Valentines Bambino Mio Giveaway Winners...

And the winners of the Bambino Mio heart print cloth diaper covers are: Krystal, LauraJ, Kimberly W., Leigh M., Valerie M., Holly, Josh, Beryl, Cierra, and Serena F. I have sent y’all an email with details. Thank you ALL so much for participating. Have a beautiful Valentine’s Day with your sweet babies. I will be making heart-shaped cookies with my daughter…. Subscribe to the Mothering.com Blogs Feed This entry was posted on Sunday, February 13th, 2011 at 7:06 am and is filed under Giveaways!. You can follow... read more

Diapering Resources

This resource list is intended to be a compilation of helpful MDC threads, Mothering articles and member-recommended (not self-promotional) website links of general interest with relation to Diapering. MDC Discussion Threads New to Cloth Diapering? Cloth Diapering 101 Rate Your Detergent Wool/Fleece Pants List Favorite Diapers Inexpensive Fitteds Favorite Cover, Favorite Cover Newborn and Favorite Wool Cover Favorite All-in-One (AIO) Favorite Pocket Diaper Nighttime Leaking Trainers Stinky Diapers, Stripping is Not Working & What Else Can I Try? Mothering Magazine... read more

Mothering Article Convinces Mom to Switch to Cloth Diapers

May 30, 2010 A recent Mothering article by Jennifer Margulis has convinced one mom to switch her child from disposables to cloth diapers. A post on her blog, The Moonlit Nest, explains "A month ago I read an article in Mothering magazine about cloth diapers. I found myself sickened thinking of the sheer volume of plastic diapers I'd already tossed into the landfill thus far in my mothering career. Cloth diapers had always seemed too inconvenient and too stinky for me. But this article really opened my mind to the possibilities..." Read the full post. So, what... read more

Mothering › Baby Articles