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A million questions and so little time. Inspiration and support for the first year.

21 baby article submissions by the Mothering community.

"The Business of Baby" - A Review

I promised Jennifer Margulis  (author of The Business of Baby-What Doctors Don't Tell You, What Corporations Try to Sell You, and How to Put Your Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Baby Before Their Bottom Line) a book review quite some time ago.  I finally am finding time to write this and in my preparations I have been perusing her negative criticisms on Amazon.     I don’t really love negative comments about anybody, even people I don’t like, but I did find these interesting.  Having just gone over the book, I was a little surprised to see what they said. It seemed to me... read more

The Real Scoop on 10 Natural Diaper Creams: Toxicity and Cloth Diaper Safety

  For many babies, diaper cream will be one of the first and most frequent body products to touch their skin. For this reason finding a truly natural and safe bottom balm is a top priority for parents, but examining all of the options can seem overwhelming--especially if you're looking for a cream that won't build up and destroy your cloth diapers.   To help you with your search we've provided a breakdown of some of the Mothering Community's most commonly used natural diaper creams. We've included their full ingredients, toxicity ratings, cloth diaper safety... read more

Cloth Diaper Guide: Top 10 Picks from the Mothering Community

Mothering recently ran a fun reviews contest in our Diapering category and the response from the community was HUGE. It is clear that our mamas love cloth diapers!    So which diapers received the best reviews? We've pulled out 10 of the most highly rated cloth diapers to share with you here.   Check them out and then head over to our Diapering reviews section to find a ton of additional feedback on a wide range of diapers and supplies!      Charlie Banana 2 in 1 Size Diaper   Review from member "mummamal"   Pros: Easily adjustable, wash beautifully,... read more

WORLD RECORD UPDATE: Simultaneous cloth diaper change record broken April 21, 2012!

Nearly 10,000 babies on 4 continents lent their bottoms for a world record-breaking event to raise awareness about reusable cloth diapers on April 21st.  Hundreds of hosts in 15 countries held events centered around cloth diapers on that Saturday. At exactly 9:30am Pacific Daylight Time, organizers gave the signal for parents to change their babies diapers.  Each site had at least two independent witnesses overseeing that Guinness World Record(TM) rules for qualifying and counting participants were followed.  Their signed statements and photographic evidence... read more

A bit of diaper wisdom from India that could help save the Amazon

It’s the everyday decisions that can be the most difficult when it comes to being an environmentally-friendly mom/climate change activist.   Here’s one that all moms face: Should I use disposable or cloth diapers?  I’m deep into research on this question and am finding some surprising things.    For starters, here’s the answer: Use neither. You’ll waste less and save money. And as I’ll explain later, you’ll even be saving forests around the world like the Amazon rain forest.  So what should I do if I don’t use cloth or disposable diapers?... read more

Dumping Disposable Diapers

By Lindsay Evans "I'll definitely give them a try." Before the birth of my daughter, that was my tentative answer to questions from friends and family about cloth diapers. In my head, I was weighing the stereotypical cloth-diaper routine of pins and plastic pants, smelly diaper pails, and red bottoms against the carefree ease of disposable diapers. I was familiar with the environmental problems caused by disposables, but did this first-time mother really want yet another hassle? In the first two months after Amelia was born, I didn't. Albeit with a slightly... read more

Who should attend The Great Cloth Diaper Change and why?

Anyone that is even remotely interested in learning what modern cloth diapers is all about, or currently uses cloth diapers, should join in the 2012 Great Cloth Diaper Change (GCDC)! This event is a great way to increase awareness about cloth diapering. GCDC brings caregivers of all kinds together no matter the reasons they chose to use cloth diapers. Some parents use cloth to save thousands of dollars over the diapering life of their children. Some parents use cloth because their baby has skin that is sensitive to the chemicals in disposable diapers. Some... read more

Soft new baby, soft new diapers

You have heard that cloth diapers are better for the environment and for your wallets, but what about the babies themselves? Doctors recommend that babies be changed every 2-3 hours (except in the case of nap time and overnight) and even more frequently for newborns since they poop more often. A baby sitting in any diaper for a prolonged amount of time will result in a rash, though this is not the only source of rashes by any means since rashes can also be caused from food allergies and teething among other sources. Unfortunately, our society has... read more

Cloth Diapering in Daycare

With Real Diaper Week approaching, many cloth diaper users are considering ways to educate their communities about cloth diapers.  On Thursday, 4/19, one of the focuses will be on educating daycare providers about cloth diapers.  But how easy is it to use cloth diapers in daycare?  Read on to find out… Choosing the right daycare is one of the hardest decisions parents face when going back to work.  The desire to cloth diaper your baby does not have to add to the anxiety!  With modern cloth diapers, it’s just as easy to use cloth in daycare as... read more

Cloth Diaper Cost…is it worth it?

Each day of Real Diaper Week will focus on a different way to advocate for or educate about cloth diapers.  On Wednesday, 4/18, we’ll focus on the savings that families can achieve by choosing reusable cloth diapers, making them a great choice for low-income families.  Read on to educate yourself, then find a way to bring Real Diaper Week to your community. There are many reasons to consider using cloth diapers. You may hear things like “Do you have *any* idea how long disposable diapers will be in landfills?!” or “Have you seen the super cute new prints... read more

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