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28 baby article submissions by the Mothering community.

A Sober Look At Neonatal Care: Foundations of Violence?

With barbeque grills across the country barely cooled off from Father’s Day, I’m reflecting on the pre-release screening I attended last week of Janel Mirendah’s film The Other Side of the Glass — a birth film for and about fathers which has important implications for this idea of raising a generation of peacemakers. The U.S. mentality for every problem is to go to war: the war on poverty, the war on cancer, the war on drugs, the war on child abuse, the war on terror, begins with the experience of birth imprinted in our neural system. –Janel Mirenda,... read more

Simple Tips for Easier Elimination Communication

Thank you to Marija Mikolajczak for this guest post. It seems like more and more people are hearing about elimination communication.  Maybe this is part of an overall trend of eco-friendly living, or due to an increase in interest in attachment parenting.  Who wouldn’t want to wash (or buy) fewer diapers? And having a closer relationship with your baby sounds great! Sometimes parents get stuck on how to get started with EC, since they may not personally know anyone else who has ever done this, in contrast to those countries where “holding baby out to... read more

Breastfeeding 101: Beating the Booby Traps

by Kristen Tea of MotherWise   In the past 4 years since becoming a mother and an enthusiastic breastfeeding supporter, I have learned that myths about breastfeeding and formula are running rampant.  I am left frustrated and concerned that our formula culture has won, that our mothering instincts have been trampled by the corporations that would prefer a dollar over a healthy child. Most significantly, I have seen many, many mothers state that their breast milk never came in, or that it dried up after a couple months.  I know that some women genuinely... read more

A Crunchy Mama Finds Her Way in the NICU

By Lorrie Leigh Eight years ago my first hospital born set of twins taught me everything about how I want to give birth. So, naturally, I had a homebirth the next time around. Over several years, I also became a childbirth teacher, birth and breastfeeding political activist, and apprenticed midwife's assistant with lots of experience under my belt. Twenty-eight weeks into my third pregnancy, a preterm labor episode led to the discovery that another set of twins was in our future. My midwife and I stopped labor a la Spiritual Midwifery (vodka shots) and I set... read more

The Finnish Baby Box

by Christine Gross-Loh, author of the new book Parenting Without Borders: Surprising Lessons Parents Around the World Can Teach Us   Hot Topic: Discuss Finnish Baby Boxes in the Community              I’ve long been fascinated by motherhood around the world. What is it like to birth in another country? What’s the lore on starting solids in another culture? How do children play in other countries? How do they sleep and who sleeps with them? How do cultural or societal supports ease the transition to new parenthood? My friend Michele,... read more

Should You Let Your Baby Be Naked?

In much of Europe and Africa it’s common to see naked toddlers playing outside. Most Europeans aren’t as uptight about nakedness as we are in America. But when my almost 16-month-old started taking off her clothes at a recent playgroup, I worried what the other parents would think. Since we keep our house so cold, I’m often surprised at how comfortable Leone is in her birthday suit. The other parents didn’t flinch, even when Leone insisted on doffing the diaper. They seemed to think the baby, with her Buddha belly pooching over her legs, was as cute as... read more

Grapefruit Seed Extract to Treat Thrush

Thrush. Even writing that 6-letter word gives me shivers. Thrush—which is a yeast infection in a baby’s mouth that can spread to a mother’s nipples—can be as painful as it is difficult to diagnose. If you feel shooting pain when your baby latches on to nurse (and sometimes throughout the entire feeding), you may have thrush. Your nipple, depending on your skin tone, may look a little red. Or it may not look any different. You can sometimes tell if the baby has thrush by looking at his tongue: if it is coated in a white substance that looks like milk but doesn’t come off... read more

Blowing Raspberries

Leone, who’s almost five months old (already? How is that possible?) has discovered how to blow raspberries. She’s also started noticing her out breaths. These spectacular wonders of her natural self are particularly fascinating at 4:00 a.m. In other news, she can sit up by herself for about a quarter of a second before falling on her nose and flattening it into Silly Putty. And she grabs things. The lip of the plate while she’s sitting on my lap at the table, the bamboo flute on the windowsill, the junk mail advertisement. She holds onto what... read more

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