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Election Day Mental (Health) Breaks

Now playing over at Daddy Dialectic.Yesterday I was interviewed (along with two other researchers) on the Forum with Michael Krasny about the nature of trust, why it's declining in America, and what role it plays in this election (this is the topic of an essay I just wrote with sociologist Pamela Paxton). You can listen to the show here .And that's the last thing I have to say about this election. Don't forget: Today, reach out to your sanest friends, family, and neighbors, and remind them to vote. And after that, the work begins. read more

a long-ago foray into costume design

Just thought I’d do a visual documentation here of my favorite of Reeve’s Halloween costumes. He was 3 and hugely in love with airplanes. The only thing he wanted to be for Halloween that year—nothing else could possibly work—was the Concorde. The airplane. As in British Airways. As in super-fast and super-sleek. So, since I don’t really sew and didn’t want the mess of papier maché, Reeve was transformed into a poster paper-clad version of that supersonic flying machine. Photo at right. That Halloween night, he flew beautifully from house to house,... read more

Three conversations with my four year old

First conversation: "Last night I had a dream, Daddy." "Tell me about it." "I dreamed that Mommy and Daddy took me to a museum, and in the museum we saw everything that is alive and everything that is not alive, and there was a wall, and there were monsters sitting on the wall." Second conversation: "Mommy, I'm an announcer for Obama!" "What are you announcing?" "I'm telling everyone that it's OK for girls to marry girls and for boys to marry boys!" The Obama campaign wishes to state that, in fact, it does not endorse gay and lesbian marriage,... read more

still in shock

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Yesterday, Peter called me to tell me that Nathaniel (4) and his friend Charlie (3) snuck away from their teachers and class during the daily arroyo walk, and were found on the sidewalk of a busy street, next to a recycling bin, throwing empties.  Hi.  That is so crazy!  And I’m having the classic Walsh reaction to tragedy/tragedy narrowly averted: every time I think about it, I giggle. Nervous laughter, I guess. Or complete and total joy that THEY’RE STILL ALIVE.  Nathaniel, Nathaniel, Nathaniel. I did one of those things where I hugged... read more

I got new glasses!

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They are striped. You can see if you look on the bridge of my nose…otherwise, the stripes are more subtle. Which is probably a good thing! Hurray for glasses with lenses that aren’t scratched to kingdom come. I can see at last. Now if only that Surya henna in Chocolate would arrive…I’d be set.What else is new? Nathaniel’s teacher let me know that he was bandying about the word, excuse me, term, “butt crack.” He didn’t get it from me. It must be all this talk about plumbers…so this morning, I had to remind him to please not use that term at school. Potty humor never fails... read more

Good question: The Play

Her [Asian-American, early 40s]: Everyone we know in San Francisco is always going on about how important diversity is. And when we talk about schools, all the anxiety is about diversity. We worry that if we send kids to private schools, they won't be exposed to diversity. But then their own social networks aren't diverse. Everyone they know is... Him [White, late 30s]: ...white and Asian. Her: Yeah. So, my question is, why put all this emphasis on schools? Why not just send your kid to private school and give them the education you want, but at the same time... read more

truth in wordplay

Ever notice how the word parent turns into the word parenthetical if you keep at it long enough? That’s the parental goal, right? To teach and empower and be there so that, as the child grows, we become less and less the subject or object of his or her sentence, more and more a supporting clause . . .   (Photo of Reeve earlier this year, with his dad, Tim, receding into the background.) Tags: parenthetical, parenting, reeve, tim, wordplay This entry was posted on Friday, October 24th, 2008 at 12:54 pm and... read more

Today's Links: Acts of Love

The 26 Most Disturbing Kids Movies Ever: "There are those who believe we must guard and protect children from the hurts and traumas of the big bad world for as long as possible. Then there are those people who believe we should toughen kids up by exposing them to and even pummeling them with terror and depravity." Will Power: "Easily the most unpleasant chore for me as a parent has been writing my will." My Illegal Home Birth: "Giving birth at home was weird, magical — and a felony." I hope this is in good taste: "Let us remember that Barack Obama learned the... read more

Dads, girls, and sports

Lisa Belkin has a perspective I share: A study released this week, called “Go Out and Play: Sport and American Families” finds, not surprisingly, that kids who are physically active are healthier and happier. Their family lives are more satisfying and less stressful too, according to the survey of 2000 students (third grade through 12th) and 850 of their parents by the Women’s Sport Foundation. Also not surprising, in a less welcome way, is the finding that things are still not equal for girls and boys when it comes to resources for athletics, particularly in... read more

Good things

You might have heard about this: A group of San Francisco first-graders took an unusual field trip to City Hall on Friday to toss rose petals on their just-married lesbian teacher - putting the public school children at the center of a fierce election battle over the fate of same-sex marriage. The 18 Creative Arts Charter School students took a Muni bus and walked a block at noon to toss rose petals and blow bubbles on their just-married teacher Erin Carder and her wife Kerri McCoy, giggling and squealing as they mobbed their teacher with hugs. Mayor Gavin... read more

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